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los angeles

Old Notes play at dba256 on 12/30

Indie rock band Old Notes released their debut full-length earlier this year, Former Self, a poignantly rendered illustration of young malaise that's calibrated with heart-wrenching musical peaks and troughs. The Rancho Cucamonga trio are greatly informed by the Midwestern emo movement of the late nineties that continues to make a big impact in the current indie rock scene. The trio addresses their impassioned yearning with circular guitar lines and lilting melodic fragments that oftentimes erupt with melodic bursts of genuine clarity. 

Old Notes will be playing at deba256 in Pomona on December 30th. Juan Rodríguez


Willodean set to release new EP Awesome Life Decisions: Side One, listen to new single "The Devil in Me"

Roots rock band Willodean write twangy, slow-burning songs that pack a wallop of emotions. On their new single, "The Devil & Me", they slightly separate themselves from their more intimate songs to deliver an open-hearted anthem that finds a satisfactory compromsie between snappy folk-rock and campfire singalong. This release is only the beginning of what promises to be a prolific year for the trio, who are set to release four EP's throughout the entirety of 2017. 

The first of the bunch, "Awesome Life Decisions: Side One", is set for a release of February 20th via Bigger Better More Records. Juan Rodríguez


Small Forward release debut effort "The Moon You Stand On"

Small Forward’s debut offers up a genteel kind of spare psychedelic folk that impresses with their careful attention to songcraft. Combining distinctive jangly guitars with echoing harmonies, the songs in The Moon You Stand On patiently unfurl with winding ballads that are lushly affective. There’s a familiarity to their simple approach that makes them sound timeless, teeming with multi-layered guitars and chugging beats that lend a uniformity to their quietly resplendent melodies.

Small Forward are playing at The Mint on January 25, 2017. You can listen to The Moon You Stand On on their official bandcamp page and most major music streaming platforms. Juan Rodríguez


Trashclub announces debut EP, share "Out of My Head"

Evan Andree and Travis Bunn are two songwriters who met by chance after they both came to Los Angeles to try their hand as songwriters and producers. They both utimately hit it off together and decided to form Trashclub, a garage-informed project that's also indebted to the more hyper-melodic side of new wave and post-punk. Featuring anthemic first single "Out of my Head", their first EP, Black Out, promises to highlight seven hook-driven rock tracks that are written with a freewheeling looseness that relates to their current mindset of living in the now.

Black Out comes out on March 10 via Position Music. Juan Rodríguez


Auditorium releases ominous new video for "Fire Fire Ocean Liner"

It's a tall order to name yourself Auditorium. The baroque pop project sure lives up to the lofty name, though, as the full choral harmonies and vibrant acoustic guitar flourishes masterminded by multi-instrumentalist Spencer Berger could capture the attention of thousands who seek a powerful dose of musical uplift. Berger's latest single, "Fire Fire Ocean Liner", displays his ease at creating subtle but tangile drama with a flightly romanticism that's startling. The promo cut's artistic direction only enhances his willingness to subvert conventions regardless of how it may rebut their otherwise palpable optimism.

Auditorium's new album, The First Music, will be released on January 27, 2017. Juan Rodríguez



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