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This weekend: Emerging Brooklyn bands play the Aputumpu Fest

The Aputumpu Festival is a musical showcase featuring more than two-dozen rising bands comprising a cross-section of the burgeoning Brooklyn music scene. Much like the Amputumpu fruit – sweet on the inside, but rough on the outside – these bands exhibit raw, noisy, in-your-face performances, in contrast with the deep and often heartfelt sentiments expressed in their music. The bands’ rough, DIY aesthetic will be displayed over the course of four days, spread across some of the best venues in Williamsburg and Manhattan. Full schedule here.


The Whispering Tree releases "The Escape" EP at Sidewalk Cafe on 04.19

One of the most enjoyable folk pop duos NYC has to offer is back at it with a seven track EP called "The Escape," scheduled for release in mid April. Themes of freedom, childhood and travel are the lyrical core of the music of The Whispering Tree, serving as a starting point for the singer Eleanor Kleiner's search of deeper philosophical meanings. With Eleanor's composed, confidently blue vocals, and the tasteful input of multi-instrumentalist Elie Brangbour, preview single "No Love" is a moody folk rock tune about the feeling of being away from home - surely something most New Yorkers can relate to. Album Release party at Sidewalk Cafe on 04.19. - Tina Aita

This track was added to our SoundCloud playlist of emerging folky NYC artists here


Niall Connolly releases 6th album at Rockwood on 04.13

Niall Connolly has been based in New York for six years (a small achievement in itself for any musician) and has single-handedly corralled some of Brooklyn’s finest songwriting talent into a noteworthy musical posse known as Big City Folk. From a man whose listening tastes vary from Pavement to Cohen to Ger Wolfe, Niall has never tried to emulate his heroes, preferring to carve his own identity and style. ‘Samurai’ - the single from his upcoming sixth album - continues in this rich vein of a songwriter totally comfortable in his own skin. See Niall live at his release show at Rockwood Music Hall on April 13. - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here). The Deli's NYC Open Blog is powered by The Music Building.


NYC Radio Musik's cheeky Electro Pop

When you’re down in the dumps, nothing quite beats a good pop melody to lift the old spirit. (Well, okay, vodka too). But here, nascent alt-pop artist Radio Musik (a.k.a. Jordan Hall) delivers a new video so decadently over-the-top that it’s unclear whether he’s being genuine or tongue-in-cheek or a little of both. The song is a tight, sexy production that has the added flair of being smart to boot. Yet the lack of a truly memorable chorus seems to embody the way Hall thirsts in the video for a can of “Pop” soda that he never actually gets to drink. It’s good stuff that, with the right hook, could have been transcendent. - Brian Chidester


Silent Drape Runners play espresso electronica + Cameo on 03.28

After years spent (like most bands out there) devoting too much time to finalize their songs, Brooklyn based electronic duo Sophie Weiner and Russ Marshalek (aka Silent Drape Runners) decided it was time to try to make the process less time consuming - adopting a system which could be described as the musical equivalent of "espresso" coffee: the duo gave itself a six hour limit to finish one track - and while at it also shoot a documentary about it and have a banh mi meal. Inspired by 80s TV documentary "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage," the resulting track "Starstuff" is a laid back, ambient influenced collage of vocal samples from the show, electronic sounds, and eastern-style chants (inspired by the banh mi, we guess). With this new formula we can now expect a gazillion songs from these guys in the next year. See them live at Cameo on March 28 within the Aputimpu Fest - a four day festival featuring Brooklyn bands only.


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