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June 2012
Cuddle Magic
""Info Nympho"

Cuddle Magic, a 10 piece avant-pop orchestra split between Philly and Brooklyn, is about to celebrate the release of their third album "Info Nympho", which is available for streaming here. The band offers an array of soothing instruments (including glockenspiels, toy piano, and various strings and winds) along with the more standard guitar, bass, and drums. At once playful and haunting, the record thrives on the dual male and female vocals spinning intricate counter-melodies. The rhythm section provides a steady but never banal backdrop, while the less conventional instruments are allowed to take the forefront and guide the listener through truly stellar compositions. The variety of sounds, textures, and arrangement ideas, and the quality of the material showcase a band in its full maturity, mastering an impressive musical vocabulary, ranging from classical counterpoint to math rock influences, without disdaining occasional jazz chords and electronic elements. From opener "Disgrace Note"'s semi-robotic mallets in six fourths, to "Jason" (streaming below) and "Hadwrit", with their beautiful melody and organic arrangements featuring almost any instrument you can imagine, this is a record that manages to be original, moving and memorable - what else can you ask? Catch Cuddle Magic in Bushwick on July 13th, at a new venue named Muchmore. - Bob Raymonda

Today: Make Music NY has events for Circuit Benders and... Building Hitters?

Make Music New York is a yearly event that fosters free recreational music-making opportunities during the longest day of the year - June 21, i.e. tomorrow. This year over 1,000 outdoor concerts in New York City will be included in the fest, offering a diverse and exciting array of music, from large-scale spectacles to street-corner concerts in 424 public spaces throughout all five boroughs.

Some of these are particularly intriguing "group events" (within the so called "Mass Appeal" program) involving all sorts of musicophiles, including exclusive events for circuit benders, hummers, "cast iron buildings hitters" (!) and more traditional ensembles of cellos, flutes, guitars, harmonicas etc.

More info about Make Music NY and the Mass Appeal events can be found here.


Savoir Adore premieres video for Dreamers + sells out Bowery

Selling out the Bowery Ballroom is probably one of the top dreams of most (if not all) indie musicians familiar with the beautiful Lower East Side's venue, and it's very satisfying to see that, in an era obsessed with the latest and newest acts, this was accomplished by a band that's been around (while growing in popularity) for 3-4 years like Savoir Adore - we are referring to the June 22 show. Led by a singing boy/girl duo Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro, Savoir Adore's charming electro pop has been evolving in a dreamier direction, as testified by the new EP and video (streaming below) appropriately entitled "Dreamers."  - Read a Deli 2009 interview with Savoir Adore here.


NYC band on the rise: Manicanparty

What strange frequency does Manicanparty exist on? Not an easy question to answer. With singer/songwriter Jessica Corazza overlaying obscure references on top of ethereal imagery - and of producer Patrick Morrissey’s endless interventions - the group seems to create their world anew with each song they add to their site.

Just check out the intensely chanted gymnastics of ‘Monarch,’ and you’ll wonder if a new tribe has formed somewhere in Brooklyn, and you’re the last to know about it. Latest track ‘Animal’ - a Miike Snow Cover - takes the Brooklyn duo one step further. You will most likely find it impossible not to fall in love with Jessica as she takes on all manner of shapes and suggestions in the track’s just-released video. Animal, human or otherwise, this is a band that beams all of its music down to Brooklyn from another place entirely.

Manicanparty played BMI's New Music Seminar's showcase at the Gramercy Theater yesterday (June 19) - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


NYC post-punks Relations release debut EP at Matchless on 06.28

New York City's Relations revive the intense aesthetics of post-punk's heydays through an eclectic set of four tracks exploring the unsettling contradictions of the genre's heritage. Only steps away from the explosive 1980s wave of uptempo self-loathing, old-time friends Terrence Murren and Michael Sanders build - upon head-bopping offbeat rhythms and rolling bass lines - a fast-paced narrative, tinted with nostalgia and that effervescent angst of young love. Get ready for a disturbingly pleasant journey to the center of their minds as the duo celebrates the release of the eponymous debut EP with a show at Matchless on June 28. In a refreshingly dark alternative to the gleeful connotations of most synth-based acts, their screeching guitars and dissonant dialogues bring a twist to unforgettable Factory & Co influences. Tempted? Sample or purchase the EP on the 100mrecord store, you’ll get the gist. - Tracy Mamoun


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