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New England Record of the Month: I Was Awake - Facade

With their new album, Facade, I Was Awake has released upon the world a substantial effort that shows the versatility and raw talent of the five-piece metal group.  Weaving together a dynamic web of prog, metal, and alt-rock that invokes the greatness of bands like The Deftones and Porcupine Tree, while maintaining an original and modern energy, the boys from Beverly, MA have created a deeply engaging sound that will keep this album on heavy rotation.  From beginning to end, each track shows a different facet of the band, starting with the title track, a one and a half minute crescendo, leading up to the hard-hitting "Erasing", filled with chunky guitars and mixed meter grooves.  Facade is a journey, maintaining those strong grooves, taking periodic stops for high-energy riffs ("Gravity") and softer dynamics ("As Within...", "...So Without").  If thought provoking lyricism and intelligent songwriting is your thing, then I Was Awake will likely become a new favorite.  Give Facade a listen (or twelve) and keep your eyes open for live performances in 2017. -Brian Varneke 


darkDARK release new single "Fake It"

Heavy synth mash ups melt into the whitewashed drum machine to create the futuristic sound of darkDark. Genevieve Vincent and Chris James together create a visionary way to feel the music you listen to, casting a spell on your inner demons with every beat. I’m happy to announce that Netflix original series “Stranger Things” just found its season two song opener; at least my vote is cast. Kayla Hay




Check Best Behavior's real behavior at Brooklyn Bazaar on 01.11

Notwithstanding their name, the guys in Best Behavior don't come across as exemplar human beings - not at all for that matter! First of all, they are said to partake in rambunctious parties during which they play electrical musical instrument, dance incontrollably, and sweat while wearing leather cloths - disgraceful behavior! Some decadent New Yorkers seem to enjoy that, may they find the Lord's true path. Secondly, they use sexually disturbing images on the cover of their records... we are speechless!! As if that wasn't enough, take their song 'Bad Habits' for instance (streaming below); it's a track inspired to sinful music of the '50s that discusses how bad habits are impossible to destroy... how self indulgent!!! Their 2015 album “Good Luck Bad Karma” includes other hummable songs such as “Magic” and “Buried on the Mountain,” which would be our favorite if we weren't so turned off by the band's moral terribleness!

(We are flirting with the idea of catching them live on January, 11th at Brooklyn Bazaar.)

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best punk/garage songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out! (if you hear nothing, turn the widget's volume up!)

Rosali Concludes Her Residency at Ortlieb's Dec. 28

Rosali concludes her month-long residency at Ortlieb’s this evening. After a brief reprieve from the bone-chilling canvas of winter, the local singer-songwriter offers soothing clarity in the form of folk-based songs gently gliding over the hillside. On her debut album Out of Love, Rosali's recordings are fueled by floral vocal harmonies and a wandering touch of twang-infused psychedelics. The duo of Kevin Nickles and Daniel Provenzano, also known as The Writhing Squares, will firmly orient their opening set in another world, touching down on intertwining threads of noise-rock, garage, free jazz, etc., while unleashing a sensory-loaded spectrum of space sonics. It's just what you need to get over the final hump of 2016. Ortlieb’s, 847 N. Third St., 8pm, Free, 21+ - Michael Colavita

Artist on the rise: Stello - live at Mercury on 01.09

If you find it strangely uplifting to listen to melancholic tunes during the holiday season, this is precisely the time for you to check out NYC Stello's latest single 'Dog on the Run' (streaming below); like a Christmas movie, it will take you for an emotional ride towards an upbeat, cathartic finale. But if this song can certainly stir up emotion, it doesn't do so at the expense of style. The band has a one year old, rather upbeat "pop'n'roll" EP  under their belt (entitled 'Five Nite'), but in their two recent singles (Pretty Thing is the other one) the group finds its comfort zone in slower tempos and moodier atmospheres, which allow the lead vocalist - whose name is conceiled online - to showcase his character, presence and versatility. 'Dog on the Run' is a rather impressive track, check it out below and don't miss Stello live at Mercury on January 9th.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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