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The Deli's SXSW Issue 2014 is online!

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P.S. 10k free copies of this issue hit the street of Austin during SXSW Music week!

Moon Ensemble release new single “Future Colors”

Moon Ensemble have nestled between their sound and identity through a couple of years of experimentation, and now move confidently into the direction of redefining their existence with their track “Future Colors” via CupaDella Records. The Hacienda-Heights quartet ditch the psych-jangles to evolve into a fuller cosmic entity, led by progressive rock undertones, playful synth distortions, and an addictive guitar riff. Opening with sensual vocals, leading towards the band’s dream-state position, “Future Colors” manages to manipulate these elements through a creative composition while simultaneously pulsating through into the dance realm. Thriving through the duality of vocals and constant bursts of energy, Moon Ensemble make a welcoming statement through their sonic palette of new colors. - Janette Ayub



Stalgia releases new video for "BDY"

Sensuality takes center stage on Stalgia’s latest video for their indie-electronic fused single “BDY.” The Los Angeles duo highlights desire and pairs the synergism with a back-bone of alternative R&B, resulting in a simple shot build directed by Nova Rockafella. As Lauren Day falls into the immersion of what is felt when “The rhythms of my body feed off you,” the after math becomes a sensory exploration. Focusing on intimate shots fueling the build of the video, Rockafella’s direction maintains a fresh feel by mirroring Stalgia’s sound. Jumping from party scenes, to stripped-down shots of Day understanding the meaning of touch, “BDY” embodies everything it is to carry a heartfelt desire. - Janette Ayub



Lael Neale and Shannon Lay win Readers' LA Poll for Emerging Folk/Americana Artists

The Best of LA Folk/Americana Readers' Poll has just begun and we've got our first winner.

Well, winners I should say, as both Shannon Lay and Lael Neale virtually split the vote for us to determine that it'd be fair to declare it a tie. Lael Neale writes stripped-down, spacious ballads that gain potency with her fragile croon. Shannon Lay, on the other hand, conjures ethereal dreamscapes with a haunting display of harmonic interplay.

Shannon Lay is playing the Bootleg tonight, where she'll be playing songs off of her recently released LP "All This Life Goin' Down". Lael Neale regularly plays the local circuit, so make sure to follow her facebook account to find out where she's playing next.

Lael Neale

Shannon Lay


FRTNK releases new video for "Let Go"

FRTNK (pronounced Fourteen K) released a new music video for their single, “Let Go”. This up and coming alternative hip-hop group, made up of Benjamin Aragbaye, Bryan Ramos and Barin Butler, collaborated with director Aaron George to help create this cinematically pleasing video. FRTNK, artistic and free spirited, wanted their video to be interpreted by their audience. In the majority of the video, the lead character keeps a sack over his face, leading me to believe that the bag is symbolic. With “Let Go” as the title, and with the flow of the video, people might suspect it is about letting go of a loved one, but here I think it is about letting go of what holds you back. Him taking the bag off at the end means that he is ready to, literally and figuratively, let go of what has been holding him back. You can now experience the art of “Let Go” by viewing the video below. - Kayla Hay


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