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April 2010
Maus Haus
"Winter/Zig Zag and Sea Sides

It seems uncanny that Maus Haus (a large group of musicians) can maintain staying power without crumbling under the weight of their own eclecticism; most other groups with similarly eccentric sound have very few members. Yet Maus Haus seems to have found a way to push onward and upward defiantly, following last years strikingly unique Lark Marvels, born out of living room musings, with an equally impressive collection of tracks built around the 7-inch EP Winter/Zig Zag. For all of Lark Marvels' cavalier creation, and any aloofness that may have permeated those recordings as a result, Maus Haus’ latest recordings reveal a band further coalescing and maturing their sound.

With something of an eerie feel, “Winter” on Side A of the 7 inch, descends on you like a heavy blizzard in a swirl of bass-y synthesizer sounds and mono-syllabic vocal harmonies -- certainly a staple of music with a heavy psyche influence. With the air of a dispassionate homily, “Winter” creates the feeling of a cold deserted street complete with a disembodied voice advising us to “look at the mess we’ve made." A part of me wants to think this is the band telling us to pay close attention to the mess of sounds we’re about to be thrown into. If I had to guess I'd say these boys have been listening to a lot of Syd Barrett, as the lyrical style of “Winter” (and many of these new tracks as well) implore the somewhat syncopated rhythmic singing style that owes a lot to Syd’s influence.

Kicking off like a fall down a deep hole, Side B’s “Zig Zag” thunders along like a demented fun-house ride. Contrasting “Winter’s” trundle, “Zig Zag” is driven by an upbeat tempo, a powerfully forceful bass line, and a cavernous layer of vocals. Certainly the more complex of the two (if its feel is not apparent in its title) “Zig Zag” changes rapidly, jerking the listener along it’s intricate journey.

Though these two songs make a brief and very dense 7-inch, it seems Maus Haus was not entirely done, releasing these two songs along with an additional three as the digital EP Sea-Sides. Sounding like it could very well have been left off Lark Marvels “Skyward Housing,” the first of the remaining digital tracks is a well-earned bit of levity from the darker tone of the 7-inch. True to its title, “Skyward Housing” builds a rising crescendo of synthesizer sounds in an electronic whirlwind. With a driving siren like melody, "Skyward Housing" builds up the movement towards the more ambient plateau that closes out the EP.

Creating a subdued mood with a more cavernous electronic soundscape, the final tracks "Sunshine" and "Sneaky Feelings" come well-versed in the lessons of Brian Eno circa Another Green World. The tones of these tracks carry less of a punch then the preceding ones, relying instead on a fuller more ethereal construction with multiple layers of synthesizer sounds. There is a nice calmness at work in these two that function as a soothing dénouement from the more intense moments earlier in the EP.

A fantastic follow up, Maus Haus’ latest recordings carry themselves with the gravitas of a band really getting comfortable in their own groove. Thematically there is something much darker at work in these new recordings, but the chills instigated by the eeriness of the sounds are exciting to experience nonetheless. Let’s hope for a full-length in the near future.


-Ada Lann

The 7-inch Winter/Zig Zag can be purchased here from Rocinante Records. Download cards for Sea-Sides are available free with the purchase of a 7-inch.

New Single From Burbank International - "2034 (When Machines Start Eating People)"

If you remember, way back many moons ago, there was this little folk outfit, Burbank International, that put out this beautiful album City of Burbank that, as well as being worth much attention from your ears, was made The Deli SF's Album of the Month in November of 08. Well it had seemed, without so much as a peep from them for so long, that San Francisco had succumbed to a tragic loss with the dissolving of H.A. Eugene's folk project; however, with new evidence to contrary, it seems that in fact Burbank International had just gone into to an extended period of dormancy. This week they just announced a new single "2034 (When Machines Start Eating People)," now for sale on iTunes, as well a video to accompany it. If you haven't heard them before you should definitely check out City of Burbank, but for now enjoy the video for this somewhat tragic and immensely beautiful song.  A nice and tender way start to your weekend.



-Ada Lann


Record Store Day

Yes, tomorrow is Record Store Day, and instead of recreating what others have done I thought I would point you to three great run downs of multiple events, and point out my favorite event. You find solid lists at Via Chicago, Loud Loop Press, and Gapers Block Transmission.

My favorite event tomorrow will be The Loneliest Monk performing at Cyklopx in Forest Park. They perform at 1pm.


Heavy Catamaran

Here is a new video directed by Martin Rodahl for Yea Big & Kid Static’s classic song “Heavy Catamaran” from their 2006 ep The Heavy 7”.


Weekend Warrior, April 16 - 18

What’s our plan for this weekend? We’ll be starting the partying early Saturday at Beautiful World Syndicate to celebrate National Record Store Day by throwing down many beers and hot dogs/veggie dogs (well, maybe not veggies dogs) and rummaging through a shitload of vinyl while Kurt Vile, Creepoid (members of The G) and Rocktits DJs become the soundtrack to our afternoon. And as day turns to night, we’ll hopefully be able to straggle our inebriated asses to JB’s for fun-lovin’, psych rockers The Armchairs who will be opening the rescheduled album release party for Park the Van troubadour Pepi Ginsberg with D.C.’s Exit Clov led by talented cuties and twin sisters, Em and Suz Hsu. We’d also like to give you heads about The Deli’s Best of Philly Showcase w/Reading Rainbow, Grandchildren and Levee Drivers next Saturday which had to be moved from Pilam to The Ox. Yes, yes - shameless promotion, but how else would you know where the fun is at? Beautiful World Syndicate, 1619 E. Passyunk Ave., 12pm - 9pm, FREE, All Ages; Johnny Brenda’s 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 9pm, $10, 21+
Here are what’s the haps elsewhere…
Kung Fu Necktie (1250 N. Front St.) FRI The Great Vibration Album Release Party w/Mountjoy and Julia Ranier
North Star Bar (2639 Poplar St.) SAT Igor’s Egg, SUN The Quelle Source
The Fire (412 W. Girard Ave.) FRI (Early) Post Post, (Late) Dear Althea, SAT Delco Nightingale
M Room (12 W. Girard Ave.) SUN Lamgier and Mountjoy
The Khyber (56 S. 2nd St.) FRI Rosetta, SAT Successful Failures
Tritone (1508 South St.) FRI Humble Tripe, SAT Buddhafest 38 w/Pistolia
World Café Live (3025 Walnut St.) FRI Mutlu
Danger Danger Gallery (5013 Baltimore Ave.) SAT Hermit Thrushes and Nude Beach, SUN Controlled Storms
Tin Angel (20 S. 2nd St.) SAT Dave Quicks and Chris Kasper
The Trocadero (1003 Arch St.) SUN The Escape
Murph’s Bar (202 E. Girard Ave.) FRI Clean Equations, Dani Mari, Berry Jones
Mixx (1002 Arch St.) SAT Swift Technique
JR's Bar (2327 S. Croskey St.) FRI The KMX Band and The Fetals
Ava House (myspace.com/avahouse215 or email Tony at deadindustrybooking@gmail.com) FRI Philadelphia Parking Authority
The Carriage House (myspace.com/onlyonecarriagehouse or email OnlyOneCarriageHouse@gmail.com) FRI The Great Vibration After-Party w/’tine - ‘tine and El Fuego




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