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NYC Year End Poll - ALT ROCK Submission: Apollo Run are #1

When you listen to Apollo Run, you can easily get the impression that their music just keeps growing and growing to impossible heights, even when their harmonies are already lost in the clouds. In the space of just one song, John McGrew and crew take you up to a furtive hook, then proceed to throw in a trumpet, raise the harmonies up by a couple more octaves, and proceed to play everything again with only cardboard instruments... At least that's what the video for new single 'The Inevitable Small Rebellions' (streaming below) from new album 'HBDVIII' would have us believe. See them live on Friday 01.11 when they play The Mercury Lounge and let me know how they do it yourself. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


NYC Year End Poll - ALT ROCK Submission: Black Taxi at #2

If you haven't seen Black Taxi live yet, then think about all the time you spent watching crappy films last year... for your own good, this band is here to show you a way out of this mess. This group belongs to an oft-ignored genre of music known as 'Punchy Cinematic Rock,' and seeing the band live is like watching performance art, a jukebox musical, and every single Nicholas Cage movie at once (so you don't have to). In other words, this band isn't afraid to try everything and get caught in the act looking good in tight costumes. Their new record 'We Don't Know Any Better' covers territories from punk, to 4 on floor dance, to orchestral synth pop jazz... whatever that is. Check out 2nd single 'Hand' (streaming below) from new record 'We Don't Know Any Better' to get a feel for what you've been missing in their new POV video, and see the band yourself when they play at Public Assembly on Saturday, Jan 26th. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


Deli Best of NYC 2012 - Open Submission Results for HIP HOP + OTHER

Somebody might wonder why here at The Deli we bundle Hip Hop with other related or unrelated genres like funk, world music, ethnic etc etc. The answer is embarrassing: we are not very well connected with those scenes, and only cover them sporadically. As a consequence, we don't get a lot of Hip Hop submissions (which is a good thing by the way... don't ask!). The other genres are even less represented in our blog... So, rather than having to create seven different categories with a few acts each, we bundle them together with Hip Hop... understood?

Total submissions in this category: 22

Artists Qualified to the Poll's Next Stage (starting around 01.15)

1. Hot Sugar - 7.5 (out of 10)
1. Melissa Czarnik - 7.5

Honorable Mentions (scores above 6.5):

b.FUNKDeathrow TullRiot In ParisC-Zar Van GoghSpaceLAB RecordingsTrillogyO-ZiMaGbrokemc.

Jurors: Brianne Turner (Deli Nashville), Brandi Lukas (Deli contributor), QD Tran (Deli Philly).

The Deli's Staff



NYC Year End Poll - Hip Hop Submission Results: Melissa Czarnik at #1

Who would've thought: the most badass thing a hip-hop artist can do right now is team up with a French jazz pianist and record at a residency from a 50 year-old Chateau? For Melissa Czarnik, it's just one more notch in her boundary-busting belt. Recorded at Centre d'Art Marnay Art Center near France, 'Non Merci' is 13 tracks of hard-hitting hip-hop set to the cascading piano loops of pianist/composer Eric Mire. It's as surprising a pairing as it is effective on killer tracks like 'I Prefer' and 'Rummy.' Hard-hitting and smooth at once, check out the artist when she plays tonight with Eric Mire, free at Brooklyn Stable. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


NYC Year End Poll - Hip Hop Submission Results: Hot Sugar at #1

For anyone who wishes they could enjoy Neon Indian but is maybe looking for something that's a bit more ... I don't know... lo-fi and crazy, then Hot Sugar's 'Muscle Milk EP' is probably up your alley. A blend of all manner of exotic candies and fruits tossed together into an awesome hodgepodge mix of an instrumental album, listening to this record might very well awaken parts of your aural palette you didn't know you had. Songs like 'Charlotte Corday and 'Hanna D' make Dan Deacon and The Flaming Lips look like they're not having enough fun with their music. With so many sounds condensed to a groove-bouncing mush, you'll probably be bored to death once your headphones come off. - Mike Levine


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