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Troubled Sleep - indie guitar rock like in the good old days

Boasting the perfect name for a (rather) dissonant indie rock band, Troubled Sleep is a young Brooklyn based trio whose songs take us on a trip back to the days when guitars still ruled the rock realm. These fellas - who judging from the pictures available seem too young to even enter a bar - already have 1 demo and two EPs under their belt. The trio forges the kind of "underdeveloped" songs we learned to appreciate listening to artists like early Pavement and (also early) Modest Mouse, replacing those bands' pop element with a preference for droney, borderline depressed and "closed" melodies. The contrasting voices of the lead singer's alto and the backing vocalist's tenor add an intriguing element to the band's sound. There's definitely a noteworthy amount of talent at work here, and the quality of the material is consistently good, which is always an important sign.


Jeff Litman releases video with show at Bitter End on 06.26

Jeff Litman is having some trouble getting older... he's spying on his beautiful (and married) ex-girlfriend in his new record 'Outside,' taking reckless chances, and rolling in the dirt 'til Someone Got Hurt'. The album finds Litman attempting to move on from the relationship that was the focus of his last record. But like he says in the album closer: 'Time Heals Nothing.' Time does however, seem to produce some solid tunes...

Sounding sometimes like Bright Eyes, and sometimes like a mix of Elvis Costello and Tom Petty, Litman borrows liberally from the ghosts of confessional singer-songwriters past, while still retaining a deeply personal reality channeled by his own experiences in and around NYC. Or at least I assume that's what he's referring to when discussing chance encounters with the 'Girl Down I95.'

Check out his new record 'Outside' here and see him when he plays at The Bitter End with Mark Radcliffe on June 26, in occasion of the release of his new video for single "Over and Over" (streaming below). - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets) - This record was submitted digitally to The Deli here.


NYC Hip Hop: Super King Armor plays Sullivan Hall on 06.20

If Dr. Jeckyll’s ferocious alter-ego Mr. Hyde were to take an interest in Hip Hop, Super King Armor would be his favorite rapper. Off-stage King is unassuming, soft-spoken, and quick to laugh. On-Stage, however, he amazes audiences with a transformation into a beast of pure rap magnificence. Performing with “The Werewolf Lullabies Band,” King will bark and howl at you with expert delivery of storytime raps with venomous bravado, at Sullivan Hall on June 20th. The show is “Wrath of the Written,” but knowing this bill, there will be some phenomenal freestyles as well. Stop shaving now, and dig up your plastic fangs. -=brokeMC


The Deli + The Music Building photo shoot. Pics are out!

We remember how painful it was, when we were in bands, to organize press photo shots: the ones we did ourselves always looked kind of bad... Now that we are in magazines, we know how a great picture can open doors to bigger features! So, to help NYC bands deal with this basic need, The Deli and The Music Building (legendary rehearsal space in Manhattan used by anybody from The New York Dolls to The Strokes) last week organized a free professional photo shoot for local artists. "Where?" we hear you ask? But in The Music Building of course! We now have the final shots, check them out here! (In the picture: NYC band Boy Girl Party)


Weekly Feature: Saadi - live at Cameo on 06.17

Saadi is a swirling, vibrant portal into Boshra AlSaadi’s eclectic musical mind. The former Looker vocalist brings together a cornucopia of influences that transport listeners through her musical metamorphosis. Born in Syria, AlSaadi tastefully carries over an Arabic feel to her sultry beat-driven electro pop tunes that also calls on post punk, reggae, dancehall, rock and no wave. Delicate Steve, Prince Rama, Lemonade and The Soundmen have all had their hands in reimagining the songs while maintaining the intoxicating exotic essence and integrity of the originals. See Saadi on Sunday June 17 at Cameo at The Deli's Northside Electronic Stage. Saadi's song is included in The Deli's playlist of Best NYC songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out! - Read Nancy Chow's interview with Saadi here.


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