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The Deli Charts (see example on the left column) are a database of artists organized by region, genre and, of course, popularity.

Rather than just a popularity contest, our charts are thought as a service to allow bands, live show promoters and also music fans to find new promising acts. In this DIY musical era, The Deli's Charts provide an easy and fun way for emerging artists to find like-minded bands to network with.

Unlike similar charts implemented by other websites, The Deli's charts are extremely reliable in terms of rankings, which are calculated using data from the outside world - not internal artist profile counting. Also, they include not only subscribers but also bigger acts, therefore reflecting the local scenes in its entirety.

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What is The Deli?
The Deli is an independent publication and website that focuses on local indie music scenes and emerging artists (from rock to folk, from punk to indie pop, with a little bit of hip hop). It currently publishes a printed magazine about the NYC and LA music scenes and has daily updated, separate webpages tackling the new emerging music in several US scenes like NYCLASF, and Chicago.

What is The Deli Kansas City?
The Deli Kansas City is a frequently updated website focused on the independent music scene of the Kansas City area. The site is run in conjunction with Midwest Music Foundation.

Mission Statement
The Deli Kansas City is a resource for Kansas City musical artists and fans. We want to be a place for bands to share their music with others, and for fans to make their own decisions about what local music they enjoy.

CD Submission Policy
The Deli Kansas City only reviews music from artists based in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

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Michelle Bacon - Editor-in-Chief

Michelle is involved with the Kansas City music scene as editor of The Deli-Kansas City, as well as a staff member of Midwest Music Foundation, and is active in several bands in the area.  

Please send us a message at thedelikc@gmail.com if you're interested in being a contributor!




Kill Your TV local music compilation



A new KC music compilation has been released by Kill Your TV, a new local music and art blog. Features artists including The ACBs, Deco Auto, Molly Picture Club, Dolls on Fire, and Vitae and the Pale Horse. Check it out here!

May album releases

(above: The Doo-Dads)

 ...and if you have more releases we need to know about, email us here.

The Brannock Device: Into the Witness Chamber, 5.15.12

Antennas Up: The Awkward Phase, 5.15.12

The Doo-Dads: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!, 5.11.12

The Rumblejetts: Motor Honey, 5.9.12

Jason Vivone and the Billy Bats: Lather Rinse Repeat, 5.4.12

Dr. Wizard: Dr. Wizard, 5.4.12

 Genessee: Genessee, 5.4.12 


In Back of a Black Car, "Lips"

 In Back of a Black Car has released its newest song, "Lips," and it's available on CDBaby. This sexy, dancey new wave track comes from a band with former members of Lovers in Transit, Five Star Crush, and Monta At Odds.



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