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A Heart is a Spade: ASTR Remixes BROODS

December 2014
Frankie Cosmos

If you like unassuming, short and charming pop songs about high school, firemen and buses, look no further than 19 year old singer-songwriter Frankie Cosmos. In her just released first full-length 'Zentropy,' (though she's put out at least 40 other digital records on Bandcamp over the years - no joke!) Greta Kline reveals much of her inner child, whether singing about what her dad is up to or how birthdays don't mean you're getting older. But 'Zentropy' equally exposes a young lady just beginning to wrestle with explorations of love and life anxieties. It's a fascinating journey just begun, and songs like "Birthday" (streaming below), showcase a melodic talent that's not afraid to experiment with tempo changes and assorted influences, without losing her signature, intimate style. 
If Frankie Cosmos manages to keep half these levels of prolificity in her 20s, we can definitely expect a bunch of hits from her. Because great music - like everything else - is all about trying hard. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)

Erin Barra
blue eyed technocrat
by: Bianca Seidman date:April 18, 2014 - MORE
true to themselves
by: Michael Haskoor date:April 18, 2014 - MORE
Slim Wray
blues rock, happy hearts
by: Michael Haskoor date:April 4, 2014 - MORE
Tei Shi
mermaid music
by: Dean Van Nguyen date:March 17, 2014 - MORE
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Grizzly Bear

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The Deli's SXSW Issue 2014 is online!

Read it digitally here.

P.S. 10k free copies of this issue hit the street of Austin during SXSW Music week!

Whoa Dakota Release Video for "So Much Trouble"

 Whoa Dakota released their first EP March 21st, after several breathy assurances onstage from frontwoman Jessica Ott that is would be "soon" (which, in the music industry, translates to 3 days to a year from time spoken.) Along with it comes this video for "So Much Touble," a slow burner that showcases Ott's crystalline vocals and the jazz influence that drives the band. The EP is nicely gritty, ranging from folk rock ("Get Along") to vengeful, knock-you-down blues ("The Rock That Made Me Mistep,") all laid out with a teasing sense of deliberation. The self-titled debut is available for download here, and keep checking their website for their next Nashville appearance, as they have an commanding live show. -Terra James-Jura


+ Works Anti-Bullying Benefit at The Listening Room 4.23.14

The Deli Nashville has a tendency to shy away from the country scene, by and large, as it feels that ball of wax gets plenty of attention.  However, The Deli Nashville also has a penchant for artists with personality that flirt with the boundaries of their respective genre, who are also decidedly not awful.  If they represent a good cause, all the better.  That being said, Olivia Lane is holding a fundraiser for anti-bullying foundation +Works tomorrow night at The Listening Room.  She's joined by Ben Bradford, Leland Grant and Baylor Wilson for an in-the-round performance beginning from 6-8pm.  Check out the song "You Do You" and notice how refreshingly free it is from mentions of porch swings, screen doors and being 22. -Terra James-Jura



Justin Kalk Orchestra Releases Video for "Dirty Thing"

The Justin Kalk Orchestra has tossed out this nugget in hopes of calming fans foaming at the mouth for the summer release of their second album, “Volcano.” “Dirty Thing” utilizes Gonzo artist Ralph Steadman (Christ, the cover. Give it to me.) and gets the band involved in the claymation on this new video. The result is fun, yet oddly nostalgic and unsettling at the same time. And rest assured, the giraffes make it in the video, and the band hits just as hard in this new single, and their accompanying haze of blues and psychedelic is just as impenetrable. Of course, hell is more likely to freeze over than Kalk walking into a project at anything less than a breakneck swagger. -Terra James-Jura


Weekend Roundup, RSD Edition

Between Good Friday and Easter lie ample opportunities to see some of Nashville's finest perform (twice), as well as pick up some swag, sample from food trucks, and contribute to the scrappy brick and mortars that keep independent music alive and humming.  

Saturday, April 19th:

Start the day off at Third Man Records, where you can check out  Jack White's stunt of performing, recording, pressing and selling the "Lazaretto" off his upcoming album.  The performance will start at 10am, and the single will be available for purchase by 4pm.  Additional sets by Waxed and Jawws will start at noon.  

The most logical option for your next stop is Grimey's, just about a mile down the road.  Starting at 11:30 am and going on until 7pm are performances by Lower Caves, Secret Sisters, Needtobreathe, John Oates, Promised Land Sound, PUJOL, Bully,  Ranch Ghost, Majestico, and Apache Relay. 

Since you're there, you might as well cross the street and check out 8th & Argyle's Rock'n'Roll Yard Party in honor of Record Store and Earth Day.  Vendors will be offering crafts, vinyl, and food for your perusal.  The event is schedule from 10am to 5pm.

This is where you are going to have to cross the river and find out what the East Side has to offer.  Head to The Groove to see Shy Guy, Bully, Blank Range, Nudity, Nikki Lane, Mouth Reader, and Gay Vibes; the whole show is hosted by Olivia Fancytramp.  

Go a little further up Gallatin to Fond Object's blowout, featuring Joey Plunket, The Tendoor, Buffalo Clover, Fly Golden Eagle, Kings of the F**King Sea, PromisedLand Sound, PUJOL and Misfruits. Infinity Cat and Palaver Records are also setting up pop-up shops, and this is the only event on Saturday that has a freakin' petting zoo.

If you're in Murfreesboro, Little Shop of Records has bands playing from 12-5pm, including Forrest York, Hoodoo Men, Tomato Face, That's My Kid, and Josephine and the Wildfront.  The day's performances will be recorded for a future album, "Live at the Little Shop of Records."

If you're still raring to go on Saturday night, you can catch one of these shows:

Feedback Revival, De La Torre and Swampbird at The High Watt, 8pm, $8

Tennessee Scum, Bare Knuckle and Mouth Reader at Springwater, 9pm, $5

Peaceful Warriors, Applegate Nance, Easy Roscoe and Brandon Brains at The End,9pm, $5

Juston Stens and the Get Real Gang, Richie, and Samantha Harlow at Exit/In, 8pm, $10




Friday Feature: Album Review of kidDEAD's "Rap and Destroy"

With Record Store Day just on the horizon, here's an item worth hunting down this Saturday between Bully sets and taco breaks. #RAPCLUB stalwart kidDEAD released his debut album a few months ago, and it's an intense, quick-witted effort that demands a space in anyone's catalog.  While you might have missed his set last weekend at Tour de Fun, hang around the East Room long enough and you'll be sure to catch another.  For now, read the full review of "Rap and Destroy" HERE, and for kicks, watch this video for "Thieves" below.   -Terra James-Jura


Congratulations to The Wooly Mamas, Our New Artist of the Month!

Congratulations to The Wooly Mamas, The Deli Nashville's newest Artist of the Month.  The band may have caught your ear once or twice around town, as they have been sharing bills with quite a few other Nashville sluggers: The Daily Howl, Blackfoot Gypsies, and That's My Kid, to name a few.  The Wooly Mamas got their start as a cover band, and built their catalog of originals as the trio outgrew their sets of Tom Waits, Hank Williams and Wilco tunes and sought an outlet for their creativity while maintaining their respect for the classics.  It was a very organic, and really, most optimal outcome for a story that starts with 'three dudes in a cover band-.' Whether you're a long-term, devoted fan that threw down a vote on Day 1, or this is the first time that you've heard of the trio, one thing has been made clear: they rock hard enough to win this month's poll.  Listen to "Make Sure," one of the two songs they released this past December, then buy them a beer at fooBar on April 26th for being winners. -Terra James-Jura


Fast Astronaut "Invisible Sun" EP

Fast Astronaut lost a point with me for not being efficient enough to name their band Fastronaut, but really, that’s my own bias against the space bar (or spacebar?) They earned it back with the track “Balance,” which gets better and dancier with each minute, and won me over completely after I listened to their entire “Invisible Sun” EP. Released March 1st, it’s a very well-produced bundle of synth-pop that, while mainstream-friendly, throws in some interesting turns that prevents me from immediately dismissing it as Top-40 flotsam. The EP has a hopeful heart that I can appreciate. Check out “Balance” for yourself below, and pick it up from their Bandcamp if you like what you hear. –Terra James-Jura



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