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los angeles

Collapsing Scenery Rage Electronically on "New World Borders"

Bi-coastal electro duo Collapsing Scenery attack U.S imperialism aggressively (and grittily) on new single “New World Borders,” channelling longstanding critiques of American foreign policy into a genre-blending political takedown. Enlisting the help of Israeli-Palestinian hip-hop group DAM (whose verses in Arabic and English fit perfectly with the track’s specific criticism of Washington’s ineffectiveness in the Middle East), “New World Borders” is bolstered by a breathless, palpably exacerbated vocal performance over industrial instrumentation. Given that Collapsing Scenery was formed “under a pall of paranoia and disgust,” this particularly acerbic track is but one of the full-throttle condemnations off their recently dropped debut Stress Positions, out now via Metropolitan Indian. Stream it below. -Connor Beckett McInerney

Blue Velvet Drapes manage their internal chaos on "Still," play Silverlake Lounge 7/28

On "Still," Blue Velvet Drapes take a moment to sit back and dial down their internal chaos. The San Fernando Valley sextet's latest intends to appease one's anxiety, carrying that loving sentiment over a bittersweet blend of jangling guitars and a buoyant mid-tempo rhythm section. "Hold from break, keep easy," vocalist-lyricist Jessy Juliet Rodríguez sings, bringing out a welcoming warmth through her sweet tone. The band leaves things to open interpretation, better for the listener to develop their own narrative, even if the song's message touches on their personal story—six high school friends who've managed to stay together through troubling times. 

"Still" is featured on Blue Velvet Drapes' recently released EP, Spiral Down. Catch them perform at Silverlake Lounge on July 28. Juan Rodríguez

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Listen to Manuel the Band's slick, intricate new single "Breathe," play Basement Tavern on 6/29

On their new single, "Breathe," Manuel the Band counterbalance their slick, indie-rock sound with tuneful, intricate glides. The Long Beach quintet let a mellow, bass-driven melody guide their groove, gradually intensifying into a big, horn-driven finish. Vocalist Manuel Grajeda sings with passionate fervor over a gentle background harmony, transformed by the intimacy of physical contact.   

"Breathe" is the latest single off Manuel the Band's forthcoming debut full-length, Room for Complication. Catch them at Basement Tavern in Santa Monica on June 29, as well as in various venues surrounding the Long Beach area throughout July. - Juan Rodríguez


Party Nails' "Effexor" is an instant mood booster

Effexor can “treat depression, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder." However, “Effexor” by Party Nails can cure awkward silences, 5 o’clock traffic blues, lame parties, and is a general mood booster. Elana Belle Carroll’s new single, “Effexor,” is an intoxicating blend of dream-pop and indie-rock that has an indescribable vibe. Her wide variety of spunky and uplifting tunes will be the unofficial kick off to the summer, which started June 20th, and is the perfect banger to shoo those winter blues. - Kayla Hay


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