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Welsh Avenue releases electro-pop single "Two-Door Coupe," plays record release show at Butterfly Bar 07.05

Seemingly fitting for a morning drive around Round Rock, TX or a slow Saturday-night cruise down Red River Street in Austin, Welsh Avenue's latest single "Two-Door Coupe" has a universal feel-good vibe. The electro-pop single's synthesized strains create a lush sonic atmosphere which nestles the groovy beat and enthusiastic vocals that give the song its vivid feel. "I wrote this song back when I drove a Mustang. I have since moved onto the SUV life, but I still enjoy open road adventures and the occasional putting the pedal to the metal; that's what this song is about," is what Welsh Avenue project-founder Mark DiLillo had to say about the track. With the single's rich amalgam of synth-pop and new wave, Welsh Avenue provides a sneak peek of the sonic kaleidoscope in store in its upcoming sophomore album New Ways. The record release show will be on July 5th at Butterfly Bar inside the VORTEX in Austin. Welsh Avenue is proving that electro-pop is as lively as ever, one sticky track at a time. We are premiering the Round Rock native's single below. - Rene Cobar

Steve Slagg @ Hungry Brain (6/27)

Steve Slagg (FKA Youngest Son) is preparing to release his first album, Strange Flesh, in five years on June 27th. Slagg draws upon his personal experiences to create traditional piano-driven pop in the style of Randy Newman or Elton John.

You can help Slagg celebrate the release of the new album on June 27th at Hungry Brain with Allison Van Liere.

Photo by Jonathan Randall Grant


Evangelia unveils video for "Always on Mine"

New Brunswick's songwriter Evangelia's single "Always On Mine" is a subdued electropop ballad addressed to a past lover. Following the singer through the lonely streets of a city at night, the visuals that accompany the song grow more and more surreal, almost to the point of feeling like virtual reality. It's a fitting portrayal for a song that wonders about how things might have been, and how they could be, and whether you've imagined it all. Check out "Always On Mine" below, and stream the rest of Evangelia's music here. -Sunny Betz


Sir Mango @ Subt (Tonight, 6/19)

Sir Mango released their debut EP, "Whits”, today (6/19). This is the stripped down acoustic rock of Eric Doar (Tubs, Vox), Tion Burke (Guitfiddle, Bass, Vox), and Miles Eddy (Guitfiddle, Bass, Vox).

You can help the trio celebrate the release of their EP tonight, June 19th, at Subterranean with Strange Foliage, Origami Button, and Rainbow James.


Freom submissions: moon kissed

Fusing together indie pop and guerrilla riot grrrrl influences, the NYC band moon kissed is making music that touches on to the fun, impulsive sides of self. The bite-sized 3-song debut EP showcases an ability to craft pop music that is both self-aware and danceable. The three leading band members, known only as Emily, Khaya, and Leah are exploring a side of young womanhood that thrives on shared emotional expression and collaboration. Their music is sweet and conversational, swelling dramatically as if to invite listeners to a show.

Notwithstanding the early 2000s nostalgia (we prefer references to earlier musical eras!), moon kissed manages to combine influences and personal experience in a way that is original and fresh sounding. You can see them live at the Bowery Electric on July 2nd. - Susan Moon


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This artist submitted music for coverage here.



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