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Cinema Cinema releases sophomore album + tours with Black Flag's Greg Ginn

Brooklyn-based Cinema Cinema, featuring cousins Ev Gold (vocals/guitar) and Paul Claro (drums), cut together raucous, fast-paced, muscular punk with noise and math rock influences. The two-piece released their sophomore full-length record “Manic Children and Slow Aggression” on July 10. Between ever changing tempos, attacking drum beats, aggressive guitar shredding and pervading feedback, Gold and Claro's explosive music never seems to take a breath. The duo dances with a penchant for punk and pushes through the thirteen tracks with fervor and intensity. Cinema Cinema will be honoring their new release at St. Vitus in Brooklyn on July 13 before undertaking East Coast dates with legendary Black Flag founder/guitarist Greg Ginn. - Meijin Bruttomesso


Fishdoctor lands July residency at Pianos starting July 16

I almost feel like every single venue should have residencies - our life would be so much easier, because no promoters would commit to give a band 3-4 shows in a month if they weren't confident about the band's quality, live show and drawing ability. Indie pop Brooklynites Fishdoctor just landed a July residency at Pianos and we can see why. Their May release "The Swell" is crammed with catchy and energetic songs which have the potential to entertain all kind of crowds. First show of the residency is on July 16 at 9pm.


(Not exactly) pop from NYC: Pop. 1280

The peeps in Pop. 1280 must like paradoxes, since their music isn't poppy at all - dark, brooding, borderline evil rather. But maybe that dot means that "pop" stands for something else? Popsicle maybe? Popcorn? Oh, wait! It's from a novel by Nick Corey, and "Pop." stands for "population."

Signed to Brooklyn's Sacred Bones, these guys released a full length in January entitled "The Horror" (that's more like it) which snatched a 7.5 from Pitchfork. I always say that I like tension and release in music, but... boy! Tense throughout, this stuff won't let you off the hook, challenging most hears with truly edgy, clangy, and cacophonous sonic attacks, in perfect industrial/goth style - imagine an angrier version of Nick Cave's Birthday Party. Pop. 1280 will be touring the US in September, but we can see in the band's future an obvious destination, Germany and Northern Europe, true homes of angular and dark rock sounds. If this band was a painter it would be Edvard Munch. Check out their recent video of the song "Bodie in the Dunes" here.


A show you can't miss: Cake Shop Benefit on Saturday 07.14, with Wild Yaks, Shilpa Ray + more

I can't even imagine the Lower East Side without The Cake Shop, which has been going through some financial hardships as of late. The loss of this venue would mean that the more noisy, experimental, and DIY side of the NYC scene would have abandoned Manhattan once and for all. And noisy, experimental and DIY music is a huge and seminal component of what this scene has expressed since the 60s. Ya man, it all happened in Manhattan - nobody gave a crap about the Brooklyn scene until the aughts! This is why we should all make an effort to visit The Cake Shop more often, in particular this Saturday July 14th, when 4 great local bands and legendary DJ Dan Selzer (of NY Happenings Yahoo Group fame) will entertain hopefully a packed house in support of the Ludlow Street rowdiest venue. Hilarious drunk punks Wild Yaks willheadline, bringing the usual dose of unruly fun on stage, preceded by Shilpa Ray's charismatic and imaginative freak folk (one of her songs streaming below). The opening bands will be soul-rock quartet The Immaculates and ungooglable garage-blues band DON'T. There will be also a photo exhibit by local photographer Ebru Yildiz.

New Music Video: “Heartbreaker” - The Walkmen

The Walkmen just shared another new music video today for the track “Heartbreaker.” You can also check out a recording of them covering the Rolling Stones’ “Blue Turns to Grey” for Lauren Laverne’s BBC Radio 6 Music show HERE. Enjoy!


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