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Will Oldman's Phantom Family Halo releases 3 song EP + readies full length

Bonnie Prince Billy (aka Will Oldham, in the picture) has always been a bit of a spooky guy. From 'I See a Darkness,' to his work with Dawn McCarthy, he's dwelt in the darker corners of country-folk for some time. But his new project with Dominic Cipolla of Brooklyn's Phantom Family Halo brings his work closer in line to early '70's psych-country like Hawkwind and The Byrds Sweetheart of the Rodeo. This is one of the more unlikely unions of the year, bridging a gap between Cipolla's brain-melting retro-machinations to Oldham's country road tales. The collaboration didn't sound like an obvious idea in the world to me at first, but on listening to 'The Mindeater' off their new EP of the same name, those thoughts melted away. I mean literally melted, this is some far-out stuff. They've recorded three songs so far (fittingly from the 2nd floor above a funeral home in Brooklyn) and expect a full-length to be released early next year. Pick up their new EP Mindeater (Knitting Factory Records) wherever spooky psychedelia is sold. - Mike Levine (@goldnuggets)


Dub Trio releases "IV" at Mercury Lounge on 11.10

The Dub Trio guys are a little bit like the intellectuals of the NYC Metal scene. Being an intellectual metal-head is a little bit like being a powerful super-hero who writes essays for a living (since super-heroes aren't paid, right?). I mean, it's really like having it all, the superior brains and the brute force. As suggested by the name, they mix Metal with Dub, but also inject a fair dose of noise rock in their tracks. Their experimentalism is not of the self-indulgent kind - led by drummer/sample triggerer John Tomino, these guys are concise, tight, and explosive. If this resonates with you, don't miss the release of their new album "IV" at Mercury on 11.10.


Lana Del Rey's online buzz keeps her on top of The Deli's NYC charts

Lana Del Rey's grip on our NYC charts' #1 position is a testament to the fact that there is no such thing as bad press. The controversial Brooklyn based chanteause has created a rare wave of negativity amongst some bloggers about her image and music. As a result, many music listeners became familiar with her music and - evidently - enjoyed it. Constant news regarding new releases, remixes and shows in the UK are contributing to keep her on top of our NYC charts (see top 20 on the left, and top 300 here). Whether bloggers want it or not, it looks like a new NYC star was born!


Thieving Irons release first single from upcoming album + play Zebulon on 11.28

NYC psych pop quartet Thieving Irons just released the first single from the album they just finished recording, "Behold, This Dreamer!", scheduled to be released early in 2012. The song, entitled "So Long" has already been picked up by KEXP as "song of the day" for today. With its interesting sonics, the beautiful melody drenched in reverb, and a rather quick, danceable pace, this is definitely an appetizing soundbite that makes us look forward to the full release. See Thieving Irons live at Zebulon on 11.28.


Weekly Feature: Ambassadors, live at Pianos on 011.11

Ambassadors, a Brooklyn based quartet, play a contemporary blend of Rock brought together by a strong pop-sensibility and dramatic flair. They have been active since 2008, quickly proving themselves with single, “Tropisms”, which was featured on MTV-U. Their music is full and energetic, but Ambassadors aren’t scared to slow things down and get sensitive with tracks like, “Bodybag”. Their sound emanates from drummer Adam Levin’s thunderous, open grooves, which allow brothers Sam and Casey Harris to fill out the band’s sound. Guitarist Noah Feldshuh’s powerful and catchy riffs on songs like, “Falls” provide a thoroughly refreshing surge of energy and power. Ambassadors music, despite their serious, professional presence and production value, is still fun. - Read Ed Guardaro's interview with the band here.


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