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New Sandcastle EP Available for Streaming & Download

A meandering melancholy of doo wop, medieval folk, and indie rock, Sandcastle's The Vampire was released at an ever-appropriate time. Featuring contributions from Zach Robbins and Josh Mackie (Dark Mtns, Flight Habit, Sun Organ) as well as Josh Meakim (A Sunny Day in Glasgow, The Fantastic Imagination), the album creates a cautionary sense of comfort, as if something is slight amiss. Sam Kassel and Dan Angel form a bewitching pair. It’s drearily delightful as one slips into the darkness.

Record of the Month: Blood Cultures, “Happy Birthday”

Blood Cultures’ buoyantly catchy single “Indian Summer” dropped all the way back in 2013. “Indian Summer” was an electro-indie gem that gave a glimpse into Blood Cultures’ distinctive talent for poignancy and melody. It’s a style the producer/multi-instrumentalist has come to master on his debut LP, Happy Birthday.

In the four years since “Indian Summer” dropped to considerably positive reception, hype over Blood Cultures’ debut has ebbed and flowed. It’s rare for an artist not to capitalize on the type of momentum generated by a successful indie single like “Indian Summer.” And it’s even rarer for an artist to fulfill the promise of a well-received single in the way Blood Cultures does on Happy Birthday.

The album feels truly sonically coherent. Throughout, Blood Cultures riffs on the soundscape he painted in “Indian Summer” in varied ways. And they’re all wonderful and welcome experimentations: Drawing from a palette of synths, dreamy vocals, found sound-esque samples, and filtered guitar riffs, Blood Cultures creates a record chock full of standout tracks. “Phospholipid,” which feels like a musical cousin to “Indian Summer,” is one such standout. The lyrics echo the longing and pathos felt in the melody: “You ask yourself what am I to do? (You ask yourself, you ask yourself) Your mother says don't let him get through (Your mother says, your mother says) You ask yourself, what am I to say? Don't give me away Don't keep me astray The way you play your games.” It’s simple, yet potent stuff. The best of Lykke Li and or a subtler M83 come to mind.

Elsewhere, “Coastal” is an expressionist dream that builds and strengthens with synths and sweeps reminiscent of Kool and the Gang’s legendary soul hit, “Summer Madness.” Album opener, “Scenes from a Midnight Movie” is a fitting declaration of Blood Cultures’ artistic vision: “Oh please, tell us about all the things you have seen About all your visions and all of your dreams It seems to me That you're set free It seems to be The only possibility…” It’s a vision full of pathos, wonder, and joy. - juan leon

New Music Video: "Pearly" - Palm

Palm is making waves by finding a common ground between the fractured repetition heard in sample-based electronic music and the driving force of a full rock outfit. The band announced the upcoming release of its second full-length album, Rock Island, which is slated to drop on February 9 via Carpark Records. Coupled with the announcement is a new video for “Pearly,” the first single off of the LP. Moving through pixelated fields under an indigo sky, an array of shapes and colors are layered against one another in the roving, point-of-view footage, while a pair of disembodied hands hover mid-screen. The track and its visual accompaniment evoke the feeling of exploration into a digital world tethered to reality, which very much seems to be the case for this stunningly inventive band. - Josh Kelly

New Hound LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Born Under 76, the new LP from the hard-rockin' trio of Hound, was recently released, with Let's Pretend Records handling vinyl and cassette formats, while CDs are available via SRA Records. Oozing an inherent vocal-commanding, riff-galvanizing, classically heavy sound, a loose, energetic clarity resounds. Saturated in fuzz and quaking backend, the band finds a manner to channel its, at times, psych-inflected, adrenaline-laced tone, while maintaining a tank full of fun. That dynamic groove/riff combo seeps into your skull, and won’t let go.

Fever High announces debut LP "FHNY" with Halloween inspired video for "Casting My Spell"

Comprised by Reni Lane and Anna Nordeen (two NYC artists whose solo careers were covered in this blog) Fever High just announced the November 10th release of their debut album "FHNY." The duo plays a brand of retro-pop that seems to look for inspiration in all the sunny and melodic musical eras of the past. if the synthpop of the '80s is a recurrent influence (hear 2015's break out single "Tantalized" in this regard), the preview track from the upcoming full length, "Casting My Spell" (video streaming below), reinterprets the west coast's pop sound from twenty years prior, when the Beach Boys had just broken into the scene. The other single "Good Advice," also included in the upcoming release, features more exotic influences conjuring up beach parties in the early aughts. Stay tuned for tour dates.


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