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March 2013
Belle Mare
"The Boat of the Fragile Mind

Ambient and slightly androgynous, the duo Belle Mare released their dreamy debut EP “The Boat of the Fragile Mind” earlier this spring. The EP resonates with somber tones and almost whale-like howls, unraveling soft acoustic guitar, simple piano melodies, and occasional subtle drones. The title track features the quivering vocals of Amelia Bushell, one half of the Belle Mare duo with guitarist Thomas Servidone, painting a dreamscape portrait of longing. Charade (streaming below) gently develops an unexpected blue melody that can lull you into the deepest of sleeps - I've heard of people dreaming of sleeping, in NYC. The duo met at an open mic night in Brooklyn and recorded the album in Servidone’s apartment, but notwithstanding the DIY approach, the record is full of character and the sound mature. With their mix of rich surrealism and an almost gothic aura, these song sounds as if played through an antique phonograph inside a parlor room... located in the deepest of our subconscious. While “The Boat” could easily draw comparisons to other dream-poppers Beach House, Belle Mare’s subtleties and extreme sparsness create a stronger emotional drive and more nostalgic appeal. - Devon Antonetti

Weekly Feature and CD of the Month: Vuvuzela

Vuvuzela doesn't play it safe - their quirky chamber-rock is an "all-in" kind of thing. And by "all" here we mean any musical element you can conceive, ranging from celestial harp parts to dissonant rock assaults. Music is obviously a super-fun playground for these talented musicians, who have the ability to juggle a wide range of influences while create what could be described as an orchestral (and therefore more complex) version of the "split personality pop" previously nailed by B52s and Sugarcubes. The female muse here is harpist Stephanie Babirak, whose gentle melodic presence emerges on occasion... but in most cases gets carelessly abused by her three band mates' more violent musical instincts. The result is a thoroughly enjoyable collection of insane monster-songs that - against all odds - function flawlessly. - Mike Levine recently interview the band here.


Buke and Gase release video for General Dome

Here's the new video by one of the most original (and awesome) NYC bands, Buke and Gase, who graced the cover of our summer 2009 NYC issue. A band Pitchfork has a hard time giving a "best new music" tag to, because [the critic's] "ears just get worn out by all the airless staccato, longing for more open chords or smooth continuous tones". That is such a wonderfully irrelevant statement, I'm sure this guy would have said something similar after listening to Sonic Youth's "Daydream Nation" - only referred to the dissonance and darkness rather than the staccato - or even, say, the debut album by Television: "I get tired of all the genius guitar parts and incredible songs, my ears long for some dissonance and mediocrity just for the sake of variety". And this is why we don't really do negative reviews here at The Deli: because they are just opinions in the end, and more often than not stupid sounding ones. Check out "general Dome streaming below in the form of a (new) video which was premiered on... ahem... Pitchfork.



Juan Wauters (of The Beets) releases first solo album, plays Mercury on 03.03

Queens based Juan Wauters - frontman of The Beets - is about to release his first solo album. Faithful to his signature lo-fi garage-pop sound, in the preview single ("Sanity," streaming below) the guitarist/vocalist from Queens offers a more acoustic and direct approach, but not necessarily less fuzzy. Wauters released 500 copies of the record, and will play a few shows in the local NYC area, including the Mercucy Lounge on March 3rd and The Bowery Ballroom on March 8th. However The Beets will be back in full swing later in the year, having already a show booked at Death By Audio on May 04.


Sensual Harassment releases “Make Me Human Again” EP + travels to SXSW

First off, I can’t be the only one who finds this band’s name hilarious, can I? But Sensual Harassment’s moniker isn’t all that drew us in. We’ve written about them before; their music reincarnating disco into the new body of indie electro pop makes for a unique sound of nostalgic guilty pleasure. They’ve released a new EP “Escape From Alpha Draconis” featuring the single “Make Me Human Again” which could very well be mistaken for something released over 30 years ago. They’re hitting the road next week, starting in Philly on the 6th, and making their way south until they reach Austin for SXSW. - Lucille Sherman

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