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Civil War inspired Americana: Jus Post Bellum live at The Living Room, 06.21

In its records inspired by the American Civil War, Jus Post Bellum has an old time feel accented by melancholy and refinement. Minnesota native Geoffrey Wilson heads the band, crooning with lyrics about Stonewall Jackson and the judgment of God. Jus Post Bellum, which is Latin for “justice after war,” could be described as the Historical Fiction version of Fleet Foxes or Southeast Engine, coming alive with the rich, country-tinged harmonies of Wilson and bandmate Hannah Jensen, a fellow Minnesotan. The Brooklyn-based group released “Devil Winter” in April, and we be appearing at The Living Room on June 21. - Devon Antonetti, photo by CJ Richter


Weekly Feature: Widowspeak, "I guess you’re just not that into us"

Man, these aloof Widowspeak hipster guys are making us GREEN! We love their music but they wouldn't play our shows (or even make a Facebook post about our coverage) to save their own lives. We must have tried to dat... ahem, book them half a dozen times by now and we are afraid it ain't gonna happen at this point... Their record came out about a year ago - cool beijey cover, mellow sounds, a beauty - but we met them way before then. It was The Deli NYC's Album of the Month in August 2011, and it still finds its way into our ears. The guys also placed 3rd in our latest Best of NYC Emerging Artists Poll, but they never really seemed to care much about this stuff... But wait! Fashion magazine "Interview" interviewed them the other day! They wrote a post on Facebook about it! Same thing with Noisevox, Wow Magazine, Vice Germany... what the heck Widowspeak?! You flirt with huge publications owned by even bigger corporations behind our back? INDIGNATION! BETRAYAL OF BROOKLYN DIY ETHICS! - Or maybe just jealousy of a small, unloved (but cute) local rag...
P.S.You were on the cover of our latest issue, did you even notice? - Read Ed Guardaro's feature on Widowspeak here.


Weekly Feature: Illumntr

Illuminator recently dropped some vowels because there were other bands out there with a similar name. It's almost certain, however, that these bands sound nothing like Illumntr. In fact, it's arguable that most bands sound nothing like Illumntr, for they exist, mentally and audibly, on a different planet. Like a tripped out sonic loom, their combination of sounds and ideas produce a multicolored patchwork. Vocals weave in and out, mingling with echoes, bells, and jangles, timpani and synths. These are not songs with hooks, meant to be easily digested and spat back out. Instead they are carefully constructed suites, pieces melding into one another with orchestral grace. - Read Alison Levin's interview with the band here.


Dream Pop duo The Mast releases new Single + Video

NYC Thee Mast recently released the new single "UpUpUp" which showcases a partial switch in the band's sound: Haale Gafori dreamy guitar parts have completely disappeared from this track, replaced by buzzy synths lines, which gently integrate with her ethereal vocals and Matt Kilmer's signature inventive drum style. The duo has enrolled LA professional dancer Pandora Marie for the shooting of the single's video, streaming below.


More Rock from NYC: Element plays Trash Bar on June 22

Gritty NYC trio Element demonstrate what a well-oiled rock ‘n roll machine should sound like as audible on the group’s four-track sojourn "SOUNDTRACK TO THE END OF THE WORLD." Meshing a freewheeling hard rock bravado with a potpourri of pop-rock sensibilities, Element’s winning songwriting showcases an aptitude for creating grandiose atmospheres that never lose a pounding backbeat (“Tin Man”) as well as wealth of left of center heaviness straight out of Dave Grohl’s playbook (“Beautiful”). Bolstered by a rash of massive hooks with luxurious harmonies akin to King’s X meeting Muse, Element’s attentive musicianship and versatile rock chops allow their songs to span the rock continuum with an exhilarating sense of swagger where hitting the repeat button constantly is encouraged. See them live at Trash Bar on June 22. -Mike SOS


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