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NYC electro-pop artists on the rise: Noosa

Noosa is for those late nights where for a variety of reasons, be they heartsickness, dance exhaustion, drugs or all three, you have come to occupy a dream space where you're no longer entirely sure if the music you're hearing is coming from your head or from the DJ. Singer/retro-knob twirlers Sky Barbarick and Matt Buszko occupy this space perfectly. Their hypnotic first single 'Fear of Love,' while coming pretty much out of nowhere, has stuck like glue to the meatpacking district since it first arrived back in March. Now the mysterious pair have just released a strong self-titled EP, and songs like the volleyball game-ready 'Sail' (streaming) and the folksy 'Mirrors in the Moonlight' give us a surprising breadth of material that work well against 'Fear of Love's' colder electronics.

A confident start from a ambitious group just beginning their journey. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets) - This band submitted their music to The Deli for review here.


Smart meets ass: No Shoes

I wish all smart people made music like No Shoes - rather than getting too serious about it. Listen to the first minute of ‘Sharkjaw Beartrap’ (streaming below) and you’ll no doubt be amazed by some serious acrobatics, their insistent drum lines and overactive fret tapping guitar action. But while focusing on the band's technical proficiency, you’ll also probably ask yourself why these guys are screaming about sharks… and what is that weird five-eyed monster doing drinking out of a straw on their bandcamp? While these are probably questions best left unanswered, you have plenty of other things to keep you busy here. No Shoes is a band in such lockstep that even the vocals are all sung in time like a tenacious chant repeated in unison throughout most every song from their new EP ‘Cow Drawings.’

Being smart is one thing… but still making sure your music is fun and raucous enough to make you want to learn all the lyrics to songs about ghosts and lightbulbs ‘Hopscotch (and Tumbling)’ - is quite another. And dammit… that’s what they’ve managed to do. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


Found in our music submisions: Secret Beach

Secret Beach is life distilled to its purest essence: emoticons (‘kiss/wink emoticon’) and being out of school (‘unlearning’). For a band already on their third full-length, it’s amazing how new their unadorned material sounds with each repeated listen. Like John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, Matt Magelof and Nicole Zumpano possess a simple urgency to their jams that transcend their otherwise lo-fi origins.

So don’t expect any studio sheen here. Theirs are lo-fi jamborees that begin as spontaneously as they end, and I don’t think it would sound right any other way. The straight ahead guitar and voice of this group of friends comes together beautifully imperfect. With so many endless things to think about in life, Secret Beach celebrates all the small moments, with the people surrounding you that make them all possible. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets) - This band submitted their Music for review to The Deli here.


Live review: Ra Ra Riot and Lissy Trullie at The Box

On September 21st, 2010, Ra Ra Riot headlined the Bowery Ballroom in New York City for the first time with little known (at the time) fellow Phantogram as their opening act. Wow, how I wish I had 10 bucks and a time machine.

What Ra Ra Riot and I have in common is a past in Syracuse, New York. This is a large reason why I take great pride in them and have for a while. Their success, much like Carmelo Anthony’s and Aaron Sorkin’s, is mine as well. Syracuse was once described as a place where the rapture hit 20 years ago, and I don’t think whoever said that was too far off. So even though Ra Ra Riot was only there for 4 years, they are "ours."

But on June 28th, 2012 they belonged to the only people any band wants to, their few-hundred biggest fans, at The Box on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. For 5 dollars a pop at a venue usually reserved for sexually-charged dance recitals that take place from 1am til dawn, any fan of RaRa Riot who acted fast enough could see their favorite band at the most intimate venue they have played in New York City since that night with Phantogram, almost 2 years ago.

On this night, the opening act (the always-amazing Lissy Trullie) was breathtaking; the crowd was hipsterful, the beer was $8 a bottle and the two girls behind me would not shut the fuck up (how could they afford to get THAT drunk?) Although, they only played a short set, the Ra Ra guys and girls played one of the most well rounded nights I have ever heard from them; this is From me and the 30 Ra Ra diehards I talked to after the gig: it was a fantastic set. - Max Lefkowitz - Read Ryan Henriquez's 2008 Deli print feature on Ra Ra Riot here.


Hip Hop Weekend Warrior in NYC!!

Are your ready for a weekend of beats, rhymes, and mayhem? Dust off your flyest kicks and your Cazale shades, because it’s summertime, and there’s rap in the air. New York boom-bap demigod El-P (video below), who recently released his 5th solo studio album on Fat Possum Records, “Cancer 4 Cure,” will rock Irving Plaza this Friday the 13th. If post-apocalyptic jazz-rap is not exactly your bent, then you can skip over to the Mercury Lounge for a heavy dose of Funky with Brooklyn’s dance-rap outfit Deathrow Tull and funk-damentalist Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads). Saturday you can revisit your roots at the 8th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest. You’ll see a diverse array of new and old-school artists including Maya Azucena, Freeway, and the mighty Busta Rhymes. Later Saturday night, test your mettle as east village gem NUBLU hosts the bombastic Underground Horns in what will surely be a sweat-drenched carnival of hip-gyration and swagger. After a rejuvenating Sunday afternoon BloodyMary-soaked brunch, saunter over to Brooklyn Bowl at 6pm where Queens legend Pharaohe Monch (pictured) will be rocking alongside Olamide and J Ross Parrelli as part of a fundraiser for MORE THAN ME, a local non-profit which builds schools for orphans in war-torn Liberia. Monday, unfortunately, you might have to go back to work. -=brokeMC


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