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The Hollow Roots' "Moonlight" is a dark, anthemic blues rock tune

When the chorus of "Moonlight" hit, all I wanted to do was head bang. You can hear the Hollow Roots go all out in this song- in the grit of the vocals, smashing wall of percussion and mighty electric guitar hooks. Perhaps the most surprising thing is how adept they are at reigning in the energy when needed to create nuanced, full-throttle builds- especially check out that wild third chorus after a reduced bridge. This song must leave you sweating when the Hollow Roots play live- catch them June 11th at the Local. I'm already trying to catch my breath. -Geena Kloeppel


The Smoking Flowers release new song "Here 4 U Now" ahead of upcoming album "Let's Die Together"

 The Smoking Flowers (aka husband and wife duo Kim and Scott Collins) have been around the Nashville scene for a minute, and are finally back with a new album this year. Their latest single "Here 4 U Now" rocks and rolls, leaving an anthemic taste in your mouth. It feels like every part of the song is driving and rhythmically interesting- even the vocals. The band just played The Basement in Nashville and their new album "Let's Die Together" is out June 22nd. -Geena Kloeppel


"Backseat" is a delightfully reflective first single by Charli Adams

Charli Adams has a voice so soothing it feels like cold rain on warm skin. And that's a little bit what the first single off of her upcoming project sounds like- thematically, "Backseat" is sweetly adolescent, yet the sorrow in Adams' voice is harrowingly mature. Washed in reverb and synths, "Backseat" would sound otherworldly if not for a steady rhythm section that grounds the song and gives you the feeling you really are in a car, speeding down the highway. We're very excited to hear more from Charli Adams in the near future. -Geena Kloeppel



Zach Stone's "Four Letter Word" will put you in your feelings

 Country newcomer Zach Stone's latest single "Four Letter Word" is a sweet bop that you could easily listen to a couple of times in a row without a second thought. Each listen reveals something new about the song- it takes a second to notice Stone's phrasing in the verses is slightly off the beat but in a way that's gut-wrenching. The tone of his voice is also lovely- there's a depth that's incredibly mature for a 25-year-old that makes the whole song feel more honest and fragile. The whole song is helped along by a solid country arrangement, so really, what's not to love? I'm in my feelings. Be sure to catch Zach Stone live at CMA Fest 2018 next week. -Geena Kloeppel



The New Respects share rockin' new fight song and video "Freedom"

 Nashville's New Respects are making some noise these days- and also throwing paint at an old, beat-up car before driving it around a muddy stadium. The guitar hooks in their new song and music video "Freedom" are bold, perfectly executed and juicy. "I get down to the sound of freedom," sings vocalist Jasmine Mullen, and you can hear that battle cry in the intensity and fearlessness of her delivery. We'd take a ride with the New Respects any day- by the looks of this video, it'd be a great road trip. are touring from June through October. -Geena Kloeppel



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