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Port St. Willow releases full-length debut “Holiday”

Port St. Willow is the solo work of Brooklyn singer-songwriter Nick Principe. Even though Principe heads the band himself, Port St. Willow’s music takes on grandiosity much fuller than the lone musician. The band’s recent full- length debut “Holiday,” recorded in Portland, Oregon, where Principe was previously based, plays more like one long dream, with ambient vocal whispers and ethereal melodies bleeding into each other like one long song. Tracks like “Amawalk” and Five Give Two Five” stand out with sounds of echoes in a howling wind, both chilling and soporific. Port St. Willow is performing around New York this summer, with an upcoming show at Spike Hill in Brooklyn on June 14. - Devon Antonetti


Found in our music submissions: Neon Legion

Surely few things are more provocative, in a NYC scene dominated by the humble lo-fi attitude, than a frontman who sees himself in grandiose terms. An actual descendant of German knights, Neon Legion (the project of Phillip Kressin) approaches rock in the same serious terms as Classical music, which Phillip studied while going to school abroad in England.

While it may be hard to hear some of these ideas initially, spend some time with Kressin, and you'll hear an ambitious take on historical events with the capacity to conjure even some of Goethe's metaphysics (yes, I went there). The man's take on world events is unsettling and, combined with his penchant for tense atmospheres, places this music within the tradition of the dark, angular Teutonic culture.

Neon Legion's latest 'La Revolución, ' takes on these subjects with aplomb in haunting tracks like Empire' and 'Time to Feed.' See the German knight himself when he returns from his tour of Argentina. - Neon Legion submitted their music to The Deli digitally here. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets), photo by Shervin Lainez


Final B.E.A.F evening with Lucius, Snowmine, ARMS, Starlight Girls + New Myths at Cameo

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The musical menu for The Deli's 4th NYC B.E.A.F. (Best of Emerging Artists Fest) is right in front of you - I know, the font is a little small there (too many bands!!!) check out the details here, you'll find all the bands links under the poster).

This festival is linked to our latest year end Best of NYC Emerging Artists Poll, a contest influenced by many NYC scene makers, bloggers and venue promoters, and to our Spring 2012 "Best of NYC" printed issue of The Deli, which highlights all the bands in the "Best of 2012" list.

Today is the last day of the fest, with our flagship show at Cameo, check out this outrageous lineup:

CAMEO - $8/10

10:50 Lucius
10:00 Snowmine
9:10 Arms
8:20 Starlight Girls
7:30 New Myths

The Deli's Staff

B.E.A.F. 2012 - Alt Rock Stage with Apollo Run, The Dead Exs, Brothers + more

Tonight is the final night of our NYC B.E.A.F. (Best of Emerging Artists Fest). If you like alt rawk, don't miss the show at Spike Hill!

Spike Hill - $5

12:45 Ellis Ashbrook
12:00 Bugs in the Dark
11:10 Apollo Run (pictured)
10:20 Dead Exs
9:30 Brothers
8:40 Thinning the Herd
7:50  Nico Blues


Weekly Feature: Fort Lean tours with Bear Hands

Fort Lean conceptualizes sonic escape in a parallel utopian world where you can still see the skyline but not hear any cars, and the weather is always perfect. Isn’t that Portlandia? The band just announced that they will join Deli NYC favorite Bear Hands on a summer west coast tour - they'll be playing The Knit on July 20. - Read Dave Cromwell's interview with the band here.


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