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los angeles

Alt Rock

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Five07 Creative Fest
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King Gillette Ranch
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Mrs. Henry takes us to "The River"

San Diego four-piece Mrs. Henry usher in the classic and roots rock of the '70s, often paying homage by closely following the intended source material. Recently, the band recruited over thirty musicians from their local music scene to recreate influential Canadian rockers The Band's farewell show The Last Waltz. And "The River," their latest original single, represents a collective renewal after undertaking such a daunting project—even if they originally conceived it during a busy period in their lives. The gospel-tinged boogie rock of "The River" evokes a loose jam session, but more so in feeling, as the arrangements sound carefully crafted and versatile. Inspired from a trip guitarist/vocalist Dan Cervantes took to Big Sur, the rollicking, multi-part track signifies the search for something meaningful, using natural elements to bring cleansing from within. It's a simple step forward for a band who's choosing to narrow their focus after satisfying their lofty ambitions. - Juan Rodríguez


Still's "Control" is a haunting romantic rumination

Still's debut single, "Divinity," seemingly came out of nowhere—the trio delved into the melodic side of post-punk with its ringing, layered guitars and robust rhythm section.  Their latest single, "Control," also adopts a trebly, shimmering sound that comes across like the work of a full band rather than an intimate bedroom recording—an anomaly for a contemporary band that adopts an eighties guitar-pop style. There's an-all-embracing romanticism to lead singer Daniel McDonough's passionate admission: "Embers rising from a fire / You burned it all down so your past selves would die," he sings in a tender falsetto, showcasing his commanding range over a beautifully arranged balance of delicate synth lines and just the right amount of reverb—very much in the tradition of songwriters like Gerard "Caesar" McInulty and Mark Burgess. - Juan Rodríguez

Kingsbury eases the torment of loss on luminous new single, "U Take it Back"

The first time we heard of Caroline Kingsbury, a.k.a. Kingsbury, the then-21-year-old was going through a changing period in her life without the support system that she needed at the time. In the time that's passed, the singer-songwriter experienced love and lost it, facing her painful memories a newfound strength on her latest single, "U Take it Back." "You gave me something I never had / and then you take it back," she exclaims with devastating simplicity,  wrapping her salty-yet-sweet vocals over a backdrop of billowing synths and gossamer guitar lines. She invites a calm and stately atmosphere to soothe her unease,  reminding us that there's always comfort in melancholy.

Since then, Kingsbury has supported likeminded indie-pop acts like Aurora, NoMBe, and local artist Miya Folick. Up next is a month-long tour supporting Alex Lahey, which kicks off right here at The Troubadour on August 13. - Juan Rodríguez


Cold Weather Kids look ahead on debut single, "Shaken"

Cold Weather Kids believe that there's life after a bad break up on their buoyant debut single, "Shaken." Led by Allison and Ryan Scottie's passionate vocals, the pop-punk quartet counterbalance layers of electric guitar with start-stop rhythms as they keep their heads held high. The up-tempo romp sounds both familiar and inviting, crafting dynamic, energetic melodies that sound youthful and full of promise.

Catch the band perform live at Madame Siam on Thursday, August 1st. Juan Rodríguez


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