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Savoir Adore announces album + plays 2 NYC shows (one with Lucius)

Dream-pop duo Savoir Adore announced that their sophomore album "Our Nature" will be released on October 16, and took the opportunity to promote two NYC shows this week, one one at Santos Party house on August 2 and the other one at the Ditmas Sanctuary Series (83 Marlborough Road Brooklyn) on August 5 with Lucius - the latter will be an acoustic performance.

On related but separate news, Savoir singer's solo project debuted the new name "Deidre and The Dark" (it used to be just "Deidre" - check out a video here) at Glasslands on July 25 with Fast Years, with whom they share a light harted approach to pop, with doo-wop and bubble gum influences.


Los Encantados releases new EP

For Los Encantados' 2nd EP this year, 'Same Damned Soul: Chapter 2,' they've extended their ambitions to include the summer anthem-in-waiting 'St. Tropez.' Competing as much with local bands like Beach Fossils, as much as with former occupants of this hallowed space like Len and Sublime before them, I recommend taking a listen as soon as you can to see if you think the band are the next bearers of the esteemed summer anthem crown.

The sun-worshippers then take you sailing on the rousing 'OMDF' and finally settle in for a romantic evening with closer 'Pour Toi.' Sung half in French, half in sunglass swagger English, the EP is a sign of how far this band has come, and where they might be headed to next. The new EP should well compliment whatever weekend road trip you were thinking of taking. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


From the NYC digital submissions: Jerry Paper's music for robots

"People can care for each other, otherwise we're just totally f*cked." I couldn't have said it better had I tried, which I suppose is why I leave the gently rocking robot space jams to experts like L. W. Nathan.

In his latest project, Jerry Paper, using a combination of DX-7-style keys and canned calypso beats, the Brooklyn artist sounds something like what robots might listen to when doing their grocery shopping. Songs like 'Forget It' from his first full-length 'Vol. 1' project an icy coolness to the artist's musings on humanity's odd behaviors (like grocery shopping), while sometimes unexpectedly recalling McCartney's solo adventures with bursts of harmonic energy. As strange as some of this record can sit, I find it oddly comforting, and I can only imagine how fun this all must be live. Which is why I'll need to check him out as soon as he lands his spaceship back on Earth - i.e. on August 7th at Big Snow with Psychobuildings and Swanifant. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets) - This artist submitted music for review here.



XNY releases video for "Ride On" + plays Public Assembly on 08.06

We covered Brooklyn alt-folk duo XNY in print in our latest NYC issue and we just noticed they released this new simple but powerful video of the song "Ride On." You can see them live at Public Assembly on August 6.


Wyldlife releases new video + plays Union Hall with The So So Glos on 08.10

NYC punk-rockers Wyldlife just released a new video for their second single, "(She's Making Me) Nervous" (streaming below). In under two and a half minutes, it's got everything you could ask for: loitering, stealing, reckless driving, junk food, drinking, Bill Murray movies and of course...ROCK AND ROLL! Make sure you catch the guys with Awkward Girls and The So So Glos on August 10th at Union Hall for a night of loud music and heavy drinking... - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here). The Deli's NYC Open Blog is powered by The Music Building.


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