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New Brooklyn bands: the abrasive sound of Baby Brother

If any of you out there wish you had seen The Beatles back in the Cavern Club days, where I've heard the band screamed bar anthems for bikers while still managing to stay on top of beautifully intricate four-part harmonies, Baby Brother might be as close to that era of the fab four as you can come... at least in their quieter moments, like the homesick 'Texas.' Once Baby Brother starts flying however, they can take on an almost hellbilly air in screamers like 'Abuse' (streaming below). The band has a big appetite, but they pack it all into catchy little numbers usually not stretching beyond the 2 1/2 minute mark. Baby Brother is a group that doesn't take themselves too seriously, but like the Violent Femmes and Talking Heads before them, that will only make you pay even more attention to them.

Check out their full-length 'Strange Things' when you can (the eponymous song alone should hook you to the rest of the record) and see them live when yo uget a chance. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


NYC Hip Hop: F. Stokes

F. Stokes is a poet. This should be made clear first and foremost for those who don’t equate the term with a Hip Hop MC. Arguments can be made as to whether the syncopated chatter effused by most rappers constitutes beautiful or insightful language, but F.Stokes delivers a compelling example of just those qualities. Pair these excellent verses with bright head-nodding production and you have an artist with a bright future. His style is very New York, though with a slight nod to ATL which is unexpected given his Chicago and Madison, WI roots. Regardless of where he comes from, he has prevailed with the EP "Love, Always". Be sure to check out the video for the single “My Simple.” -=brokeMC


Iranian post punkers Yellow Dogs play all the industry events in NYC!

How many music industry events does NYC need, really? Actually, let me rephrase that: how many music industry events does NYC need... in a 3 week time frame??? It's like a dream for Music Industry panels addicts!

Following CMJ and SXSW's model, not one, not two, but THREE organizations have in recent years decided to organize a similar industry occurrence. Bizarrely, they all decided to schedlue their events between the end of June and the beginning of July: L Mag's Northside Fest will begin tomorrow and last until 06.17, which is the exact day when the New Music Seminar, with its never ending list of sponsors (chapeau!) will kick off. The brand new CBGB's Fest will follow suit in early July.

Buzzworthy post punk band of Iranian expatriates Yellow Dogs is probably the only artist that's playing at all the aforementioned events - the guys also have a show at Rooftop Films on June 14 and a few more between now and early July. They have also released a video of their single "This City" - streaming below.


The Deli's album of the Month: The Inner Banks - "Wild"

Active since 2006, Brooklyn based couple The Inner Banks released their third album “Wild” yesterday, June 12, via DAG! Records. The band's sound, mostly acoustic but fast paced, is suspended in a place between foggy nostalgia and traditional American roots music: is this dream-folk? A driving snare drum beat propels single “Ana Peru” forward (video streaming below), as a brightly textured guitar line weaves around farfisa organ stabs. Layered female vocals tell a tale of how the song title’s subject matter is ‘just like one of us’ and ‘not like none of us,’ while the chorus plays around the phrase “hey, not ordinary, hey, just ordinary – with a definitive “hey!” punctuating the musical point. The other single, "Box and Crown" confirm this band's noteworthy melodic talent, offering tasteful string arrangements reminiscent of R.E.M. from the "Out of Time" period, while title track "Wild" betrays the group's country influences.

Not unlike Michael Stipe's band, The Inner Banks have found a convincing middle ground between Americana and Dream Pop in the form of a mature, arousing pop with orchestral tendencies. "Wild" has all the right features to be the album we were waiting for to properly celebrate the upcoming summer.

The band will celebrate the release with a special show on July 2 at The Mercury Lounge, sharing the bill with good friends Cardinal. Do not miss! - Dave Cromwell


New Release: POP ETC (formerly The Morning Benders)

SF/NYC band POP ETC (formerly The Morning Benders) may have just changed its name in April, but leaves a lasting impression with its debut album, out today.

POP ETC's debut would have been The Morning Benders' third full-length release. A departure from the band's well-received previous effort, Big Echo, with its lush sound courtesy of Grizzly Bear‘s Chris Taylor, delivers on the group's new name: intelligent, pop music influenced by pretty much every genre. Stream below and buy here.- Whitney Phaneuf


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