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Maybe April play homecoming show at The Listening Room Cafe on 10.19

In the last few months since releasing the video for "You Were My Young", Nashville folk trio Maybe April have traveled the country playing festivals, opening for acts like Rhett Miller, and getting another Audiotree performance under their belt. But on October 19th, they'll return home to Nashville for a performance at The Listening Room Cafe, a venue that has yielded the stage to Maybe April's three-part harmonies and dancing guitars for years. Following that show, they'll head to Black Mountain, NC to perform at the LEAF Festival; they'll play on the last day of the festival before heading to DC and Pennsylvania to wrap up their fall tour. Don't miss them in a couple of weeks; until then, watch the video for "You Were My Young" below. - Will Sisskind

Riley Moore releases video for "Sitting on a Boat"

Channeling his inner Jimmy Buffett, folk/Americana up-and-comer Riley Moore drops his new video for "Sitting on a Boat", a song about exactly what it says in its title. From the mind of "Pancakes and M&Ms", "Sitting on a Boat" reveals the whimsical nature of Moore's songwriting, filled with aphorisms of lackadaisical days on the water drinking and relishing in the glory of going nowhere. Moore's just come off of a tour around the country to support his debut LP Vagrant, an appropriate title for an artist who's spent his life traveling the globe and taking on the worldly nature of a thinker and writer at his prime. Watch the video for "Sitting on a Boat" below. - Will Sisskind


Emery Adeline to record limited edition vinyl only on 09.28

Nashville-based recording artist Emery Adeline will step into Brooklyn's Leesta Vall studio on September 28th to record live takes of songs from her latest album Killin' Time direct to vinyl. Leesta Vall specializes in lathe-cut live recordings, and Adeline's folk spirit fits well with the DIY nature of putting music like magic onto a disc in real time. Music lovers who want one of these limited edition live takes should pre-order before September 28th choosing the song they'd like recorded. No two recordings will be the same, so each disc will truly be one-of-a-kind, containing a live take of one of Adeline's songs from Killin' Time. It's folk music in its finest form: Flash-in-the-pan, intimate bursts of music that are never the same way twice. Listen to Adeline perform "Drink to You" live below, and pre-order your own live lathe-cut vinyl recording at Leesta Vall's website. - Will Sisskind


Joe Kenkel's "FBP" is weird, earnest indie music at its finest

 Let's get real for just a second- "FBP" is a weird song. But don't let that deter you- this is definitely my favorite weird song of 2018. "FBP" stands for Football Poet- at least that's the main lyrical hook in the song. I'd like to ask singer-songwriter Joe Kenkel what exactly that means, seeing as football and poetry couldn't be more unrelated, but let's look to the lyrics for clues, shall we? "Breakin' my bones / singin' for you" gives some indication that perhaps there is a sense of beauty in football, or that there's something poetic about a tackle? Clearly all of this is part of a grand scheme to impress a lover, but for what reason... I'll let you decide. Kenkel even animated a trippy music video for the song, which you can watch here. Enough speculating on my part- this is weird, earnest indie rock at it's finest. -Geena Kloeppel


Tom Galloway's "Our Due Time" is an uptempo yet sentimental country song

If you like the heavy, plucked western electric guitar leitmotif that has reached even Lana Del Rey's recorded music, you're in the right place. Tom Galloway's new song "Our Due Time" off of his most recent record Cross Currents is of the darker strand of country music that inspired this curmudegon-esque tone and texture. Galloway's voice is warm and smooth, but the timbre is even lovelier when sung in harmony. There are some really cool, funky instrumental breakdowns in place of a vocal bridge, featuring piano, bass and a groovy synth solo, which are the hidden gems in the song. "Our Due Time" is tastefully sprinkled with these bits of ear candy, and the instrumental moments are just as important as the sections with vocals. Galloway clearly has his own take on country/bluegrass, and we're here for it. -Geena Kloeppel



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