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Dream Rock from NYC: Heaven goes to SXSW

Fronted by guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Matt Sumrow (The Comas, Ambulance LTD), Brooklyn's Heaven plays a precise and controlled kind of dream rock. Complementing Matt's lead vocals is keyboardist and sometimes bassist Ryan Lee Dunlap (Fan-Tan). In addition to providing buzzy synth textures, Ryan backing vocals and harmonies contribute to this band's signature sound. Their song "Mountains Move" is moody, dark and dreamy (all rolled into one). Matt's outstanding guitar work alternates between clean-note arpeggios and wah-wah effected choruses. Other tracks like "Once The Heartache," "Falling Apple" and "Centuries" add majestic keyboard pads to clearly defined chord progressions and atmospheric dream-gaze vocals. Respected drumming powerhouse Mikey Jones (The Big Sleep, Snowden) completes the trio, giving the band a tightness often lacking in this genre and a forceful edge in the live environment. The band will be playing at SXSW 2013 and is currently  finalizing the debut album, which will be released on Goodnight Records. - Dave Cromwell


NYC Bands on the rise: Throw Vision

If you told Sun Ra he had to write a record with the Dirty Projectors, you might get something out of it that sounds similar to Brooklyn's Throw Vision. The quartet does indeed blast into outer space, with crazy harmonies and stop-start rhythms intact, exploring new spaces in sound through tracks like 'Hold Your Tongue' and 'Water Basket' off the group's surprisingly fun debut. Saying this band takes leaps and bounds with their fugal harmonies would be an understatement, but they're also just as sure to include you in all the sonic explorations. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


The Lone Bellow opens for Brandi Carlile after SXSW (March 22-23)

If it seems like it was only last year when The Lone Bellow was still playing local venues and gathering fans one by one, it's because it was. Nowadays, you're more likely to catch the group on their upcoming national tour, or playing 'You Never Need Nobody' recently on Conan. The folk trio's been everywhere these days, but lucky for you... they still have plenty of upcoming dates in NY to choose from. After what will surely be an exciting SXSW the band will be back in town with two nights at the Beacon Theatre opening for Brandi Carlile on March 22-23. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


The Deli announces the First Austin Hangover Hideout! 3 days of acoustic artists on Music Week!

Deli Readers heading to Austin,

This year The Deli will present in full force in Austin during the unmentionable Live Music Fest. We were asked to help book a small room in Downtown West, and this idea became our first Deli Hangover Hideout!!! Check out this outstanding lineup of (mostly) singer songwriters and acoustic bands. 



The Deli's Staff

Eddi Front debuts EP + opens for Youth Lagoon on 03.06 at Bowery

For all those quiet places you usually ignore or otherwise keep buried, Eddi Front has found the chords to pull them out into the open. In some ways an old artist, other ways brand new, Eddi Front has let loose her inner demons in her debut self-titled EP. Filled almost exclusively with delicate piano parts, the weight of her words is what'll keep you from getting too comfortable. But with lyrics like: " ...while you're fucking some dusty chair, I'll be eating bananas", you'll have no choice but to keep listening.

Check out latest video for 'Gigantic' below, and see her when she opens for Youth Lagoon at Bowery Ballroom March 6. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


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