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Holy Pink reach for cosmic transcendence on "Fragrant"

An overwhelming sense of isolation surrounds your every fiber on "Fragrance." The duo of Anna Wallace and Timothy Murray create a spacious atmosphere that's both eerie and spectral, where a pulsating synthesizer swings to and fro over a muted, languid drone. It's not until Wallace tries to host the transmission via a vocoder that we understand how "Fragrance" is more than just instrumental ambiance. It never quite goes where you think it'll take you, as it's enveloped with a sonic richness that induces one into a state of perpetual meditation.  

"Fragrance" is the first reveal off of the duo's forthcoming record, Meditation Hymns for an Electronic Age, which is due out later this Spring. - Juan Rodríguez


King Shelter vent their spite on blistering "Pick Your Poison"

King Shelter want to follow their own course on "Pick Your Poison." But happiness gets in the way for the noise rock trio, as they air their grievances over a number of social norms that don't necessarily fit well with anyone who wants to follow their art. It takes off with a shimmering lo-fi grime as it leads into a sonic assault during its hummable chorus, later to unleash into a distortion-laden coda that surges with foreceful energy. 

"Pick Your Poison" is the first single off of King Shelter's upcoming full-length record, $hame, which comes out on March 30 via Broken Entertainment. Catch them at The Echo on February 28 with Mt Eddy and Keyrocco. Juan Rodríguez





Sydney Ranee releases video for "A Dangerous Woman," performs at The Federal Bar tonight

Sydney Ranee makes a bold claim on "A Dangerous Woman." One might think that the soulful singer-songwriter lures her object of affection with a treacherous plan, but instead, Ranee has a simple yet powerful approach: to make him weak at the knees through kindness and seduction. She carries "Woman" with a casual demeanor over a classic neo-soul sound that never goes out of style, further accentuating her sultry elegance with a video that exclusively puts the focus on her assured confidence.

Ranee will be performing tomorrow, February 2nd, at The Federal Bar in NoHo. "A Dangerous Woman" is currently available on all streaming platforms. Juan Rodríguez


Modern Time Machines gear up on dreamlike video for "High Noon," play The Satellite on 2/4

Modern shoegaze outfit Modern Time Machines aren't keen on playing it straight. Their technical proficiency could rival their nineties forebearers, given how their intricately-layered guitars and impassioned choruses weave together with clamorous virtuosity. On their latest, "High Noon," taken from their forthcoming second full-length, MTM, the band excels at writing a shimmering, hook-filled melody without heavily resorting to the usual grab-bag of influences.

Modern Times Machines have also just released a video for "High Noon." On it, the band cruise around the city as they stumble upon different kinds of gear on their way to their rehearsal space. But instead of taking a straightforward approach, they make things a little bit more fun by concealing a number of references that should appeal to both casual - and ardent - fans of local film director Paul Thomas Anderson. 

MTM is set for a release of April 6. Catch their upcoming performance at The Satellite on February 4. Here's the video for High Noon below. Juan Rodríguez


Bannack plays record release party at Evidence Film Studios on 1/26

Bannack creates folk-driven Americana with a roots-pop slant on their debut full-length, Compendium. Made up of three main songwriters who met at the University of California, the live collective write hearty, open-hearted hymns with a fervor that follows the likes of The Head and the Heart and elder locals Edward Shape & the Magnetic Zeroes. Compendium may sum up their experiences as young collegiates, but their natural compositional skills - they wrote and produced the album themselves - demonstrates a confidence one seldom finds on debut efforts.

Bannack will play a record release party at Evidence Film Studios on 1/26. Compendium is also available tomorrow on all major streaming platforms. Juan Rodríguez




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