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NYC Year End Poll - Indie Rock Submission Results: Conveyor is #1

Four-piece indie band Conveyor may have left the heat of Florida for the colder Brooklyn NY, but they carried a warm sound with them. These quirky indie rockers dabble in pop melodies, folk harmonies, and electronic beats, with a light-hearted experimental rock result. They came in first in our indie rock open submissions with an average rating of 7.83, after enjoying a year filled with Deli coverage!


NYC Year End Poll - Indie Rock Submission Results: ARMS at #2

Starting as a side project and blooming into a full band, ARMS makes for a refreshing take on the indie rock genre. The band takes pop melodies and gives them a rock edge with noisy guitars, distorted backup vocals, and a grooving bass line. Check out the new version of their title track off their latest album "Summer Skills" streaming below.


NYC Year End Poll - Indie Rock Submission Results: Modern Rivals at #2

Promising new Brooklyn band Modern Rivals comes at us with diverse instrumentation and lively vocals to create their spirited indie rock. With rolling pianos, playful “oohs,” dreamy keys and dynamic, often angular percussions, Modern Rivals bridge pop and rock genres in inventive new ways. Check out their latest EP “Sea Legs,” which they released this past May, here.


Deli Best of NYC 2012 - Open Submission Results for SONGWRITERS / ROOTSY POP

Anybody who writes songs is of course a songwriter, whether she plays in a folk or a metal band. In this category though we are referring to those artists who present themselves as solo performers (or accompanied by a band) and play music which finds inspiration in the tradition of folk giants like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, but also in the poppier vein of artists like Elton John and Suzanne Vega. And since most modern songwriters dwell between folk and pop, we added to this category also artists who belong to a genre we call "Rootsy Pop" - i.e. more uptempo acts who present themselves as a band rather than solo.

Total submissions in this category: 42

Artists Qualified to the Poll's Next Stage (starting around 01.10)

1. Julian Fulton & the Zombie Gospel - 8
2. Lisa Jaeggi - 7.83
2. sami.the.great - 7.83

Honorable Mentions:

4. Chantilly - 7.5
4. Jessi Robertson - 7.5
4. Nicky Egan - 7.5
7. Frances Cone - 7.33
8. Jacob Jeffries Band - 7.00
8. Rachel Brown - 7.00
8. Bern & the Brights - 7.00

Jurors: Gracie Gutman (Deli SF), Brianne Turner (Deli Nashville), Paolo De Gregorio (Deli NYC)

The Deli's Staff


NYC Year End Poll - Songwriter Submissions Results: Julian Fulton tops the chart

Julian Fulton might be New Jersey's answer to boyish lo-fi charm. Along with harmonies supported by his Zombie Gospel, the artist croons his way over bouncing piano lines ('Junkie Song'), feedbacking guitar lines ('Lie), and self-effacing lyrics (every track) that only makes his music sound even larger for its tortured honesty. New record 'Heart & Arms' includes all this and even a Zombie Survival Kit filled up with even more tracks... because zombies hate music. Julian Fulton topped our emerging NYC artists submissions in the Songwriter/Rootsy Pop category with an average rating of 8 out of 10. - Mike Levine


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