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NYC bands on the rise: We Run play CMJ at Spike Hills on 10.19

Although a young band, We Run's first show at Glasslands in early September attracted enough attention to land them an official CMJ rethinkpopmusic.com showcase at Spike Hill on October 19th. Their sound, influenced by 1970's punk (Buzzcocks), indie-dance rock (early Arctic Monkeys), and 1990's grunge (Nirvana), is frantic and distorted in each one of its component - a far cry from the electro-pop sound that Brooklyn is currently known for. We Run has just released two tracks online, available for download at their website. They are about to enter the studio to record their debut EP.


A night with Swear and Shake and 3 more emerging NYC bands at The Living Room on 09.24

Music site Buzzchips.com is presenting a night with emerging NYC bands at The Living Room on Saturday September 24. Apparently the organizers found out about some of these bands using our awesome (and WAAAY under-appreciated) regional web charts - that's actually what they are there for, connecting musicians with other musicians, fans, and show organizers. Anyway, besides Aeroplane Pageant, the bill features artists we never blogged about, including folksters Swear and Shake (in the picture), led by Kari Spieler's gorgeously full voice. On the bill also gritty lo-fi indie pop outfit Little Racer and 80s pop resurrectors Fishdoctor. More info here.


Multi-art 2 day party this weekend at Gowanus Ballroom with The Pendulum Swings

This weekend the Gowanus Ballroom (55 9th Street, Brooklyn) will celebrate its closing party with two nights of art, live music, and pyrotechnics. "Paint Works" - the name of the party's series - is going out with a big-ass bang to celebrate an an extraordinary group of artists, led by the notorious Seanna Sharpe (the Williamsburg Bridge aerialist), fire acts, and a selection of rootsy bands including Jason Trachtenburg's - of Trachtenburg Family Slideshow fame - The Pendulum Swings.


From the NYC Open Blog: Abby Payne's new video

Brooklyn songwriter Abby Payne released her new music video for the song "The Prophet" (from her 2010 "Sasquatch" EP) last Friday. The video is a collaboration between Payne, Elizabeth Leitzell (director of photography and camera 1), and Iconartistry (animation). It is inspired by the B movie brilliance of Ed Wood as well as Edie Sedgwick and the days of Andy Warhol's Factory. The video premiere was held at Brooklyn Fireproof on September 9 with performances by Abby Payne and her band, performance art by Glitter Kitty Productions, and a photograph exhibit by Elizabeth Leitzell. - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here). The Deli's NYC Open Blog is powered by The Music Building and APS Mastering.


Experimental NYC: Pet Bottle Ningen plays Death By Audio November 2nd.

Pet Bottle Ningen’s new album is as defiant as a tricycle whizzing down Mount Everest.  Exactly what a hardcore vegan, hot-shit jazz drummer, and Japanese child prodigy should sound like:  intense, marginalized, replete with comedic moments of the socially dubious kind, a damn entertaining road trip.  
Pet Bottle Ningen is Dave Scanlon (guitar), Dave Miller (drums), Nonoko Yoshida (sax).  They are Tzadik artists.  There are no if, ands, or buts about this labeling.  The Downtown Scene clings to the album’s approach like ectoplasm.  However this shout-out is a healthy one, and a  proper use for the group’s cybernetic lung capacity and creative mania.  
Immense ground is covered beyond this homage.  Unique musical gestures splatter the listener, the gestures are daring, demanding, inconsolable. The album rallies a level of precociousness usually only perceivable in performance art and nihilism.  All the blasphemous and shocking qualities one attributes to a totally hysterical performance are encompassed by the musical composition itself.  Quite a task, more challenging than translating Chinese poetry into English for a team of Russian gymnasts.
What I appreciate most about this album is a uniform emphasis on the Power of Chatter.  This is as much a staple of seriously driven contemporary art as it is the music of insects.  There is no pity.  There is, with virtuosic accuracy, an impressive attempt to cover up - in dense swarms, with fractured itinerary - every song The Cranberries ever wrote.- Valerie Kuehne


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