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NYC Artists on the rise: Yellowbirds

Yellowbirds is the moniker for the latest musical exploits of Sam Cohen (main force behind the NYC psych rock band Apollo Sunshine). This new project holds on to the psychedelic atmospheres and sonics, but in a "rootsier" contest, with very convincing results. Check out the DIY stop motion video for "The Rest of My Life", but also the embedded song "Beneath The Reach of Light", one of our favorites from the debut album "The Color".


Daniel Wayne final residency show at The Living Room on 03.09

Daniel Wayne and his mostly Midwestern amalgamation of musicians are a breath of fresh air in the big city. The group is playing the New York scene with an as-of-yet unrecorded collection of haunting Americana tracks; heavy, blue tunes that bounce like pop songs and twang like country standards. Although Wayne is the front man, his creative process is far from solitary. Collaborating with producer Oliver Labohn and drummer Brent Follis, Wayne runs the musical company like a family band. If you are a fan of the genre don't miss his final Living Room residency show on March 09 at 10pm. - Jenny Luczak


The Yellow Dogs and illegal rock - live at Cameo on 03.11

Tell me a story about how your band formed. Yawn, I'm already bored. Besides, it can't compare with The Yellow Dogs' story. How, you ask? Well, is rock 'n roll illegal where you grew up?
It is in Iran. Like some kind of rock 'n roll superheroes, The Yellow Dogs assembled a soundproofed hidden practice space, and hosted illegal underground shows. And you thought booking a show in the LES was difficult.
Once they started making waves they had to get out, and headed to the US, which is where this blog entry comes in. They're going to be playing some shows at SXSW, and if you're in the area, I strongly encourage you to check them out. The influence of the early 2000s garage rock revival (revival?) is clear, mixed with a bit of dance punk. To make comparisons, they sound a bit like a combination of Bloc Party and The Cribs. If they weren't Iranian, they'd be British, is what I'm saying basically.
Check out "Gastronomic Meal" and "Dragonflower" which is their newer stuff. The breakdown on "Dragonflower" is joyfully dischordant, and the good-hearted silliness of "Gastronmic Meal" makes for a good stomper. -allison levin


Live Review: The Twees at The Knit

New York City's The Twees play energetic pop'n'nroll featuring the clean, two-guitar-attack made popular by early 2000’s bands like Interpol and The Strokes. The fact that Jason Abrishami's vocals are reminiscent of the casually relaxed style of Julian Casablancas further invites said comparisons. What matters most, however, is that this band writes some extremely hooky rock songs. Their recently released album "These Girls" is chock full of instantly likeable tunes. "On The Spot" recounts the travails of going out and partying every night. "I don’t think I can descend to this anymore," is the lament. "Fan Fiction" partners rat-a-tat snare drumming with sinewy guitar hooks. "You’re a fan of love, but you’re no lover. If it wasn’t me, it would be another," is the all too familiar tale of relationship shoppers, while the title track finds "These Girls" who "all seem like one" possibly covering the same sentiment Iggy Pop did, when he wrote "all the pretty girls, well they look the same." Additionally, catching a live Twees show (which I did recently at The Knitting Factory) is something of a transformative experience. Not content to merely deliver tightly crafted, energetic tunes (which they admirably do) the band invites anyone in the audience who wants (and I did) to come up on the stage with them and dance with reckless abandon while they play their generational anthem "Wishful Thinking Youth." All generations are welcome. It's crazy fun, get their EP at thetwees.com and see them live in NYC at The Studio at Webster on 03.31.- Dave Cromwell


Weekly Interview: Warm Ghost release "Uncut Diamond EP" + announce tour

Warm Ghost is a project by Paul Duncan which threads his love of 70's disco and synth pop covered in a cold net of electronic noise. Warm Ghost released their debut EP, Claws Overhead, on the label Geographic North on May 11th, 2010. Now, with Partisan Records, Warm Ghost have released their Uncut Diamond EP featuring three remastered tracks from their debut EP and three new tracks on a vinyl and digital only release. The band is now currently working on their full length release due out later this year, and will take a break in March to play a series of dates at SXSW and on the West Coast. - Read Simon Heggie's interview with the band here.


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