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Black Marble announce LP + play Big Snow on 07.28

Black Marble have taken us into some intensely abstract places in the past (especially in their previous incarnation as Team Robespierre), but with latest single ‘A Great Divide,’ they’ve decided to ratchet things down a notch. Perhaps it’s just the heat talking, but the band has seemed to relax a bit. This is a good thing, because they otherwise have a knack for keeping the tension tight. The drums and bass have decided to lay back… giving duo Chris Stewart and Ty Kube a chance to pour their guts out all over their washy sea of nord and korgs without interruption. Don't worry though, if anything the dance party has exploded even more sharply over the material.

Their debut LP ‘A Different Arrangement’ (to be released October 9) is expected to continue this trend away from doom and gloom. We shall see. Check Black Marble out this Saturday at Big Snow with Honeydrum and Black Jeans. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)

Mon Khmer releases "Dreamers" EP + plays with Alt-J on 08.07 at Glasslands

It's summer, and that means it's time to get off your ass and do some traveling or - if you can't afford it - watch videos about it. Mon Khmer's latest video for new single 'Dreamers' will fly you over to Meghalaya in North East India, where you'll be led around by a wise little girl over sharp cliffs and challenging terrain.

Brooklyn by way of Boston, founding member Hammarsing Kharhmar challenged Brooklyn cinematographer Russell Cramer to represent his roots for the piece, making way for an ambitious visual start to their new recordings. But it's the addition of lead singer Emil Bovbjerg and producer Jeremy Loucas that's really defined the band's new direction. Mon Khmer's latest EP 'Dreamers' contains some of their most decisive tracks yet. Filled with hypnotic synths and jetstream vocals, the record will pass right through your ears to some nostalgic root you usually come across only in Murakami novels. But then, this band is all about nostalgia. Named for a remote language spoken by Kharhmar in his youth, the band similarly captures hidden worlds in their music and throws them onto a global dance template.

Travel to Glasslands on August 7 when they play with Alt-J. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


From our digital submissions: Vernous plays Paper Box on 08.10

Elana Belle Carroll isn't one to mince words. Not that she doesn't have plenty to say, just don't expect her to hold your hand during the conversation. Equal parts music writer, film music composer and perfomer, Carroll describes her latest project Vernous as 'electrolash.' For this group, she takes her no nonsense approach to a rattlesnake hybrid of pounding dance beats and bone-chilling lyrics.

'We are Children' for instance, begins and ends it's 6 minute chant with haunting foreboding ('Don't wait... listen...'), fellow artist Melanie Snyder whispers into the song. But it's not all venom. At other moments, Vernous lets loose. Three song EP 'Vernous I' ends with the more playful 'DTF,' a song with a wild progression of beachside guitars and 808 snare hits. Not for the faint of heart, Vernous will wrap itself around you and like with any exciting woman you've ever met, you'll thank her for the time you two spent together.

Put her groove under your feet when Vernous plays new Bushwick Venue The Paper Box on August 10. - Mike Levine - This band submitted their music for review here.


The Tumbling Bones: NYC Americana's live-aholics

The Tumbling Bones are purveyors of traditional American music who value, above all, grit - and playing live. The Brooklyn based twenty-somethings who make up the trio have been callousing their hands and pushing their vocal chords for years as they’ve toured, recorded, and breathed folk music. Their raw take on old Americana has taken them across the world (they are currently in Ireland) and they don't seem to miss any opportunity to play live, gigging with impressive regularity. Peter Winne’s deep baritone lead, Jake Hoffman’s cutting tenor, and Sam McDougle’s fiddle and percussion are faithful to old styles, but the Tumbling Bones can’t help injecting modern sensibilities into their music, however subtly. - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here). The Deli's NYC Open Blog is powered by The Music Building.


We Are The Woods announces new album

NYC’s We Are The Woods (not to be confused with Brooklyn’s band Woods) will release a new album this October. Their previous release was a Deli Record of the Month in 2011. Entitled “Whales & Roses,” the new album features the band’s signature vocal harmonies courtesy of singers Jessie Murphy and Marcia Webb. The vocal duo is accompanied by the band’s ornate instrumentation, which includes, among others, acoustic guitars, strings, flutes and tubas. We Are The Woods will hit NYC this fall at the Rockwood Music Hall September 5th and at the Living Room September 30th. Check out the title track to the upcoming album streaming below. - Read a recent Deli interview with the band here.


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