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Lillie Ruth Bussey Resurfaces at Slingluff Gallery Nov. 18

It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Ms. Lillie Ruth Bussey (a.k.a. Bianka Brunson). Hell - I’d have no idea that she’s performing at the Slingluff Gallery tonight if it wasn’t for a random flier hanging in my neighborhood. See folks - a little old-fashion fliering still works, but you didn’t hear that from me. A paperless world makes my life a lot easier. I’m kind of a hoarder. Not that Buried Alive type of shit, but I could definitely benefit from a serious spring cleaning every season. Well, I’m not really sure what Brunson has been up to, but I’m guessing that it’s utterly entertaining and interesting. She is truly a unique artist that should not be missed. It’s also FREE so you have no excuses if you are in the hood. Brunson will be joined by Noncanon and artwork by Mike Maxwell. Slingluff Gallery, 11 W. Girard Ave., 7pm, FREE, All Ages (Photo by Bill Kelly; Video by Derek Moench) - Q.D. Tran


Penrose Gettin’ Warmed Up at DDG Nov. 18

Hot off the presses of a busy October that featured 2 shows during the CMJ Music Marathon and rockin’ peoples ghoulish faces off during TJ Kong’s Rock & Roll Costume Murdershow (which was a marathon in its own right), the Brothers Murphy of Penrose are ready to jumpstart the holiday season early with a set at Danger Danger Gallery tonight. And since they’ve been hard at work mixing a new album, it should be a warm up to their upcoming release show at KFN in December! Also on the lineup is lo-fi psychedelic quartet Arches, whose debut EP is available for free download here and is definitely worth checking out. With songs like “Jellu Beani”, “Billable”, and “Blaster”, West Philly newcomers Caboder are also sure to impress when they kick off the evening. Danger Danger Gallery, 5013 Baltimore Ave., 8pm, $5 - $10 donation, All Ages - Bill McThrill

Chasing Kings finishes their Silver Lake Lounge residency

My, my, all this talk about residencies, who needs tours when LA can keep all the good music to themselves? Speaking of, Chasing Kings will be finishing off theirs at the Silverlake Lounge, with Nov. 22nd and 29th left to conquer.

If you could splice the musical genes of Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, and Phantom Planet into one band, you'd end up with Chasing Kings. Their debut offering, The Current State of Our Future, dropped last year with rave reviews and accolades from the LA scene and after a dedicated year of juming on any tour they could find, it's nice to have these boys home for a while.

-Angelo Lorenzo


Kitten plays Origami Vinyl tonight! Follows with Echo residency

LA Band Kitten

Young Chloe Chaidez's voice is a breathe of fresh air, made a tornado called Kitten by her bandmates Andy Miller, Zach Carper, and Max Kuehn (son of TSOL's bassist Greg Kuehn). A deft mix of new wave melodies, indie sensibilities, and enough punk energy boiling under the surface, they mark their place somewhere in between The Pretenders and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. After stumbling upon their music purely by chance, one listen was enough for me to agree with SPIN.com's honor of "The best new discovery of SXSW."

If Kitten sounds like your cup of tea, they'll be performing in-store at Origami Vinyl tonight for free, Nov. 18th. If that doesn't get you purring, they'll be playing a three week residency Tuesday nights at the Echo, starting Nov. 23rd.

-Angelo Lorenzo


The Chance Head to Brooklyn 11/19

 DC's poetic noise lords the Chance are taking their epic alt. rock wall of sound to the Brooklyn stage this weekend (Bar Matchless on 11/19), further representing our town as one of the loudest scenes in the U.S. Like a rock melting pot, singer/guitarist Joshua Padgett is the Peruvian Thurston Moore, drummer Viraj DeSilva the Sri Lankan Dave Grohl, and bassist Finley Martin the Canadian Jah Wobble. Rock insanity will undoubtedly ensue when this trio plugs in.


After the show, the Chance will remain in NYC to finish mixing their upcoming album Oblivion with the awesome mix master Chuck Brody (who recently toured with Hesta Prynn.) If you've made it out to any of the Chance's shows this year, you've probably heard some of what Oblivion will feature, including my personal favorite "Lapdance in Heaven," a dark and depressing ambient journey with enigmatic lyrics about a man trapped in purgatory with only a bare memory of a stripper. Can't wait to hear this. In the meantime, they've leaked a raw and unmixed track "Slipstream" below. -Dawn



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