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Weekly Feature #226b: Neighbors

Formed in 2009, Neighbors is led by Williamsburg stoop-dweller and former Jacksonknife founder Noah Stitelman. The band’s debut EP "Hooligans" is out on Paper Brigade, and was written and recorded by Stitelman in his Brooklyn apartment. Evan Johnson, Brian Harney, Steph McParty, and Anne Minor join him to create a rich assault of synth and guitar with brooding vintage pop sensibilities, right down to Stitelman’s lyrics about the small failures of daily life. - Read Whitney Phaneuf's Q&A with Noah here.



The Octopus Project Rolls Out Hexadecagon LIVE

Hexadecagon Shows Trailer from The Octopus Project on Vimeo.

This Friday, 12/3, Eastside Drive-In will play host to the latest performance of Hexadecagon by The Octopus Project, who no one will accuse of lack of ambition: the live performance is a surround-sound, surround-visual, all-encompassing multi-media blowout, with the band surrounded by the audience and the audience surrounded by the media...if you follow me. If you don't follow me, just go, and it will all make sense. 


New intense video by Here We Go Magic

Kudos to Here We Go Magic for this video they premiered on Biatchfork (that's how we'll start calling the Chicago site after they gave a miserable 6.8 to the best band in the world - Buke and Gass). Anyway, I think it's the first musical video I see that tackles deeply disturbing issues like death, injury and... the (weird) cycle of life and death - that part is towards the end of the clip, don't miss it! The band is currently touring Canada.


Album Review: Diagonal Fields - Arc In Round

The sweeping and moody intro of  “3 a.m. all the time” kick starts local four-piece Arc In Round’s latest Diagonal Fields. An at first standstill backbeat bends into soaring riffs and textured rhythms shortly after the opening track’s start, lending warranted emphasis to frontman Jeff Zeigler’s heartfelt vocals, which play out patient and melancholy. Somehow avoiding melodrama, Zeigler’s lines embody pre-dawn feelings in a concise yet profound way accessible from start to end. Coupled with polished percussion and bending tides of guitar, a confident “I don’t know what to say” is broken down to a mid-song “what to say”, marking the start of a near minimalist outro leaving the listener contemplating the philosophic value of 3 a.m. Shortly after the buzzing end of Diagonal Fields’ first, the airy optimism of “Sprit” rises with clean-cut drumbeats, bright chords, and breathy but rooted vocals. Its chorus feels like an assuring echo that eases in towards the song’s beginning and stretches towards the forefront as “Spirit” progresses. Again, the band’s knack for crafting emotive pop shines, making the core of “Spirit” vibrant with deliberate instrumentation that confronts its audience with pronounced and reflective feelings of probable transcendence and pure melody. “Follow”, well, follows, and hums with a similar resonance reminiscent of Yeasayer’s overplayed yet endearing “Ambling Alp”. Less shrill with a chiller backbeat, the synth-y swirl of  “Follow” pulses with clicking cymbal and lushly layered vocals, creating a fortified wall of sound that keeps each of the song’s components in cohesion with its counterparts, dissipating into a resounding outro seconds shy of the four-minute mark. “Light” pours out warm with rays of crisp dissonance. Undeniably, the earnestly executed chord progression of Diagonal Fields’ latter tracks serves as an audible testament to Arc In Round’s varied spectrum of emotionally charged perspective. Closing out with the instrumental and lovely “Slow Ceiling”, Diagonal Fields is a symphonic landscape that successfully holds its own. - Dianca Potts

Spirit by Arc In Round


Free Pet Milk Show at Sailor Jerry Nov. 30

Dream pop darlings Pet Milk get local at Sailor Jerry. An at home ending to their November tour, this fairly newish four-piece has a knack for crafting upbeat ballads that are lush with heartfelt longing and “kitchen-sink romance”. Fronted by Brown Recluse’s Herbie Shellenberger (EBTT DJ and co-founder of No Wavelength), the band's self-titled cassette released last May compliments of Philly-based label Peasant Magik. A six-track shining demo, Pet Milk couples Shellenberger’s popsmith genius with an endearing cover of My Bloody Valentine’s “Paint A Rainbow”. Between the driving riffs of “Pictures (Of You)” and the Heavenly-esque vibes of “So Bored”, this South Philly outfit’s live set, much like their debut demo, is the cat’s meow. Sailor Jerry, 116 -118 S. 13th St., 7pm, Free, All Ages - Dianca Potts

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