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From the NYC Open Blog: The Archive plays St. Vitus on 09.04

Brooklyn's The Archive recently released this video for the single "Lamb". The Archive isn’t an argument for anything but itself. The band is after a new kind of psychedelia, one dedicated to the notion that Appalachian folk music was the original one-chord rock‘n’roll, the first head trip. The Archive is playing a show at St. Vitus September 4th and releasing their debut album Great Low Down this fall. - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here). The Deli's NYC Open Blog is powered by The Music Building.


The Ugly Club releases debut LP + plays The Studio on 08.17

After two strong EPs, the hardest-working band in New Jersey has just put out their first full-length ‘You Belong to the Minutes.’ Make no mistake, The Ugly Club have big goals in mind. Why else would they be busking around Austin and outside Fed Ex stores around the East Coast? Unless they’re crazy, which I guess is also possible. Their new single ‘Unravelling You’ is filled with an eerie sense of unease, like something is lying on the wings, about to take over. And when it does take over in the hook, an even more unexpected thing happens. Singer Ryan Egan’s vocals deliver a warmth that puts things right back together again. With a sound this ambitious, it’s amazing how simple the band makes it all feel.

Recorded at Rough Magic Studios with engineer Alby Cohen (Mos Def, Talib Kweli), ‘You Belong to the Minutes’ is a large-scale statement from a band just beginning to throw their weight around. Check them out August 17 at The Studio at Webster Hall. - Mike Levine(@Goldnuggets)


Fergus & Geronimo release new album on 08.10 at 285 Kent

For their second album, 'Funky Was The State Of Affairs' (out tomorrow, August 7th), Brooklyn-based band Fergus & Geronimo brought in two new members and left behind the sixties background of their debut, to find in the 80s the foundations of a new sonic flavour. Truthfully though, the various New Wave, dance rock and pop-punk influences are hardly the most interesting thing about this record. Amidst fast beats and freaky skits, they're playing their very own 'tale of idiots', halfway between social satire and pure nonsense. Don't be misled by that strange Northern-Cockney hybrid on the opening 'No Parties', the English aren't a prime target here. Consumerism, paranoia, passivity and other defects of our kind, extraterrestrial fantasies and complex relationships: those are the main themes approached in this weird, gripping album which, agreed, is varied in sounds, but should certainly get as much credit for its coherence. The release show will be on Friday (8.10) at 285 Kent. - Tracy Mamoun


NYC country lady Anna Krantz plays Rockwood on 08.12

A lot of people don't know this, but New York has a pretty strong Country scene. Mixed in with popular of-the-moment singers like Azelia Banks and Alexis Krauss, where people usually think to look for our city's strong frontwomen, are some of the fiercest young honky-tonk women around. Enter Anna Krantz. An NYC singer with roots in London, (and musical roots in Nashville) her voice could light a fire every bit as explosive as any of these other leading women. Take 'Flesh and Blood' off her new EP 'Foundation.' Here's a track that finds its way to its target with nothing but a strong voice and a story. It's a traditional diva style from the school of Dusty Springfield that works well for someone this talented. While her brand of intimate pop songwriting isn't for everyone, no one this capable can be easily dismissed either. You can see Anna live at Rockwood Music Hall on Sunday August 12 - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)




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