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Rising Lo-Fi NYC Bands: Quilty - Live at Silent Barn on 11.04

Here's some tasty candy for all you mp3 trick-or-treaters: a new Quilty tracks based on Charles Burns' teenage sex-and-horror graphic novel Black Hole. The song featured here is "Lizard Queen." It's a rollicking, libidinous chugger about "the bug," a sexually transmitted disease that causes its victims to develop bizarre physical mutations. Side B, "Chris on the Beach," (you can find it here) is a loose, fuzzy send-off to a murdered lover that ebbs softly over jammy, hazy guitars. It's a little more sentimental than the first, but certainly no less grotesque, sleazy or gory (and we wouldn't have it any other way). Happy Halloween, y'all! - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).

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1900's Amulet

Today is the official release date of the new album from The 1900'sReturn of the Century. The band recently released a video for the first track on the LP "Amulet". You can purchase the album here or stream it on the band's bandcamp page.



DIY can be mainstream - Kirsten Price

Kirsten Price is an inverted independent musician. Her music sounds like radio-friendly R&B: tight, clean and well produced, but she isn’t beholden to a record label. For her first record, “Guts and Garbage”, Price had a producer, but her recently released, “Brixton to Brooklyn” she decided to produce it herself, and she obviously knows what she's doing. Both albums will make you move - the second with a little less country in your pop. Price’s song “Magic Tree” was included on the most recent LWord compilation album. Previously compared to artists like Amy Winehouse and Macy Grey, Price sounds like if Ani Difranco was raised by Jay-Z and Beyonce. - www.kirstenprice.com - JL


Big in Cincinnati - The HOTcakes release new EP in December

The HOTcakes are an alt-pop NYC based band whose sound falls somewhere between Patti Smith and Blondie with a touch of Iron Butterfuly for added fun. Since licensing a song to the Cincinnati Reds, The Hotcakes have become the most popular NYC band in Ohio. On their debut EP, Erin Marsz's powerhouse pipes keep the band's sound anchored to the seventies - keep your ears out for the new EP, the release party will be at Arlene's Grocery on December 11. The band will also play Crash Mansion on November 6. - Jenny Luczak


Please Remember to Vote Today!

VOTE! VOTE!! VOTE!!! This is a very important midterm election so don’t forget to do your part in helping to decide our future! You can find more info and your local polling place here.  - The Deli Staff

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