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New Music Video: "Empty Rooms" - Booze Radly

“Empty Rooms” is the new single from Booze Radly, and will be featured on their forthcoming album Haunted Mind, which is slated for release next year. The song is used to process grief and loss. A melodic fragility gradually builds, gaining anthemic qualities that the walls can no longer contain. Flashes of raw, emotive lyrics are propelled by fiery guitars, resulting in a much-needed release. "Empty Rooms" is also accompanied by the band's first ever video that provides grin-inducing snapshots of the gang performing, skating, and simply having a good time.


Good Brother "Relief"

Good Brother is preparing to release their debut full-length album, "Relief”, via Worry Records on December 7th. Good Brother is the work of Mark Jaeschke. Joram Zbichorsk, Ian Terry, and Sam Brown. Below you can preorder the album and hear it’s opening track “Horsey”.

You can help Good Brother celebrate the new album on December 8th at SubT with Mush, Mellow, and Shed.


Navy vet and songwriter Jared Ashley releases video for "Cherrybend"

This past weekend was Veterans' Day, and The Deli Nashville just so happened to get the perfect track in our inbox to feature in honor of that. Singer-songwriter and Navy veteran Jared Ashley put out a music video for "Cherrybend", a new song from his upcoming album. The song's title comes from Operation Cherrybend, an annual event in Wilmington, OH that seeks to spread awareness about veterans' issues. "Cherrybend" follows in that operation's footsteps; in the music video, Ashley highlights that 22 veterans commit suicide every day. He wrote the song and acts in the music video as a tribute to one such veteran, Jeffery “Ozzy” Otzwik, with whom Ashley served in the Navy. Ashley hopes that with the song and the video, people might start to understand the issues that veterans face, and help create spaces for them to relax, unwind, and get the support they need. You can watch the video for "Cherrybend" below. (And of course, The Deli Nashville thanks Ashley for his service.) - Will Sisskind


Fresh Buzz: Alto Palo's is the music of the present

There is a lot of excitement among musicians about the new musical technology brought by a new, powerful generation of synthesizers, audio plugins and guitar effect pedals - we know something about it because this blog is supported by the various music gear expo we organize. And yet, 90% or more of the new music we cover doesn't exploit this new technology to its full potential. If it's true that great songs don't need special effects, it can't be denied that the sound of indie has mostly turned stale, and that the genre is in desperate need of a sonic lift. Rock'n'roll has always been propelled by new technology: the electric guitar's role in the early days, the Beatles's experimental pop, Jimi Hendrix's creative use of feedback, Robert Fripp's tape-based music and Radiohead's sample mangling - just to mention a few - are all proofs that new technologyand experimentation are central to the genre's health.  
NYC's Altopalo is one of the few local artists we've heard this year that's accepting the challenge posed by this new technology. Their latest full length frozenthere is a collection of ambient-soul, experimental tracks seemingly played by an abstract orchestra of camouflaged instruments. The soulful vocals of Rahm Silverglade tie together a record whose BPM is slowed down to downtempo territory to allow and highlight the band's sonic exploration, and that carries on the conversation Tom Yorke and company started in 2000 with Kid A.  

Richard Vain "Rats"

Richard Vain is the solo project of Ex-Frontman of The Pony’s and Bare Mutants Jered Gummere. He is preparing to release his debut album, Night Jammers, as Richard Vain via Big Neck Records on December 7th.

For this album Jered recruited Carbomb and Lugs (of Storm Clouds) to play along side of him turning his solo project into a trio. Below is the album’s first single “Rats”.


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