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New Inside Voices Demo EP Available for Streaming

An air of strange saturates in the new four-song demo from Inside Voices. Steered by the omnipresent push of percussion and the commander-control, dispensed vocals in a space-station setting, an over-arching intensity hangs in the atmosphere - one that lies dormant and then is realized in switch-flipping, musical reactions that tip the scales. It's a gradual swell of heaviness that asserts its stake on a shoegazing headspace.

Salt Cathedral's "Rudeboy" is an undeniable earworm

The latest single from Salt Cathedral proves that the dancehall inspired pop that has taken root in the mainstream hasn’t scared away any alt-pop artists from dipping their toes in this distinct style of music. “Rudeboy” features mercurial production, shifting from Caribbean percussion to a chopped up vocal sample that acts as a synth on the hook. The soft, pulsating beat is a backdrop for a song about breaking through unsureness and finding something truly real in a relationship. –Tucker Pennington

New Busy Bee Project EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

A Stranger Is a Friend You Haven't Met is the latest EP from Busy Bee Project, a.k.a. Deb Gilmore. It is out now via Good How Are You Records. A free-floating, folk dream commences as one listens to this five-song selection. Absorbed in the casual, upbeat instrumentation and the inviting, natural elegance of Gilmor's vocals, one quickly feels at home in these new sonic surroundings. From the moment of introduction, a new affection is forged.

Ideal Copy "33301"

Ideal Copy is warped Synth Pop of Jimmy Avgerinös. He will be releasing his debut album, 33101, on August 19th.

You can currently stream three of the album’s 12 tracks including our favorite the ominous “Bad Behavior”. The tracks have a retro feel, and underlying warmth that is compelling.


Mike Maimone “Roll Big River”

Mike Maimone (Mutts) has released the first single, “Roll Big River”, from his forthcoming solo EP, “The High Hat Club”. The EP will be self-released on September 14th, but can be pre-ordered now.

You can catch Mike Maimone on September 16th at Ravenswood ArtWalk.


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