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Debut Ali Awan Single Release Available for Streaming & Purchase

Philly singer-songwriter Ali Awan recently caught our ear with his “Citadel Blues” single release. Its title track rolls out onto the street, riding a compact, loose, percussive groove. Infected with that casual vibe, the song’s protagonist searches for a deeper connection, while “Last Resort” tells a tale of yearning with a folk-country foundation. Intensified by sunny accents of violin, which make way for bouncing piano keys, the song echoes a timeless sentiment, but is steeped in tradition.

Listen: The soulful stylings of Katie Matzell’s debut EP

Portland’s soulful pop songstress Katie Matzell grew up listening to a trove of oldies records kept in her basement, a stashed library of her father’s from his days as a DJ. She cites Bonnie Raitt and Aretha Franklin as two major influences, which comes at no surprise after listening to her smoothly rich self-titled debut EP. Matzell’s voice, both effortless and simple, floats above a sea of washy keys and pocket grooves, calling comparisons to not only her influences of the past, but to her contemporaries- Norah Jones and Emily King immediately come to mind. The six track EP covers plenty of musical ground, ranging from the heady neo-soul of “Brick Sidewalks”, to the dubious funk of “On the Line”, to the gospel-blues of “Don’t They Say”. Stream Katie’s EP below. -Charley Ruddell  

A Place to Bury Strangers on the cover of The Deli's NYC / NAMM Issue 2018!

Hello good music diggers!

The Winter 2018 issue of The Deli NYC (our 53rd!) is now available for you to read online, here!

This is also the first NAMM issue of The Deli, since a week from today we'll be at the Californian musical instrument convention with a huge booth full of guitar pedals!

That's why we took the opportunity to put on the cover of our magazine the legendary Brooklyn noise rockers A Place To Bury Strangers - a band that makes their own stompboxes, called Death By Audio.

The issue features a lot of other local artists (and their pedals) and also an article about the best records of 2017 by emerging NYC Artists - check it out!

Here's a playlist of the artists featured in the issue.


Debut TVO EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Raw sparks of electricity are scattered as one listens to dmo, the introductory release from Philly four-piece TVO. The continuous churn of formidable rhythm carves a path for the primal screams/snarls. Blitzing the brain with an immediate onslaught, the recordings trigger a grimy yet groovin' reaction. Prepare yourself, it hits hard and fast.

Amen Dunes releases "Miki Dora" music video; new LP "Freedom" drops 03.30

In March, you can pick up Amen Dunes' fifth album, Freedom. However, right now, you can watch the music video for "Miki Dora", the first single from the album. Damon McMahon, the brains behind Amen Dunes, reflects on his youth and upbringing in the eleven tracks on Freedom; in "Miki Dora", he connects the life of the legendary surfer to his own, touching on the surfer's criminality and distorted personality. Tastes of the early-80s post-punk and late-80s no-wave scene come through in the track. The music video for the first single stars seventeen-year-old Boomer Feith running through New York City in slowed-down scenes to fit the bass-heavy moody music; scenes of McMahon singing and lyrics from the song cut in between.

To celebrate the release, Amen Dunes will perform at Music Hall of Williamsburg on March 31st with a brand new live band. Get a taste for what's to come by watching the video for "Miki Dora" below. - Will Sisskind


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