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High South plays The Basement on 10.27 to release EP "Change in the Wind"

High South joins the family of American bands who tour around other countries to grow their following before building a base in the U.S. Though the group have a sizable fan base in the States, they've spent the years since 2015 making trips to share their music with audiences all across Europe. Now, on the heels of the release of their EP Change in the Wind, the band seek to expand their American footprint. Having just returned from a tour of Germany, High South will perform three shows later this month; one in Chicago, one in Indianapolis, and one at home in Nashville, all to promote their record release. Guest singer-songwriter, LA-based Pearl, will join the band for their shows, adding her voice to each night of High South's trio of harmonies. Watch the video for High South's latest single "Make It Better" below, and catch them in Nashville on October 27th at The Basement. - Will Sisskind


Lola Montez re-releases debut album "Glean" with two new tracks

Heavy alt-rock group Lola Montez released their debut EP Glean last year to rave reviews, so they've expanded upon it to release a deluxe edition with remastered versions of the original seven songs, along with two new songs mixed into the tracklist. "Carousel" and "Strange Things" -- the two new tracks -- fire all engines with Inga Rudin's soulful voice and the band's stadium-ready riffs. The band are touring to support the re-release of Glean; they'll return to Tennessee on October 26th, when they'll play at Kings Dining & Entertainment in Franklin. Listen to "Carousel" below. - Will Sisskind 


The Lone Bellow releases new EP "The Restless" on 10.19

A new EP from The Lone Bellow is on the way, set for a release on October 19th across all platforms. The Restless already has its title track available to the public, along with a video supporting it. This new EP marks the first where the trio of Zach Williams, Kanene Donehey Pipkin, and Brian Elmquist perform without a backing band, although they've done such a thing during their live shows to fan and critical acclaim. The band recorded the songs on The Restless in the same way that they perform those sans band songs during their show: One mic, little production, and all of the elements that could impede a clean take fair game. If you hear chairs creaking or wind rustling while listening to "The Restless" or their cover of The National's "Pink Rabbits" -- another single the band's released -- then that's part of the song. The Lone Bellow supports the release of The Restless with their current TRIIIO tour, which includes shows consisting entirely of just the trio singing around a mic; their trail will take them through the Northeast down towards Nashville, where they'll perform three homecoming shows in December. Watch the video for "The Restless" below. - Will Sisskind 

Mick Fury releases songs from "Front Porch of America" project

Americana artist Mick Fury hails from Syracuse, and although he's based squarely in Nashville now, he's split time between Music City and Salt City performing dozens of shows over the past several months, making a few stops in between. He's racked up even more miles -- 8,500, to be exact -- filming his latest music and video project "Front Porch of America", in which the Fury crew seeks to explore the causes of the ongoing polarization of people around the nation. While it seems like a tall order to travel over 600 miles a day, Fury has not only done that, but he's also filmed four music videos, one for each of the tracks on his Front Porch of America EP. You can watch all of them -- as well as the episodes they accompany -- below. - Will Sisskind


Maybe April play homecoming show at The Listening Room Cafe on 10.19

In the last few months since releasing the video for "You Were My Young", Nashville folk trio Maybe April have traveled the country playing festivals, opening for acts like Rhett Miller, and getting another Audiotree performance under their belt. But on October 19th, they'll return home to Nashville for a performance at The Listening Room Cafe, a venue that has yielded the stage to Maybe April's three-part harmonies and dancing guitars for years. Following that show, they'll head to Black Mountain, NC to perform at the LEAF Festival; they'll play on the last day of the festival before heading to DC and Pennsylvania to wrap up their fall tour. Don't miss them in a couple of weeks; until then, watch the video for "You Were My Young" below. - Will Sisskind


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