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The Deli + The Music Building photo shoot. Pics are out!

We remember how painful it was, when we were in bands, to organize press photo shots: the ones we did ourselves always looked kind of bad... Now that we are in magazines, we know how a great picture can open doors to bigger features! So, to help NYC bands deal with this basic need, The Deli and The Music Building (legendary rehearsal space in Manhattan used by anybody from The New York Dolls to The Strokes) last week organized a free professional photo shoot for local artists. "Where?" we hear you ask? But in The Music Building of course! We now have the final shots, check them out here! (In the picture: NYC band Boy Girl Party)


Weekly Feature: Saadi - live at Cameo on 06.17

Saadi is a swirling, vibrant portal into Boshra AlSaadi’s eclectic musical mind. The former Looker vocalist brings together a cornucopia of influences that transport listeners through her musical metamorphosis. Born in Syria, AlSaadi tastefully carries over an Arabic feel to her sultry beat-driven electro pop tunes that also calls on post punk, reggae, dancehall, rock and no wave. Delicate Steve, Prince Rama, Lemonade and The Soundmen have all had their hands in reimagining the songs while maintaining the intoxicating exotic essence and integrity of the originals. See Saadi on Sunday June 17 at Cameo at The Deli's Northside Electronic Stage. Saadi's song is included in The Deli's playlist of Best NYC songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out! - Read Nancy Chow's interview with Saadi here.


Weekly Feature: Tall Tall Trees play Rockwood on June 16

Tall Tall Trees (who placed at #12 in our latest Best of NYC for Emerging Artists Poll) may have long hair, beards, and a natural, earthly charm, but they also have the musical chops to back it up. With jazz, bluegrass, and world music backgrounds, the band began with a scattered sound than their recent, more focused work. Their sophomore album “Moment,” recorded in a church, sets the band on their path of refined, banjo-heavy folk rock. Still showing some quirky elements of their debut release, however, “Moment” conjures the image of a giant glowing moon over the Alaskan woods the band claims as inspiration for much of the album. - Read Devon Antonetti's interview with the band here.


Unexpected NYC sounds: Moon Hooch plays Bklyn Bowl on July 06

Let me introduce you to one of the most unlikely dance groups around New York. Made up of four-on-floor drum patterns, contrabass clarinet and tenor saxophone, Moon Hooch is just as likely to start a rave on an A train's platform, as they are to light up Brooklyn Bowl next month.

Whether you call it Jazz music for house fans, or house music for hipsters, the band's natural settings give the project an organic touch too often missed in the club atmosphere. Their latest track 'Contra' neatly occupies both worlds, featuring lovely guest vocals by local jazzcat Alena Spanger, coupled with an equally brutal house mix by Wenzl McGowen.

Whether you call yourself a dance fan or not, it's time you started respecting these fantastic horn players. Get yourself over to Brooklyn Bowl on Friday, July 6 to hear more, and also check out this video. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


The noise and the fury: Zulus plays Cake Shop tonight (06.15) + announces full length.

There are plenty of noisy and loud bands out there, but few of them are also tight, fun and... insane. These 5 things combined can conjure up some outstanding rock madness. Zulus is a Brooklyn band that should be forbidden to adults or something... Their songs sound like a tribal celebration of chaos. Although respectful of the genre's typical droney-ness, these guys are actually very inventive, in some kind of quirky way. We hear that in "Black Out," the song that ends and starts 4-5 times; or in the signature never ending delay on their vocals. They also don't disdain to introduce some melodic lines here and there, mostly in form of backing vocals. They are playing Cake Shop tonight June 15 and announcing the release of their full length record on July 10th. Noise lovers, be there, buy that.

Mp3: Zulus - "Heatwave"


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