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Bleek Records releases compilation of (mostly) NYC artists with Natureboy, Cloud Seeding, Eden Sela + more

Lord knows it's not easy to start a record label these days. But you could start one for worse reasons than as a way to both immortalize your cat and release singles from Natureboy at the same time. This seems to be the logical explanation behind Kevin Serra's new Bleek Records. Containing an intimate set of heart-on-sleeve artists including Natureboy, Eden Sela (pictured), Cloud Seeding and Heart of Hearts, the label is a home for many of the musical misfits striking a unique path distinct from obvious kinds of representation.

But don't take my word for it. Check out the label's new compilation streaming below and download a fantastic set of songs, many of which appear exclusively here. It's got tracks from Masterface, House of Wolves, my personal fave (for any fan of TV on the Radio) Two Twins, and lots of other stuff your friends probably don't know about yet. - Mike Levine

At Sea releases new album at The Bowery Electric on 10.04

Jason Brody is a man full of contradictions. Born to deaf parents, his music is a melodic landscape as rich as Jeff Buckley's vocabulary. A Brooklynite for years, his music is frequently mistaken as belonging to the west coast. For someone who staged his own death in order to expand his palette past a strict 'singer-songwriter' brand of guitar playing, the man who now fronts this band At Sea explores all these rich complexities throughout his upcoming debut full-length 'A New Machine.'

Sometimes angry, sometimes full of joy, Brody always reaches his target with a direct earnestness frequently lacking from Brooklyn's rock. Maybe that's why he's often mistaken for an import. Catch him at his album release party this Thursday 10.04 at The Bowery Electric at 8:30 pm. Streaming below, the band's preview single from the upcoming album.


From the NYC Open Blog: Wyldlife works on new album + plays The Grand Victory 10.20

As we mourn the end of summer, let us not forget the good things about autumn... seasonal beer, the return of leather jackets, and the sun going down just a bit earlier, which means you can party through the night just a little bit longer! Wyldlife is four 70's-styled pop/garage rockers who swear by foot stomping, hard drinking, mic swinging, and all forms of delinquency. Currently working on a new album, they'll be playing their next show on October 20th, for the CMJ marathon, at Brooklyn's Grand Victory - come out, shout, and forget about the summertime blues, 'ya dig? (Posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here). The Deli NYC Open Blog is powered by The Music Building. 


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Fast Years release new video + play Deli CMJ show 10.17

Next on a recent string of awkward dance solos: watch granny get her groove on at the park in Fast Years' new music video for 'Stolen Love' (streaming below), revealed a few days ago. Three minutes of hip grinding and contortions later, if you're not up for partying yet, there's probably something wrong with you. Hey, she's probably about seventy, and may look like some sweatpants-wearing lunatic out of a Monty Python sketch show, but she got moves! Enjoy. Stolen Love was taken off Fast Years' debut EP 'Women', which they released in June, the latest output from these five Brooklyn up-and-comers to keep an eye out for - they'll be playing The Deli's CMJ Indie Pop stage, on Wednesday October 17th at Spike Hill, alongside Eytan and The EmbassyThe Last Royals  & more.


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