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The Everymen readies studio album. It might sound nasty (in a good way)

Ah, the simple joys of dancing, drinking and puppets. Jersey band The Everymen have developed a sizable audience by creating the kind of music designed to perfectly compliment each of these activities, although the soundtrack of their puppet shows might be too noisy for kids.

Much of the band’s live recordings from their latest release ‘Seconds as an English Language (Live from Asbury Park),’ document a career spent convincing their audience to stop thinking so hard, and get down to the business at hand. This business can range from such activities as smoking tar (‘Rotten Smokes’) or insistent ruminations on inebriation (‘I Might Be Drinking’). However the sound pours down your ears, it’ll surely leave you in a better place than where you started. Such is the magic of The Everymen.

The band just finished studio recordings of their new album, which should be announced in early July. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


Electro Rock from Brooklyn: I'm In You

It takes a special kind of confidence to name your group I'm in You, but with the naked honesty in elecro-charmer 'Sure,' I'm starting to believe this is exactly what singer Chris McHenry wants to do with... you. The unexpectedly catchy 5-piece loves a good drum machine, but the band makes it their own when placed underneath the twists and turns of their rolling bass, clashing guitars and even occassional horns and strings on display in their second LP "Songs". Standout song "DMNR" (streaming below) brings to mind a bouncier version of icy Brits Clinic, but caught us by surprise with its explosive chorus. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets) - I'm in You submitted their music for review here.


The Dust Engineers' Alt Country live at... somebody's Bushwick apartment, 06.28

For a band buried in fictional roots, The Dust Engineers have a very lasting effect. The band started out in the mind of leader Zachary Meyer as a solo project soundtrack for a fictional South Dakota teenager on a roadtrip. The Ziggy Stardust-eqsue idealized singer songwriter idea didn’t pan out, but his songs stuck and a real band was formed around it did. Dust Engineers have a 90’s sound with alt-country influence, with wailing guitars over a bouncy, poppy melodies from the male-female vocals of Meyer and Sara Maeder. The group released a self-titled EP last year, following with the single “Snot Nosed Dweed” this June. See them on June 23 at somebody's Bushwick apartment on 13 Thames St, 3rd floor.


Erika Spring from Au Revoir Simone announces solo EP + plays NYC on 07.12

Singer and keyboardist of the band Au Revoir Simone Erika Forster has released the first track “Hidden” (streaming below) off her upcoming self-titled solo EP under the moniker Erika Spring. The EP will be out on July 10th by way of pop label Cascine. The song provides a dreamy landscape of keyboard melodies and distorted drum samples. Erika’s smooth crooning guides us through the composition, which is driven by equal parts sparse instrumentation and loaded with samples. Be sure to check her out while she’s still in New York on July 12th at the Ivana Helsinki Space in Manhattan. - Bob Raymonda


Rootsy and melancholic pop from LI: Apophenia

Apophenia creates music that surrounds you in every direction. It's like listening to their lush and powerful orchestrations from the bottom of a canyon. Whether discussing the final steps before reaching the gallows, or the freedoms of the open road, singer Seamus Kerley and band bring a majesty to their stew that mixes their ingredients with hearty soul and pointed harmonies. Recalling groups from CSNY to Sunny Day Real Estate in their latest self-titled LP, the three-piece paints with a large brush to cover such a wide territory.

Songs like 'To The Gallows (our green mile)' and 'Open Roads' begin the record with an open invitation, and even when exploring rockier fields in later tracks 'Serenity' and 'I'm Coming Home Soon,' the Long Island group always keeps a large view on whatever situation they find themselves in. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


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