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Found in our digital submissions: Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun

Sometimes clouds provide a sense of calm and ease, other times they portend impending thunderstorms.

With The new E.P. by Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun, it's hard to tell which direction the weather is going. While the band's name sounds ominous enough, the music frequently brings you to the edge of the storm before backing off instead, and providing some relief in its whirling guitars and washed out vocals.

Like Radiohead, the band is at their finest with equal parts paranoia and bliss. Opener 'their planes' lies at the brink of splitting in two before coming back to earth near the end of its epic turns.  'Brasil' keeps the ground shifting under you before a maddening march of pounding drums explodes all over the track's calamitous end, while closing track "Cut and Run" (streaming below) slowly builds and develops on an intricate web of guitars, vocals and gently drum hits.

The E.P. is full of these surprises, and rewards with a constant upwards lift toward the heavens. No need to be nervous after all. Sometimes it sounds good to be a little paranoid. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)

NYC band on the rise: Flying Pace's double album release

In a scene where faces change with the speed of light, Flying Pace is a band whose members feel almost like family to The Deli. Led by singer/guitarist Kristie Redfield of The Song Corporation, the band features bassist Marta DeLeon from Coyote Eyes and guitarist George Flanagan from El Jezel - all bands that were repeatedly featured in our magazine/blog in the first decade of the aughts. Josh Arenberg completes the lineup on drums. The quartet is about to release their debut album digitally via Bandcamp in two parts: the first, entitled "Quick as a Wink," will be let loose on Saturday June 16th, in occasion of the band's Northside Festival Showcase at Grand Victory (ex Bruar Falls) in Brooklyn, while the second part "Quiet as a Mouse" will be released on July 20th at a show at Union Hall.

The only song available at this stage, entitled "Boris and Natasha" (streaming below) features Kristie's signature whispered vocals, which switch from a spoken mantra-style verse to a sudden, dreamy opening in the chorus, where a breezy, unpredictable melody takes over our senses. The band gently supports Kristie's delicate lines with textural layers of sound, with Flanagan's guitar occasionally taking over with psychedelic flourishes.

If Flying Pace were painters we would call them Impressionists - a comparison we recently used for Here We Go Magic... these two bands should tour together!


Canon Logic releases video + plays Mercury on 06.21

Brooklyn’s pop-rock quintet The Canon Logic recently released a music video for their track “No Domino” off of their 2011 EP “Rapid Empire”. The video begins with a young boy swimming underwater, with an overwhelming sense of summertime nostalgia. Sparser at first, the song is driven by a melody building in intensity and the driving pulse of a bass drum. As the song progresses, light animation becomes more prevalent in the video, accentuating both the singer’s performance of the song and the boy’s journey through the river. As the song reaches its climax with a walking bass line and the thrum of electric guitar, the animation follows suit, with several explosions of color and light. You can catch The Canon Logic at The Mercury Lounge on June 21st. - Bob Raymonda


From the NYC Open Blog: Yoni Gordon

After years and years of dragging his amp from show to show, hitting stage after stage with the electric fever of a man being moved by the holy spirit, after touring the country back and forth and back again, playing every kind of venue imaginable, after all that Yoni Gordon... gave up. And - wouldn't you know it - that's when things got interesting. He is now throwing down a slab of vinyl for you all called "The Hard Way" (out this summer on Kerosene Machine Records). He has nothing to prove to anyone anymore and the days of him being a "struggling artist" are over. Yoni Gordon is not "struggling" nor is he an artist. He is a showman, through and through. - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here). The Deli's NYC Open Blog is powered by The Music Building and APS Mastering.


The double musical identity of Graham Alexander

There's a dangerous trend happening in New York right now, where teen pop trends from yesteryears are refurbished with new life and made relevant again for all our nostalgic needs. Artists like Adam Schenk has built a fine career re-channeling mid-90's currents. For Graham Alexander, he picks up around McCartney's mid-80's 'Press to Play,' period, complete with DX-7 synths and charmingly sweet love stories. His latest single 'Biggest Fan,' celebrates the comforts of these textures (while the video celebrates the comforts of couches).

However easy it may be to dismiss The Beatles worshipper as retro-pop (heck, he even plays McCartney in the Broadway Beatles tribute 'Rain'!), Alexander does it all so well that he ends up infusing the sound with a new sense of warmth and honesty. And that's the most dangerous part about it. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


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