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The Millennial Club unveil new single "Santa Barbara"

The Millennial Club hit our Artist of the Month poll back in May, and we are happy to announce the release of their newest single, “Santa Barbara,” as of today. A long and breezy drive back to the future as if it was painted by Bob Ross himself, The Millennial Club brush a dreamy, warm pastel of lush, atmospheric pop that will streamline you back into the 80’s. Radiant and passionate lyrics, paired with a smooth synth bass that floats you up and down the coast, will leave your ears ringing for more. Lead vocalist Andres Owens sings about raw and unfiltered love, matching a relationship every one of us has come to know. Owens is backed by a beautiful ensemble of instrumentals that can be heard from bars to cars in an instant without ever noticing a change of scenery. 

The Millennial Club are set to drop their forthcoming EP, "She’s So Insane," later this summer. Kayla Hay

Nylon Smile releases blissful debut single, "Dust"

Nylon Smile, the nom de plume of Nikolas Soelter, is taking a new, more reflective direction on his new single "Dust." Soelter, formerly of post-punk band Never Young, explores a brighter indie rock sound with a duskily invigorating focus. Under the helm of Melina Duterte of Jay Som, Soelter utilizes chilly textures set against a dainty guitar lead with an all-around blissful coating. 

"Dust" is the first reveal off of Soelter's debut EP, Angel of Doubt, which is out in August via Citrus City records. Juan Rodríguez


The Cabin Fever release video for new track "The Brown Bunny"

One of the most unique sets I have listened to in a while, Cabin Fever is the shoegazing band I have been looking for. The band's latest music video for "The Brown Bunny" is a studio recording that eccentrically highlights every affliction and consolation of the group. Band members Sean Moriarty, Joel Bedolla and Tripp Beam team up with Alvaro Vela, Jon Joseph, and Patrick Taylor to release their forthcoming EP, Exercise The Demon. An epic collage of soft grunge, experiential sounds, and shoegazing melancholy will light up your speakers and melt your subconscious. The music video focuses solely on the musicians, their performance, and the instruments, something that's not typically a focal point in videos, but is a pure high for the viewer. That we don't see the faces of the band members aids the audience to focus on the actual music and the messages they are itching to portray. The video for "The Brown Bunny" gives solidarity to the band member’s unique individual talents and adds a je ne sais quoi to their already alluring arrangements. As they've described via their instagram page, it's “Simple songs for complicated people.” Kayla Hay


Silver Twins unveil new single "Bruce Lee," play Hotel Cafe on 6.27

Alex Marín was something of a nomad before he finally settled in Los Angeles. He soon met with William Gardner, and alongside drummer Grant Van Amburgh, assembled the definitive version of his latest project, Silver Twins. And their first single, "Bruce Lee" is a stellar summation of that period, a pulsing indie rocker with anthemic flourishes. Marín is the lovelorn chaser who's pining for affection, though judging by the song's killer, shout-worthy hook, he quells that urge with a joyous intensity.

Listen to "Bruce Lee" below. And make sure to catch the trio perform at Hotel Cafe on June 27. Juan Rodríguez


Alt Rock

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Love Ghost
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The Bootleg Theater
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