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Clinical Trials releases new video, plays Sullivan Hall on 07.26

Clinical Trials has just released a new music video, file it under "Best Inappropriate Use of Childhood Dolls." Directed & edited by Dan LeMunyan, it's a fun downward spiral into the mind of a suburban housewife with more than a few dark secrets. Somer Bingham - frontwoman, founder, and creative thrust of Clinical Trials - is playing July 26th at Sullivan Hall. Check out more videos at Clinical Trials' YouTube channel and more music at www.clinicaltrialsmusic.com. - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here). The Deli's NYC Open Blog is powered by The Music Building.



Found in our music submisions: Matt Longo

It's a very rare day I would compare someone to George Harrison... but Matt Longo comes close. It's hard to help when you hear the singer-songwriter's purity of spirit, even when discussing the loneliness and frustrations of daily living.

His latest records 'The Low Life' and 'Coward' EP (released within 3 months from each other) contain these moments, meant to speak directly to these wounds. Doubting your dreams? 'Lulu' should do the trick. Wondering why she hasn't called? 'Say You'll Be Mine' is just what the doctor ordered. A breath of fresh air, Matt Longo's acoustic meanderings will find their mark, right when you need them the most. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets) - This artist submitted his music for review here.


Ava Luna releases new song through Shaking Through

Shaking Through is a music and video web series featuring emerging independent artists in the recording studio. In their latest episode - curated by Twin Sister - they filmed Deli NYC issue #30 cover band Ava Luna while finalizing a new song in the studio. You can hear to the results below, and see the video/article about that experience here. - Photo by Emily Raw


NYC electro-pop artists on the rise: Noosa

Noosa is for those late nights where for a variety of reasons, be they heartsickness, dance exhaustion, drugs or all three, you have come to occupy a dream space where you're no longer entirely sure if the music you're hearing is coming from your head or from the DJ. Singer/retro-knob twirlers Sky Barbarick and Matt Buszko occupy this space perfectly. Their hypnotic first single 'Fear of Love,' while coming pretty much out of nowhere, has stuck like glue to the meatpacking district since it first arrived back in March. Now the mysterious pair have just released a strong self-titled EP, and songs like the volleyball game-ready 'Sail' (streaming) and the folksy 'Mirrors in the Moonlight' give us a surprising breadth of material that work well against 'Fear of Love's' colder electronics.

A confident start from a ambitious group just beginning their journey. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets) - This band submitted their music to The Deli for review here.


Smart meets ass: No Shoes

I wish all smart people made music like No Shoes - rather than getting too serious about it. Listen to the first minute of ‘Sharkjaw Beartrap’ (streaming below) and you’ll no doubt be amazed by some serious acrobatics, their insistent drum lines and overactive fret tapping guitar action. But while focusing on the band's technical proficiency, you’ll also probably ask yourself why these guys are screaming about sharks… and what is that weird five-eyed monster doing drinking out of a straw on their bandcamp? While these are probably questions best left unanswered, you have plenty of other things to keep you busy here. No Shoes is a band in such lockstep that even the vocals are all sung in time like a tenacious chant repeated in unison throughout most every song from their new EP ‘Cow Drawings.’

Being smart is one thing… but still making sure your music is fun and raucous enough to make you want to learn all the lyrics to songs about ghosts and lightbulbs ‘Hopscotch (and Tumbling)’ - is quite another. And dammit… that’s what they’ve managed to do. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


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