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Drinker take a pause on swaying, downtempo new single "Holiday"

Like many of us, Aaron Mendelsohn could use a breather. On "Holiday," Mendelsohn—who performs under the name Drinker—gives thought to how some self-reflection can guide your life choices for the better. The swaying, downtempo track served as a defining moment for Mendelsohn, given that he wrote it in one aftertoon just before moving back to Los Angeles after spending some time living in New York City. With its murky, dimly lit mood—helmed in unison with his bicoastal creative partner Ariel Loh—the ambient-leaning "Holiday" reflects the uncertainty of making such difficult choices with a cautious sense of confidence.

"Holiday" is the fourth single off of Drinker's forthcoming debut LP, Fragments, which comes out on May 3 via B3SCI Records. Juan Rodríguez


Beshken & CLAVVS to play Day 2 of Austin Pedal & Synth Expo Showcase, 03.16

FREE Eventm RSVP here! Info about Day One here!

For our upcoming Austin Pedal & Synth Expo Showcase, we are excited to get to feature the music of a couple of NYC locals. The electronic music Beshken makes is meditative and complex, weaving between digital and acoustic instruments with dreamlike results. His latest track, “Cursed”, picks its way between honey smooth synths and dissonant vocal effects, reflecting on the mental revolutions between sleep and insomnia. On the other end, while their lyrics too reflect on sleepless thoughts, the music of CLAVVS is rather lucid. The production on their most recent single “Devils I Know” places the vocals at the forefront of a hypnotic and unexpectedly baroque electronic backdrop. The Expo will be held on March 16th at the Chugging Monkey - listen to CLAVVS, Beshken and the other artists who will appear below. - Sunny Betz 

Rows Arc share sparse, potent debut single "Some Days," play at The Pit on April 19

Sara Olmstead had followed many an artful pursuit before she felt the confidence to direct her talents toward music. With a guitar in hand, Olmstead—who performs under the name Rows Arc alongside band members Jason Gagovski and Neeraj Kane—wrote a vast amount of folk songs thinking they would never see the light of day. "Some Days" was one of those songs. Defined by a sparse acoustic arrangement, "Days" unfolds its minimal layers of ambiance as Olmstead lets out a wistful, yet sultry croon. Its bare-bones structure makes her performance all the more potent, coursing through a haunting melody that is subtle in emotional expression.

"Some Days" is the first release off of Rows Arcs' forthcoming full-length, High on the Tide, out on March 29 via Hawthorne Street Recordings. The trio will perform at independent art gallery The Pit on April 19, which will also include some of Olmstead's multimedia installations. Check out the video for the track below. Juan Rodríguez


The Deli / Delicious Audio Unofficial SX Show Day 1 (03.15)

We are happy to announce our return to Austin with not one but TWO live show during the famous music festival in the Texan city. The shows are linked to our Austin Synth and Pedal Expo, hosted on the third floor of very central venue Chuggin' Monkey.

This is a free show - RSVP HERE!

Here's the lineup and a playlist for the first night, on March 15, hosted at the Chuggin' Monkey's ground floor right on East 6th Street!



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Amilia K spicer
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McCabe’s Guitar Shop

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