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Last Minute Plans: Blane Fonda @ Darkroom

It’s been a fairly quiet summer of writing new songs and such, but fall is looking much busier for Blane Fonda.

Tonight, Friday August 27, we have a show at Darkoom, which, in Blane’s humble opinion, is one of the better, more underrated clubs to see and/or play live music in Chicago. (We’ll be celebrating the birthdays in our rhythm section—David and David. In fact, saying the words “Happy Birthday David” to the door guy to gets a fellow or a lady $2 off the ticket price. If the door guy happens to be named David, and Friday is his birthday… well that would be ideal.)

Also, this past Wednesday, we stopped by Fearless Radio. Last time we went, we talked mostly about the apocalypse and narwhales, but we’re probably like way more mature and sophisticated now.

Speaking of narwhales—if you enjoy Blane’s artwork, there is more of Mark’s stuff over at Grobblings. - Charlie Nadler


Album Review: Busses - Busses

The self-titled debut from Philly trio Busses succeeds by wandering through various realms of rock. This Fishtown group, consisting of guitarist/vocalist Dave Brett, drummer Nick Apice and multi-instrumentalist Jason Bachman, creates a sound much larger than the pieces themselves. Besides enlisting the help of a few horn blowing friends, these guys have compiled an expansive seven track album that is built on walls of sound that are constantly broken down by calming or haunting interludes. 
The album may not be the flashiest or most refined, but the loose, crescendo instrumental break of opener “Foundation Myth” highlights the bands wavering yet focused style. The song recalls Built To Spill not only in the vocals but the comfortable relationship between band members musically. The dynamics of the album shift quickly to a more subdued sound that hints at crescendo without fully delivering until the unhinged back portion of the song that leads to the psychedelic “House On Fire” in which Brett displays his impressive faux-classic wail. “Safe Vacation Destination” continues in the same vein with an eerie Bollywood vocal meditation before it evolves into a blissed out jam with strong Mars Volta vibes coming through. From there, the album settles down becoming more conventionally song driven while still exploring various sounds and musical interplay. The slow reggae style guitar line of “Gaurded and Safe” is a surprising and welcome change of pace. Finally, the Sea and Cake-esque “Time/Place” saunters on a staccato guitar line before blitzing out in the last minute. The band never settles into one sound which requires the listener to stay on their toes, which can be at times annoying and other times rewarding. This time it is the latter. The album climbs and dives sonically and manages to create a compact and dense piece of work.
Busses will be opening tonight for producer extraordinaire Jeff Zeigler’s Arc in Round at JB’s. Zeigler also engineered and mixed Busses’ debut self-titled album.
- Adam G.

Girl In A Coma @ The End, 9/4/10

Here's a Labor Day Weekend treat for ya...San Antonio rock trio, Girl In A Coma, who has toured extensively with Tegan & Sara aaannnddd Morrisey, will be stopping in Nashville on their tour to promote their upcoming album release.

Before they lay the smackdown, there will be sets by Sacramento-based band Agent Ribbons, whose sound has been described as "garage-rock-meets-three-penny-opera." Local acts will be The Billy Goats, and Erin Manning. Dooooon't miss it!--Deli Staff


Weekly Feature #216a: (The) Tony Castles

Tony Castles (with or without the The, your choice) hooked up at Skidmore College, Connecticut, before making the trek, like so many before them, to Brooklyn, just some two years after they graduated. It’s a familiar tale, but these guys aren’t just another artsy student band. Sure, their music has some world beat flavors that somewhat reflects the direction indie pop has taken towards (read: Vampire Weekend), but Tony Castles are anything but familiar. Just check out their track ‘Pirates’ that’s been circulating the web for some time now. It’s a delicious, six minute spaced out jam. Apparently it’s a demo, which suggests these guys could be scarily good, and hugely successful. According to drummer Gabriel Wurzel, this means plenty of red wine and Apple technology. - Read Dean Van Nguyen's Q& A with the band here.


TONIGHT: Kata Rokkar Presents Snob Theater @ The Dark Room 9:30pm

Tonight Kata Rokkar will be presenting their fifth, and what is promised to be their most exciting, Snob Theater with yet another host of comedians and musical performances. This evenings Snob Theater will feature acoustic sets by Ash Maynor (Ghost and the City) and Jonah Matranga (Far, onlinedrawing), and comedians Sean Sinha, Katie Compa, Chris Garcia, Ray Molina and special guest Kris Tinkle. Once again at the Dark Room, this looks like a wonderful way to spend your Friday night.


-Ada Lann


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