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July 2014

Last year Baked came out with a tape called S/T Cassette.  Two songs short, it's enough to see where the band is coming from; they're not afraid to blur themselves, letting the sounds melt into landscape jams.  On Debt, their debut off Exploding in Sound, Baked is still melting, but it's a much more guided flow.  The album mixes high velocities with the turned down mellow feels that Baked just seems to ooze from every orifice.   R.J. Gordon's vocals take a back seat under a wash of reverb, sitting just below the pop driven melodies that surround him.  "Mick Jagger" especially is a stunner, where Yoni David's drumming drives the tune as the rest of the sounds float in zero gravity.  There's something unobtainably attractive about this band's sound, whether it's because they remind us of England's long lost Wu Lyf, or because they channel Bedhead at the same time. - Jake Saunders

The 60's
Bob Dylan

Simon and Garfunkel

Velvet Underground
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Patti Smith
The New York Dolls

The Ramones

The Talking Heads
Richard Hell
The Dead Boys
Lydia Lunch
The Contortions  
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Sonic Youth
Bad Brains
Beastie Boys
Bruce Springsteen
The Feelies
Laurie Anderson
They Might Be Giants
John Zorn
Arto Lindsay
Sonic Youth
The Fleshtones
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Jeff Buckley

The Magnetic Fields
Yo La Tengo
Soul Coughing
Cat Power
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The Strokes
TV on The Radio
Fiery Furnaces
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Bravery
Animal Collective
Bright Eyes
Devendra Banhart
Moldy Peaches
Le Tigre
Blonde Redhead
Grizzly Bear

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P.S. 10k free copies of this issue hit the street of Austin during SXSW Music week!

Foreign Fields Release Video "Little Lover"

Here's testament to how heavily environment can play into music. Two years ago Foreign Fields recorded their first album "Anywhere But Where I Am" in the duo's Wisconsin hometown. In 53 quiet, dreamy minutes they managed to distill the slow dread and surrender of yet another soul-deadening sink into the cold season (Midwestern émigré writing here). Since then, the duo of Eric Hillman and Brian Holl have received well-deserved recognition for their artfully rendered winter-listening, and also made the move to Tennessee. It’s clear by their single “Little Lover” that the South has quickened up their blood. Richer and fuller in even the silences, it’s a tantalizing glimpse of the sophomore album planned for early 2015. Foreign Fields will be playing Mercy Lounge on October 9th for Communion Nashville with Field Report, Water Liars and Great Peacock before heading out on tour with The Lone Bellow in November. –Terra James-Jura



Show Alert: Alanna Royale's "Achilles" Release Show at Exit/In 10.4

Alanna Royale's debut album, "Achilles" has been out since September 16th. However, October 4th will be when the band, friends, and special guests ring it in proper with an epic show at Exit/In. Because an album that is the culmination of two years of establishing the Royale name through heavy touring and intensive mind-blowing, not to mention a little, potentially career-ending brush with a hemorrhaging vocal cord demands a celebration. The band has been lauded for their airtight brass section almost as much as Royale's staggering stage presence, both of which will be in full-force on Saturday, as their joined by Kansas Bible Company and ELEL (fingers crossed that all groups joined Royale on stage for a final number. Just to prove the integrity of the venue’s support structures.)

While the show is sure to be a high-energy stiletto kick in the nuts, “Achilles" explores several dynamic avenues: sweet and wistful on “Phantom Limb,” fierce and vengeful on “Animal,” to maybe a little funky on “Big Time Me.” This magazine is partial to “Rock and Stone;" we interpret it as a neo-soul version of Reba McIntire’s “Fancy” (sans the prostitution bent. We're focusing more on the process of a woman coming into her own.)  and we love the addition of the string section of since the track’s appearance on their 2013 EP.   “Achilles” is a showcase of the band’s tested mettle, and their, as the opening lyrics of “Last to Know” perfectly sums up “backbone for days.” Saturday’s show starts at 8pm, and cover is $10. We’ll be amazed if it doesn’t sell out. –Terra James-Jura


Aaron Lee Tasjan's Residency at The 5-Spot Begins 10.1

October 1st marks the beginning of Aaron Lee Tasjan's 5-week residency at The 5-Spot. Dubbed "The Happy Hour of Power," the event will take place the next five Wednesdays from 6-8pm. Tasjan will be bringing in a number of talented cohorts to round out the evening, including Todd Farrell Jr., Erica Blinn and The DuPont Brothers.  "Don't Walk Away" is the first single from his recent EP, "Crooked River Burning." The recording gained acclaim not only for it's emotional intensity, but also the crisp and very tangible energy gained from tracking all the instruments simultaneously; the impact of the recording will not deviate far from the impact of the live show. With recognition as "One of the greatest next-generation songwriters" from ASCAP and five opportunities to see him, there's little excuse to not make it to the 5-Spot a some point this month. -Terra James-Jura





Show Up Early for Octajohn at The Basement 9.27

Just to throw some more options at you for where to destroy some auditory and/or brain cells this weekend, here's another: The Basement will have Sol Cat, Future Unlimited and Octajohn on their stage this Saturday, September 27th. While the first two names are common topics around the Nashville dinner table, Octajohn is a little less so. This could be changing in the near future, judging by the bout of activity from the group this summer, which does not seem to be slowing as we hit fall. Their unorthodox instrumentals seem right on for warming a crowd for this particular bill. Songs like "The Landing" are at once cinematic and ambient, and sound like there could be some extraterrestrial DNA in the duo behind the music. Better check them for fingerprints on Saturday night. Show starts at 9pm, and cover is $7. -Terra James-Jura

Can't make it out this Saturday? No worries, Octajohn also has a show on Monday, September 29th at the East Room!


The Grayces Kick Off "Westing" Tour Today

The Grayces have recently put out a video for their song “Do It To Me”. It is pretty cool, a little trippy, and cute. The trio’s album “Westing” is set to be released October 14th, but their 18-date tour supporting it kicks off today. Heaven help the states on their route. The Grayces play freaky, heavy garage rock that you won’t want to stop listening to. Ever.  Check out our review of "Westing" here. If you haven’t listened to their music, that should do it. Songs like “Do It To Me” and “Lord and Gods of Alcohol” are worth listening. The videos are also pretty sick. Sick meaning awesome, of course. –Amanda Aydelott


BASECAMP Release Video for "Shudder"

As a follow-up to their August release of their single, BASECAMP put out this video for "Shudder" on September 22nd. The single was met with a great deal of enthusiasm, having been featured in not one, but four different dance remixes (including GXNXVS, Goodnight Cody, and Twinztrack.) This video puts a visual element to the low-profile trio; it maintains their sublety and starkness, and allows stillness to speak as many volumes as their quiet they deploy in their music. It is also as high-tension as their sound. There is just something unsettling about a girl in a lake looking lonely.  It doesn't bode well. The group is preparing to put out another EP later this year. For anyone itching to see this aural black magic unfold in a live setting, BASECAMP is opening for Mikky Ekko at Acme Feed & Seed this Saturday. The show begins at 8pm, and, being a Redbull Sound Select event, there is the oppurtunity to drop the $15 cover to $3 with an RSVP. -Terra James-Jura




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