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Industries of the Blind play Deli CMJ show on 10.17

For those of you sick of being lazy at the beach and ready for some epic jams to get you back in the swing of things, look no further than post-rock ensemble Industries of the Blind. Lifting off to planets only visible to bands like Mogwai or Sigur Ros, the instrumental nine-piece includes three guitarists, an industrious drummer, and two very hard-working violinists. This is a band that starts at 10 and keeps hashing out an idea until it clears your skull of all misgivings. And with song titles like "The Lights weren't that bright, but our eyes were so tired," who needs lyrics anyway? Check the band out when they play The Deli's Post Rock/Orchestral CMJ stage at The Living Room on 10.17 with You Bred Raptors? Cuddle Magic, Doe Paoro, Friend Roulette and a few more. The full list of Deli CMJ shows will be announced towards the end of September. - Mike Levine (@goldnuggets)


Slowdance releases new video for "Boyfriend"

A foggy haze of smoke and lights surrounds Brooklyn band Slowdance's dark video of their new single “Boyfriend.” Originally released as a 7” on White Iris records, the song is a playful take on efforts which can be made to keep things exciting in a long-term relationship (a thick fog and darkness always help when your partner is getting old and fat). The band's pop tendencies keep things light as usual, but an element of melancholia seeps through the steam.

Curiously, at one point a man in an American flag button-up dismounts a motorcycle with an overlay of sparklers - an image which ironically, in one shot, represents the duality of bilingual singer Quinn-Settel (English and French) - since sparkles for some reason bring to mind many French things (champagne, glittery fashion, and a French guy I met once who couldn't light his cigarette). - Christine Cauthen


Deluka works on new album + releases new track 'Stranger Than Fiction'

Last week, Brit-turned-Brooklynite band, Deluka, debuted a new track, “Stranger Than Fiction” on RCRDLBL.com and gave fans a taste of what’s to come on their upcoming record currently under construction. Deluka, known for their hook-laden and contagiously danceable electro-rock, have built their career on melodic and catching dance tracks, from their “Sleep is Impossible EP" to a full-length record, “You Are the Night,” and several remixes along the way. The lady-led group continues to create sharply produced tracks and. “Stranger Than Fiction” is no exception. The four continue a successful path and their recent track lays the groundwork for a highly anticipated record. Download “Stranger Than Fiction” here . – Meijin Bruttomesso


Icona Pop moves to NYC + releases new single

New York City welcomes Icona Pop, the Swedish electro-punk duo whose new single “I Love It” (streaming below) is blowing up. “We just moved here,” declared IP’s Aino Jawo online last week, “so everyone out there who wants to show us a good time, please come and dance with us!” Actually, no sooner did they touchdown, than Icona Pop went right back to Europe for a brief tour where they’ll debut material from their upcoming EP, "The Iconic" (out October 16). Despite their penchant for big choruses and crystal-clear vocals, “I Love It” seems to de-bunk early comparisons to Abba with the line, “You’re from the ‘70s, but I’m a ‘90s bitch.”

Jawo and fellow Stockholm-native bandmate Caroline Hjelt moved from London to New York following last year’s guest appearance on Chiddy Bang’s underground hip-hop charter, “Mind Your Manners,” which took off on both sides of the Atlantic (and was included on last year’s Now That’s What I Call Music 39). Lyrically, their next single, “Ready for the Weekend,” sticks pretty close to the formula, but according to Jawo, “It’s kind of more up-tempo, dance-ier,” which she says owes its vibe to the London scene. “It’s not the same punk feeling that ‘I Love It’ (streaming below) has.” With that in mind, we look forward to how NYC will help shape the duo’s next phase. - Brian Chidester 


We Are The Woods to release new album 'Whales & Roses' 10.30

In case you were planning on dressing as a folk singer for this Halloween, then We Are The Woods will happily provide the soundtrack. The new album from NYC folk trio, the peculiarly titled “Whales & Roses,” will be released on the eve of the year’s scariest and most sugar-filled day, October 30th. One month before the record’s release, the band will treat NYC with a hometown concert at The Living Room September 30th. The show will allow fans the pleasure of witnessing the fantastic harmonies of singers Jessie Murphy and Marcia Webb, who are backed by percussionist Tyler Beckwith. Listen to the upcoming album’s title track below. Josh Johnson


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