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PREMIERE: My Son the Doctor explode outwards on debut single "Dancing In Your Basement"

Despite currently being pent-up in Bushwick, indie quartet My Son the Doctor demonstrate they know how to have a good time in small spaces on debut single “Dancing In Your Basement.” A raucous ripping two minute track driven by frontman Brian Hemmert’s lilting, expressive vocal performance and driving garage instrumentation, the song is four pounds of kickass in a two pound bag, a concise, blood-pumping vamp wherein the band can tout their cohesive, breakneck rock sound. These adrenaline-pumping acrobatics are in large part the goal for the group, because when they’re not dropping cryptic, weirdly prescient philosophical tidbits in the middle of a chorus (the lyric “time is such a foreign substance” took on new meaning for many this week), My Son The Doctor’s primary focus is jazzing you the hell up. “We wanted ‘Dancing In Your Basement’ to be the first song released off the EP because, honestly, we think it rips the hardest, and we want people stoked,” said drummer John Mason. Mission well accomplished — stream our premiere of the track below, and keep an eye out for their EP Dad Time, out May of this year. Photo by Brian Stoothoff


Impossible Colors take flight with new video “Gravity”

Nyack, NY emo three-piece Impossible Colors hit their stride on “Gravity,” laying down an uplifting triumphant track, with visuals apropos. Driving electric guitar arpeggios and concise, sprung clock drumming propel the song forward, underscoring an imaginative video of a rock mission-control room and their attempts to launch a cardboard rocket into space. The entire production creatively illustrates the song's lyricism, which draws comparisons between long distance relationships and a lost astronaut, in a manner that incorporates both a mature worldview and a childlike sincerity, highlighting the emotive nature of Impossible Color’s sound without becoming burdened by the often tough reality of modern romance. Moreover, it’s an excellent visual and musical palette cleanser if you’re currently feeling distant from those close to you — give it a watch below, and check out their recently released full length Picture Erased.


Ritual Boys Club's experimental delights on "Fishing in Boon"

New York experimental outfit Ritual Boys Club is a hard group to pin down. Their debut LP Fishing in Roon radiates a wide range of disparate indie subgenera, sometimes simultaneously and authorities in quick succession — droney slowcore can quickly become upbeat jangle jams, math-y breakdowns congeal into twee indie, with the whole project underscored by the pleasant lo-fi hiss of tape recording. It's this drive towards experimentation, towards seeking out inscrutable electric guitar-centric soundscapes, that makes the record so incredibly listenable, twisting at each track towards a new undefined direction, yet unified under the intimacy of Ella Sinskey’s intimate, almost home-recording quality vocals and concise, focused songwriting. Recommended for fans of Avi Buffalo, or perhaps those seeking a quieter band in the vein of Captain Beefheart, give it a listen below. 


Fall in love with Blonder on new single "Glue"

In process of falling for someone, it’s common to recognize minuscule benchmark moments when you know someone is “the One,” the fleeting mental images one surreptitiously captures when they know they’re in it, deep. This experience of recalling such lovely bite-sized memories largely informs “Glue,” the latest track by psych rock savant Constantine Anastasakis, better known as Blonder. Amidst fuzzy riffing and hazy synthesizers, Anastasakis’ sweet phaser-laden vocals deliver plainspoken aphorisms (“love is sunlight going through your brown hair”), finding time in the track’s chorus to employ more metaphorical language that likens infatuation to floating on a cloud or discovering a solution that helps keep things “glued” together. Such misty recollections and dreamy comparisons, when coupled with instrumentation evocative of Tame Impala’s Currents and MGMT’s Congratulations, help to sonically recreate the somewhat indescribable experience of falling — the pleasant disorientation and often surreal headspace inherent to discovering how much we truly value another person. It’s confusing and terrifying, and sometimes the best solution is to just let the music play out — that said, give the song (and its accompanying visuals) a play below.


Vlad Holiday croons well-past midnight in new video "Phonograph"

“Phonograph,” the latest single by New York mutli-instrumentalist and songwriter Vlad Holiday, has all the trappings of neo-noir soundtrack — compressed vox, dreamy telecasters, and a visual component that sets the scene for any variety of seedy midnight capers. Betwixt shots of the M train’s exterior as it snakes through Brooklyn, we catch solitary scenes of Vlad Holiday solitarily crooning in the studio, his echoing vocals seemingly dissipating into the room amidst the hissing of vinyl, creating a brief hush before a full brash fanfare dramatically accents the song’s chorus. Such stirring visuals encapsulate Holiday’s lonely, longing lyrics, and creates the perfect aesthetic for this tune's backdrop. Reminiscent of equal parts Can and early Phantogram, it’s recommended viewing for those seeking an atmospheric nocture trip — watch it below. Photo by Chaunte Vaughn


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