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NYC band on the rise: Black Light Dinner Party releases debut EP Party plays Cameo on 06.15

Black Light Dinner Party is dance music for people who don't just want to dance. Whatever else you'd like to experience while listening to the band is, of course, up to you. But for sure... when you listen to a song like 'Older Together,' you really can't help but move your head right along with your body - while hearing the group discussing their intimate details in tracks like the revealing 'Older Together.'

This kind of intimacy has come closer to the cultural surface these days. Groups like The Weeknd and Destroyer have equally pulled their life's messes inside the disco. But BLDP approaches this with an equal eye toward sonic retroness that lights up tracks like 'Gold Chain' like a breath of fresh air. It's an approach I haven't heard before, and it suits the group well.

Like the thinking man's Passion Pit, (and the young person's LCD Soundsystem), this is a group unafraid to add a lyrical weight to the dance floor, from a band as interested in the morning after as they are staying up all night.

Download their newest single 'Leave it All' (streaming below), and see them when they play Cameo live June 15th with St. Lucia and Slowdance. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


Found in our digital submissions: Prospector

With riffs that would make Jack White proud, Prospector, with their latest EP "Between 0 &1," is proudly bringing the rock attitude back to a city that pretty much invented it. The band formerly known as Doppelgänger comes at their instruments like a jackhammer in tracks like the banging ‘HeartBreakin Man’ and ‘The Money Shot.’ With so many shoegazers around Brooklyn, here’s a band that looks you square in the face, with songs that won’t take no for an answer. - Mike Levine - This record was submitted for consideration here.


Casey Shea, Matt Singer and Paul Basile perform at 2nd evening of the LC Fest at Bar4

Casey Shea, Matt Singer and Paul Basile are among the 12 NYC artists performing on the second night of the four-night-long 6th Annual LC Fest, organized by independent music community Local Correspondents at Bar4 in Park Slope, Brooklyn (444 7th Ave.).

Casey Shea’s genuine, hook-filled rock ‘n’ roll calls to mind The Beatles, Kings of Leon, and Tom Petty, while (pictured and streaming below) Matt Singer’s goofy charm and surprising sincerity are reminiscent of Paul Simon or The Magnetic Fields. Matt’s latest album, The Build, was released in April, 2012 on Family Records. Paul Basile is the lead singer of the indie-folk band Great Elk. The band’s debut full-length album, Autogeography, was released in May, 2012, and draws comparisons to Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket. Shows are free, doors open at 6 p.m., and performances begin at 8 p.m. For a complete schedule of all four nights (from June 6 through June 9), go here.


Slowdance releases "Boyfriend" 7" + plays Northside at Cameo on 06.15

This is hard for an Italian to admit, but, even though French wines and cheeses are obviously inferior to ours (he he), I have to concede that French musical influences are way, way, way more "usable" in an indie context than Italian ones. Led by French singer Quay Quinn-Settel, Slowdance is one of the newest bands belonging to the rather copious battalion of francophile and francophone artists produced by the NYC scene in the past decade (La Laque, CoCoRosie, Die Romantik, and Elodie O are some of the other notable ones). Their new single "Boyfriend" (out as a 7" on White Iris Records), end even more so side B "Airports," revisit the simple, charming melodies of 60s French pop and baptize them in a dream pop musical backdrop. This "French-girl-dream" formula is rather pleasing and conspires images of desperately needed motorcycle trips through Provence's spectacular countryside. That is a good sign. But since you obvioulsy can't afford that, you should probably go see Slowdance live at the next opportunity, which is on June 15 at Cameo, and dream about it. - PDG


Peanut Butter Lovesicle to Play Cameo This Friday 06.08

Peanut Butter Lovesicle has a lot of things going for them. A name you can’t forget, a bluesy-psycadelic sound that brings back the ‘70s like no other, and a show at Cameo this Friday. The band has been tearing through Brooklyn for a while now, but nothing about them, from their bluesy guitars to their drummer’s hair, is what comes to mind when the term “Brooklyn Rock Band” is thrown around. These guys are a throwback with an original twist, and have the capability to literally rock your face off, a quality that has become all too rare these days. - Max Lefkowitz


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