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Brooklyn's Electro Duo Beacon

Brooklyn duo Beacon’s first EP (released last fall) has already gained a reputation for putting listeners into something of a hypnotic state, its subtly warm melodies hummed endlessly over morning coffee, in the shower or while riding the subway. It is no surprise then that the band’s first single from their new album, “The Ways We Separate,” pairs rich, Sade-like vocals with a smooth chillwave beat, lyrics once again hanging romantic desire somewhere out there on the metaphysical plane. Though such dreaminess may at times seem to defy gravity, Beacon’s bleeps, blops and drones evoke a sunlit energy that drips with a kind of rococco eroticism. Ride the clouds with them at the album’s release show, May 4th, Mercury Lounge. - Brian Chidester


Scottish Born Indie: Vox Pop

Vox Pop are a proudly international band hailing from Scotland, and eventually finding their way over here to NYC. Their new 4-track EP 'French/Funeral' is filled with the spirit of these cosmopolitan personalities as each of their voices rise to the top of the mix... and somehow don't appear to struggle against eachother to get there. A solid colllection of love jams set to war marches, searing vocals, and bizarrely un-nerving samples. And oh yeah.. 2nd track 'Paper' might be one of the best songs I've heard so far this year. Listen below. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)

We added this song to our curated SoundCloud playlist of Best NYC songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Album Review: Devendra Banhart - Mala

The multi-talented Venezuelan American singer Devendra Banhart has dropped his eighth album, Mala, whose eclectic tunes diffuse a laid-back indie rock sound. Although happily engaged, the singer delivers varied tracks with a generally bittersweet outlook on love.

The soothing “Daniel” kicks off with gentle vocals and a French bistro-lounge vibe, followed by the dreamy, airy tribute to 12th century German nun Hildegard von Bingen… who turns VJ. “Never Seen Such Good Things” packs the album’s funniest couplet, as the Spanish-sung “Mi Negrita” adds some Latin flavor to the mix. Banhart duets with fiancée Ana Kraš in the multi-layered, ironically semi-cruel track “Your Fine Petting Duck,” which eventually transitions to a Pop-based number complete with German lyrics. Yet even his shorter pieces intrigue, as seen via the beautiful instrumental interlude “The Ballad of Keenan Milton” and the lyrically bleak “A Gain.” While “Won’t You Come Over” and “Hatchet Wound” figure as decent romantic jams, the one that easily takes the cake is the breathtakingly hypnotizing “Won’t You Come Home.” Nevertheless, the album closes on a somber note, with Banhart chanting “I can’t keep myself from evil” in the creepy “Taurobolium.”

Neither sappy nor excessively eccentric, Mala faithfully entails genre-defying experimentation and signature dose of quirkiness that fans will eat right up. - Natacha Pavlov


Band on the Rise: Summer Hours

Summer Hours' first record couldn't have been better received. From Deli Mag's own glowing review to Alter the Press's ecstatic write-up, the band's come a long way with their breezy sound in a short time, especially considering their drummer Griffin Richardson has roots in noise rock. Latest single 'Close and Closer' keeps the waves crashing against the shore, as singer Rachel Dannefer keeps the energy going while still managing to sound entirely laid-back. Explore these unlikely contradictions on their SoundCloud. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


Brooklyn Electro-Soul: Fanesha Fabra

You know.. I don't think I listen to soul enough, so I guess I forget sometimes how involved a lot of this music can get. For chanteuse Fanesha Fabra at least, these are some dense and swirling pads and beats, fronted by her breathy and powerful soprano, her worlds are every bit as dense and powerful as anything coming from NY these days. Along with producer Chikara Aoshima, electro-soul jams like 'Take Your Time' and 'Transform,' the Brooklyn artist cools things down while boiling over with soul. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


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