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Grassfight unveils single from upcoming EP

Some eight months ago, Grassfight was another new indie band emerging onto the cluttered scene of a broad 'post-punk' heritage. Offering a certainly promising debut with “Icon, an EP”, the currently NYC based trio was still facing a tough fight ahead: to break through the endless cast of half-hearted shoegazers and other Joy Division-bred acts around. Mission accomplished?

Yes, sir. As we welcome the first single off their upcoming EP “Icon N.2”, time to give credit where credit due. Effective for one, “Look Homeward, Heathen” blends the ominousness of New Wave revivers like Interpol with the fever of earlier Strokes classics in a tight, most delightfully unhinging cocktail of binary Krautrock-infused drumbeats and string fuzz, the whole led along with an angst-fuelled speed rush by Nathan Forster's hyper-distorted lead tenor. Progressively, a glacial wall of sound rises from the depths of shivering basslines and tingling guitar riffs, growing denser as the track heads towards its peak in an effusion of minor tones. Upbeat, catchy, and as moreish as a preview should be, “Look Homeward, Heathen” sets the tone for an exciting record to come; sadly though, we've got a month to wait until it is released (on July 24th!). - Tracy Mamoun


NYC Artists on the rise: Frances Cone plays The Studio on 07.21

In the intimate video for Frances Cone's latest track 'Come Back,' it's hard to say whether she's finding or losing love. If there's one thing I'm already sure of after watching the video, directed by Sundance cinematographer Hillary Spera, it's that Cone has a singular ability to co-exist in several world simultaneously. Her moods shift quickly here between homely intimacy and moody emotion almost at once. Even while pleading for the lover to come back, it's somewhat unclear if Cone's missing her boy... if her boy is missing her... if her little girl is missing her mom... no matter. These and other questions should have a chance to be addressed when her new record drops (produced by the great Dan Molad who was behind Lucius' last effort) later this summer.

See the Brooklyn singer-songwriter's many moods when she performs at The Studio on July 21st with Ron Pope. - Mike Levine


New Music Video: “Night Song” - Family Band

Below is a rad new music video from Family Band for their hauntingly meditative track “Night Song,” which appears on the group's forthcoming album Graces & Lies due out July 24. It premiered earlier today via NPR’s First Watch. Enjoy!


The Everymen readies studio album. It might sound nasty (in a good way)

Ah, the simple joys of dancing, drinking and puppets. Jersey band The Everymen have developed a sizable audience by creating the kind of music designed to perfectly compliment each of these activities, although the soundtrack of their puppet shows might be too noisy for kids.

Much of the band’s live recordings from their latest release ‘Seconds as an English Language (Live from Asbury Park),’ document a career spent convincing their audience to stop thinking so hard, and get down to the business at hand. This business can range from such activities as smoking tar (‘Rotten Smokes’) or insistent ruminations on inebriation (‘I Might Be Drinking’). However the sound pours down your ears, it’ll surely leave you in a better place than where you started. Such is the magic of The Everymen.

The band just finished studio recordings of their new album, which should be announced in early July. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


Electro Rock from Brooklyn: I'm In You

It takes a special kind of confidence to name your group I'm in You, but with the naked honesty in elecro-charmer 'Sure,' I'm starting to believe this is exactly what singer Chris McHenry wants to do with... you. The unexpectedly catchy 5-piece loves a good drum machine, but the band makes it their own when placed underneath the twists and turns of their rolling bass, clashing guitars and even occassional horns and strings on display in their second LP "Songs". Standout song "DMNR" (streaming below) brings to mind a bouncier version of icy Brits Clinic, but caught us by surprise with its explosive chorus. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets) - I'm in You submitted their music for review here.


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