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Nicky Flowers

Nicky Flowers has released two tracks from their forthcoming self-titled album which will be released on Dec. 1st. This is perfectly saccharine, dreamy, instrumental synth pop, or in Nicky’s words, “dreamy, creamy, and steamy”.

You can preorder the album below and stream “Omnifeel” and “I Think I Have a Problem”.


Fat Heaven release "Crybaby" EP, plays secret show on 11.16

Punk rock has taken on a number of forms since it's emergence in the late 70's. While some artists have celebrated its more abrasive aspects, many others embraced the speed and energy while adding melodic elements to it. Brooklyn's Fat Heaven's new two-minute-long single “Crybaby”, with its aggressive and punchy power trio sound, clearly falls within the genre, with the band's penchant for catchy vocal melodies placing them closer to poppier acts like Jimmy Eat World and Green Day. That said, there's certainly enough edge on “Crybaby” to fuel a mosh pit.  The band's lyrics, included on each of the four videos linked to the EP's tracks, indicate thought behind the rhymes. “Suburban Nightmare” doubles-down on that approach with a high-powered lament on the working life. “Never Needed You” provides the perfect break-up song for those who've been in (and then out of) a relationship. Final cut “Fashionista” adds a 50's feel to the progression while calling out style appropriation when it's merely a pose. The band is promoting a live show on 11/16 at a “secret location” (DM them for address). - Dave Cromwell


Artist and Producer Geedomane has released his debut EP called “Vanquish”. This is his first project completely written, produced, and performed on his after years of producing for other.

He is calling this EMO rap in the vain of Juice Wrld, Lil Peep, and others, but we are calling it solid hip hop and a must listen. Below is one of the EP’s singles, “Helped My Heart”, and song about finding and losing love.


New Music Video: "I Found a Woman" - Scotty

A new video for “I Found a Woman,” featured on Scotty’s latest EP Goodbye, has emerged. Palm trees and gently pulsating, vibrant colors mirror the song's laidback aesthetic. Animated lips mouthing the lyrics and the injection of various strange cartoon characters completes the eccentric set of imagery. It's just the right amount of odd to help brighten your day. Ha...maybe.


Indie-pop newcomers Nobody But You release debut single "Echo Park Bar"

Nobody But You recount a memorable meet cute on "Echo Park Bar." With their mix of R&B and pop, the self-described emo-pop quintet delivers a soulful, good-natured take on the classic bar pickup that strikes a dim-lit mood with its mellow richness. The sultry track does have a jam-like quality despite its songwriting focus, which doesn't come as a surprise given that singer-songwriter Michael Escañuelas and drummer Ryan Ohanessian first laid the foundation of the band by spending hours perfecting their craft in their practice space.

"Echo Park Bar" is the band's debut single, a first taste before they release their forthcoming EP in early 2019. - Juan Rodríguez


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