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Indie-pop newcomers Nobody But You release debut single "Echo Park Bar"

Nobody But You recount a memorable meet cute on "Echo Park Bar." With their mix of R&B and pop, the self-described emo-pop quintet delivers a soulful, good-natured take on the classic bar pickup that strikes a dim-lit mood with its mellow richness. The sultry track does have a jam-like quality despite its songwriting focus, which doesn't come as a surprise given that singer-songwriter Michael Escañuelas and drummer Ryan Ohanessian first laid the foundation of the band by spending hours perfecting their craft in their practice space.

"Echo Park Bar" is the band's debut single, a first taste before they release their forthcoming EP in early 2019. - Juan Rodríguez


Indie rock duo The Drives unveil bright new single "Rebel"

The Drives get lost in a love-struck daydream on "Rebel." The indie rock duo of Andrew Levin and Casey Chen recall the effusiveness that comes from imagining the life of someone whose captivated your heart, like that object of affection who involuntarily blurs your senses and everything feels bright and new. Led by a blithesome hook that recalls Robert Smith at his cheeriest, the wholesome track takes flight with a jangly arrangement and a minimal swirl of sparkling synths. Its uptempo rhythm rushes through with a hazy sweetness that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

"Rebel" follows the duo's 2017 debut EP, Am I Alright? - Juan Rodríguez


Electronic producer neek gathers her strength on entrancing "but why?"

Neek aptly expresses the sinking feeling of unrequited love in "but why?" Echoed with downcast isolation, the electronic producer asks herself that question over some heavily chopped-up vocals. But the plea is unheard, vacant and unresponsive, a technique that works marvelously over the track's lavish, dreamlike ambiance. Hers is an unpresuming bedroom recording with a big heart, one whose otherwise universal message resonates brightly.

"But Why?" is the leadoff track off of neek's debut EP, words i shouldn't have, which is out now on all streaming platforms via Mateo Sound. Juan Rodríguez


Indie pop trio Younger Hunger empathize with the daily grinders on "Dead Inside"

 Sometimes it's hard to admit that that job that pays the bills can be such a chore. Younger Hunger understand that plight with some humorous whimsy on "Dead Inside." The stuttering, yet sinuous electro-pop track by the Long Beach trio intertwines a curious amalgamation of glitched-out samples over a funk-lite rhythm. Sounds complicated, but at its core, the spooky, yet buoyant track is a breezy listen that could well make that long shift a little bit less of a drag. 

"Dead Inside is the second single off of the trio's forthcoming debut EP, which is out on December 7. Juan Rodríguez


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