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First Musicians Corner Show This Saturday!


A Tribute to Shel Silverstein


It doesn’t really get much better than Shel Silverstein; unless of course you put his brilliance to music, and unless that music is written by our very own Nashville favorites. In an interview with local musicians, Brady Surface and Jared Ziemba, I got to finally meet the creative little monster that everyone is talking about.


 It seems safe to say that one late-night lightbulb has snowballed into the unification of Nashville’s underground music, and will serve as a prevention program for kids. One thing is apparent - these are no lazy dudes. While currently traveling around the States, playing music, starting new bands, and working on patents for speakers, Brady Surface and Jared Ziemba have managed to put together a Shel Silverstein tribute album in their spare time. Consisting of 36 Shel Silverstein poems from Where The Sidewalk Ends, the album entails 35 local artists to relive, revive, and reproduce Silverstein’s genius in the form of music. Hand-picked with careful consideration, Surface and Ziemba were very cautious of which poems to give to what artists, the results rearing some serious creativity. A good chunk of the album was produced at The Nest with producer Ryan McFadden, with a handful done at Welcome To 1979, and other name and home studios around town.


It seems that when you give artists like De Novo Dahl, Natalie Prass, and HeyPenny a little creative room to play, the results are anything but ordinary. Surface and Ziemba found that this project not only pushed artists to explore new genres, but has also proven what can happen when you write for reasons other than yourself. “It is more like ‘birds in a flock’ than ‘runners in a race’” Ziemba believes, recalling that this collaboration has created a friendly environment for artists to “just be themselves.” The album, ranging from 50’s surf rock to electronica, reggae to blues, has created quite the community of local musicians, and simultaneously honored one of the greatest writer’s in American history.


As if buying the album for mere pleasure isn’t excuse enough, all profits go to the organization Teach For America, allowing you to hear some music and change the world at the same time. Surface and Ziemba believe this album appeals to all age groups, but hope it introduces kids to Shel Silverstein or whatever art they may be close to. “Let’s get Miley Cyrus off the radar, introduce the kids to good music. I don’t want that to die,” Brady preaches, “I don’t want the next generation growing up to listen to shitty music.” Calling it a “prevention program” and nothing short of a revolution, the guys are proud to announce the release of the album this fall, a year after the idea baby was born.


With the help of a kid-inspired CD release party, Ziemba and Surface are working hard to “put Nashville on the map – to show people that there is more than just Kings of Leon, Paramore, and country music coming out of Nashville.” This album has big plans already, and will serve as an honorary gift from our Nashville music family.--Mackenzie Grosser


Current list of featured artists:


Brady Surface


De Novo Dahl

Sam Stewart

Cortney Tidwell

Natalie Prass

Oscar Anthony

Clinton Wilson

Ben Ringel

Cody Uhler

Pico Vs Island Trees

Madi Diaz

Neil O’ Neil

Uncle Skeleton

Kyle Andrews

Heidi Feek

Sharon Lang


Simon Kerr

Michel Ford Jr.

Ben Ford

Daniel Pujol

Andrew Combs

The Fireman’s Daughter

Rae Hering

David Condos

Rayland Baxter

Goose Gosset

Evan P. Donahue

Heidi Feek

Bobby Hamrick

Gabe Vitek


July 2010
Kelly Kerr & The Distractions
"Chronological Disorder: How To Pass History In 13 East Steps

In May of this year, Kelly Kerr and the Distractions proved they like to look back, sometimes centuries back, when they released their new album Chronological Disorder: How to Pass History in Thirteen Easy Steps. The last time you heard someone explain a historical event through song may have been around third grade, but it probably didn’t have the residual effects that Chronological Disorder does. Kerr lays down the basic facts and offers his own tongue-in-cheek critique of events and figures including Eli Whitney, Bob Dole and the Whiskey Rebellion, while instrumentally, some of the mid-tempo melodies and jangly timbre mirror the style of the grandfathers of college rock. Yes – surprise, surprise – the Distractions’ smooth alt-rock brings to mind the good times of 1984 and R.E.M.’s Reckoning. Even the sound of Kerr’s voice – low, amused, even – mimics Michael Stipe’s.

The Distractions show how they can be sweet and smart-assed, combining the elements of a rock album with those of a middle school play about American history. An album with such a concept could easily be ruined with indie snarkiness, but Chronological Disorder takes the high road, delving into the different facets of history with playfulness. The stage is set with “Election: 1800,” the melodic, cheery first ode to Reckoning in which Kerr proclaims a mouthful: “maybe we should rethink this/our system has a glitch,” and from there, the band chronicles decades of rock music like they chronicle America’s timeline. ’50s rock riffs structure “Groomed to Lead,” while a surfy, ’60s melody drills in “Bring Out Yr Dead.” The 13 tracks progress easily, even when things get grittier with tracks like the guitar-heavy “Gold Rush” which sets a frenzied pace while Kerr proclaims, “It’s a gold rush, baby.”

A favorite could be the amusingly embittered tone of “Bob Dole,” a story told from the former Senator’s perspective, comparing his life to that of his SNL impersonator, Dan Aykroyd. “Know It All” makes room for some bookish romance before the entire album is recapped in the final “Central Incompetence Agency.”

Simultaneously poking fun and offering up the facts, Chronological Disorder is simply infectious rock with sing-along appeal and an educational foundation if you’re paying attention. An album so strictly built around a history theme isn’t so commonly come by, and the Distractions could have gotten really smug with it, but instead they opted for clever and fun.--Jessica Pace

Cheap Hill Thrill! Flood Benefit Par-Tay


Head out to Chapmansboro, TN for a pre-Independence Day Bash (that means July 3rd), to hear local bands The Looking Glass, Funstix, Natural Child, Pujol, and Denney & The Jets. It's hosted by NASHVILLESDEAD, and it's for a good cause too--raising money for some flood victims. Click here for more details.--Deli Staff


"Take The Power Back" @ The Basement 2Nite!


The local, all-girl, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE cover band, "Take The Power Back," is playing tonight at The Basement w/ the Jompson Brothers, and Black Patch. $5, 9 pm, check it outtttttt! --Deli Staff

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