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Pre War kicks off November residency at the Cake Shop

Pre War is a band from Brooklyn. Guitar, guitar, drums, and five tracks released on their Bandcamp over the last couple of months: that's about it, as far as what I know of Pre War goes - but will happily head over to the LES to find out more. Amateurs of fuzzed-out echo-filled melodies & glorious buildups, here's one for you to follow, at ease juggling harsh noise and a radiant pop edge. The band can be found playing the Cake Shop every Tuesday evening throughout the month of November - and it's free! Next week, they'll be playing with local ambient noisemaker Doron Sadja (the full list of shows is available here).


Sins of the Loose Buttons release video for "I Love Lucy"

It is no surprise that Sins of the Loose Buttons loves to show off New York City in their music videos. The guys have been running around Brooklyn and Manhattan gigging since 2007, when the oldest member of the quartet was only 15. In more recent times, about a year ago, they busted onto the scene with “Retrobox” and now they are back at it again with their newest single and music video, “I Love Lucy”. “Lucy” will kick off a slew of new releases for SOTLB over the next few months, as well as an east coast tour this winter, so stay tuned for more updates out of these guys in the very near future.


Ex Cops announce release of "True Hallucinations"

Like being exhausted by a hot sun, Bryan Harding and Amalie Bruun's dream pop sways slow and nonchalant; carelessly, it wraps itself around jangle-pop melodies and vaporous synths, lost in a hazy confusion where layers mingle, melt into one another, and a voice echoes from afar, barely there. Sure, we don't know much of Ex Cops so far. They've only been around for about a year, and have to this date only released a single, and a few tracks circulating online. But with their debut album "True Hallucinations" coming in January, we should be hearing more of these guys, who impressed us at our recent 'Mostly Psych' CMJ show at Pianos. Check out the first single from the album below. - TM


Brooklyn punks Half Day play XPO 929 on 11.17

A Brooklyn-based classic punk rock four piece, barely a year old, Half Day released late September a first album. Filled with gang chants and that bottoms-up cheer, keeping 'rough round the edges' as a thread, In Public streams through its ten tracks an indie-friendly rumble of colliding riffs and raucous unisons, somehow balancing a taste for clean-cut aesthetics and their true string-shredding, barking natures leaning towards the gritty gutter-bred edge of punk. Following a string of Brooklyn shows in support of the record's release, the band will be playing XPO 929 on November 17 with Very Rare and Ex-Wife, but for now, you can get acquainted with the record on their Bandcamp. - TM


Brooklyn artist on the rise: Christopher Hoffman

As a fan of Sad Companion, I've come to expect a couple things from the band's frontmen,cellist/experimental songwriter Christopher Hoffman. Namely: a cello, a good song, and some experiments. While you'll find these elements in the Brooklynite's first solo venture, what you won't find are any flirtations with the pop format. The pieces from 'Induction' exist in a world of their own. Built from drum and string loops and wound together tightly by unearthly vocals, these tunes might reminded at times of the uneasy hysterics of Kid A. But rest assured, Hoffman's an artist firmly in control of his abilities. If the amazing child in full KiSS makeup on the album's cover doesn't convince you, the evocative cello solos certainly will. Check the record out and see him live when he plays Roulette on November 23rd and 24th. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


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