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She Keeps Bees releases new single, plays anywhere but NYC

We've been following Brooklyn duo She Keeps Bees for a long time now, and it's great to see them gaining more and more buzz (no pun intended, maybe). Their latest single “Counter Charm” (streaming below) was released this week and debuted on NPR’s All Songs Considered, and showcases an interesting development in their sound, in a direction that's at once more atmospheric, punchy, and tense. Singer Jessica Larrabee howls over a dark, pulsating melody, pleading out “please stay” over and over. Larrabee, who is joined by drummer Andy LaPlant, possess a sinister tone throughout, at times reminiscent of Cat Power. The single also includes the track “Blue Moon,” one of the ominous forays of the 1930’s classic. She Keeps Bees is finishing up a tour overseas (for some reason it seems like every time we blog about them they are in Europe), but will return for US this fall for a string of shows in the... west coast - dudes, NYC shows??? - Devon Antonetti


The Felice Brothers release album + open for Modest Mouse

Since their release of 2011’s “Celebration, Florida,” The Felice Brothers have had a rough go of it. Their home was hit by a hurricane, their tour Winnebago broke down, and their singer/lead guitarist was hospitalized. Yet the Americana band persevered through the adversity to deliver a new collection of songs. Entitled “God Bless You, Amigo,” the collection consists of twelve’s original songs and eight covers of traditional folk songs. The proceeds from “God Bless You, Amigo,” which can be downloaded exclusively from the band’s website, will go towards an official follow-up to “Celebration, Florida” and a new touring vehicle. The Felice Brothers will be opening for Modest Mouse at the sold out July 20 Montclair, NJ’s Wellmont Theatre, and “Lincoln Continental is streaming below. - Josh Johnson


Blues in the city: Anna Rose annouces sophomore album

Those who (like me) spend their life going through press releases and music submissions tend to develop often misleading snap judgment tendencies. When I read NYC songstress Anna Rose's name in my Inbox I expected your typical, a little generic, slightly boring singer songwriter - maybe because her name is a little... effortless? But the lady's music proved me wrong. Admittedly, Anna doesn't play the most outrageously innovative of genres - modern blues - but she does it with style. She recently got a good amount of press because of this video of a cover of "My Body is a Cage" by Arcade Fire, which she reinterpreted with a delicate, sparse and sober touch reminiscent of The Cowboy Junkies. Now she's releasing another video, for the the title track of her forthcoming album "Behold a Pale Horse," due out later this year.


When the orchestra gets weird: Birthmark plays Pianos on 08.17

There's something touching about the quiet voice of concern that Birthmark gives to the people he meets. Like the intimate chamber/electronic music of Destroyer or Jeremy Enigk, singer/songwriter Nate Kinsella uses random materials (whether these be drum machines or pizzicato violins) to pull something deeply personal out of otherwise far-flung genres. Whether the towering tribute of 'Big Man' or the mysterious source of inspiration in 'You lighten me up,' his latest LP 'Antibodies' digs deeply into the human condition. Birthmark pulls inspiration from unlikely places, repeating this sentiment over either baroque oboes and after-hours electronics alike.

In a desperate world filled with all manner of overlapping human and musical families, Birthmark designs a universe where both of these can live together. Handling his subjects in a delicate manner, one story at a time. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


The new, grown up sound of The Mommyheads

Its official: NYC and SF scenes staples The Mommyheads have grown up. I guess that should be expected from a band fast approaching the 15 year mark, I just never thought I’d hear such an introspective sound from the kings of the hard indie groove. Not that they’ve lost any of the power and special weirdness that makes Adam Cohen and company such an iconic indie institution.

For the band’s just-released full-length ‘Vulnerable Boy’ (Dromedary Records), the band returns full of the quirks and charm that come from a group on par with Guided by Voices’s decibel levels. But you’ll find plenty more happening here on closer inspection that’s not quite as expected. In their latest single ‘Medicine Show,’ Mommyheads reveal a glow that swirls around their haunting ruminations on the limits of words. The song acts as much as a title track for the record as anything, and serves as a centerpiece of their new attitude. For a band that’s been around the block more than a couple of times, Mommyheads still have quite a few tricks up their sleeves. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)

Free Mp3: The Mommyheads - "Medicine Show"
Free Mp3: The Mommyheads - "Science and Reason"


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