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TOMMASO "Brother"

TOMASSO released their debut single "Brother" over the weekend. This is primarily the Bedroom Pop of Tommy Veronesi who has been performing and producing in and for several artists over the years and is finally taking the leap to record and release his music. The result is single that catchy, beat driven, and a fantastic debut.


Buggin Out

Hardcore band Buggin Out has released a self-titled EP via the local label New Morality Zine. This follows their self-released 2019 "Demo" EP and finds the group pushing the aggression and noise to the next level.


Faces of the Bog "Weight"

Doom Metal band Faces of the Bog recently emerged from their lengthy hiatus to release a single called "Weight". The track was recorded back in May of 2019 for the soundtrack of a yet to be released independent film called "Green Summer".

This is the work of Paul Bradfield (Bass), Danny Garcia (Drums/Percussion), Trey Wedgeworth (Guitars/Vocals), and Mark Cichra (Guitars/vocals). The last we had heard from the group was their 2016 debut album, Ego Death.


Flasyd's self-titled is fuzzed-out and kickass, plays Venus in Furs 2.26

If you relish listening to bands who are “always fast [but] hardly accurate,” in their own words, then the freewheeling punk outfit Flasyd may be your cup of tea. Their self-titled EP loses no speed over the course of three short-and-sweet tracks, all characterized by a healthy amount of bright fuzz, occasionally indiscernible lyrics, and daring percussive theatrics. Highlight minute and change “Johnny” is nothing short of a sonic defibrillation, marked by punchy drums and a scathing hardcore lyrical performance — stream it below ahead of Flasyd’s February 26th performance at Venus in Furs.


Boyish float through the party on "anxious butterball," play C'mon Everybody 2.27

There are some days when it’s difficult to leave the house — a sentiment New York synth pop duo Boyish well understands. Their most recent bop “anxious butterball” details antisocial feelings in lurid detail, the desire to “[stand] in the corner at the back of the room,” the occasionally overwhelming nature of simple conversation, all communicated through muted vox over textured echoing electronic leads and a meandering beat. Leaving room to incorporate hazy guitar chords during the track’s more explosive chorus (while keeping things forever chill), the group captures the dissociative nature of attending a function when you’d rather be at home, of knowing a single person at the party who can help you feel grounded when just existing is difficult, rendered in an appropriately dream-like fashion. Listen below, and catch Boyish at C’mon Everybody on February 27th, presented by Indie Witches.


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