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Mimicking Birds Latest Songs

As rainy days begin approaching, you may find yourself in search of some music to suit the changing seasons. Enter Mimicking Birds, and their two recently released song “On the Warm Side” and “Hi Lo.” When listening to “On the Warm Side,” you cannot help but move your head along to the slow, mournful tones. It is a soft, melodic meditation on change and self-interpretation. “Hi Lo” has a faster, more synth-based beat. While each is strong on its own, listening to them side by side provides more depth and clarity on the band’s message. Warm and inviting vocals elevate the music. In conjunction with the steady percussive heartbeat and romantic, airy synth lines, Mimicking Birds has made music perfect for the dreamy, rainy weather up ahead.

Mimicking Birds are currently on tour, but will be back in the PNW starting September 28th with a show in Ashland. You can get more information here.


  -By Avril Carrillo, photo by Jimmy Russell



Mexicadelia//PDX, a cultural celebration and Pueblo Unido benefit, is coming up this week. Mexicadelia is an underground festival from Guadalajara, full of talented and creative artists. The Portland festival, presented by The Portland Mercury and XRAY FM, is no different. This “music-driven cultural exchange” will be taking place September 15th through the 17th at different locations across town. All three days of the festival will be supporting Pueblo Unido, who support vulnerable Latinx immmigrants through hiring lawyers for deportation cases, getting people released from detention, and reuniting families.

On Saturday, the Shivas will be headlining at Dig A Pony at a free, all ages show. Orquestra Pacifico Tropical will be headlining at Romtoms on Sunday, which will also be a free show. Finally, Tribe Mars will be at Mississippi Studios Monday the 17th. You can see the rest of the lineup on the facebook page here. Hope to see you there!

A statement from Mexicadelia//PDX describing who they are and what they do is below:

“Mexicadelia//PDX intends to be an opportunity for bridge building, multilingual conversation, and catharsis through sonic diplomacy. The festival aims to be an example of what can be done as artists and community organizers to heal, strengthen, and embolden others to act in solidarity in these divisive times. By activating a network of friends, venues, non-profits, artists, purveyors, and music fans we believe it's possible to display a commitment to inclusiveness and equality through the channels we already know and love.”

-By Avril Carrillo 


The Social Stomach

Creating something unique and inventive, while also maintaining a steady sense of self, is one of the greatest challenges any artist will face. Not only does The Social Stomach step up to the plate, they do so with a fiery attitude unlike any other. This past June they released a split cassette with Sea Moss on Crash Symbols. Each song on the tape is dripping with derisive anger. It infuses their music with intensity and passion. “Crawling Monsters” would give any metal head whiplash. Spitting out “bless the gutters with their holy water,” the vocals hit each note the way a bat smashes streetlights. The electric guitar dissolves into a wailing, screeching hysteria. Each song is just as passionate as the last, never disappointing.
The Social Stomach will be at the Black Water September 26th, along with Caustic Touch, Missionandry, and Body Shame.

By Nick Hartman



Black Belt Eagle Scout Debuts Two New Songs

Black Belt Eagle Scout, composed of musician Katherine Paul, has a new album Mother of my Children coming out September 14th via Saddle Creek. Two songs off the upcoming album are already released. “Soft Stud,” which debuted mid August, expresses the frustration of unfulfilled desire. The song brings the point across with simple and poignant lyrics. The guitar playing is tense and brittle. Blunt base riffs and ephemeral electric chords create a nice harmony. Through them, Paul conveys a mournful yearning that can be hard to express vocally.

The second song, entitled “Just Lie Down” is angsty but adult. Opening with heavily distorted guitar, it produces a raucous, bone-rattling noise that veers shy of grating. The chords are stripped and distilled to a gritty, hypnotic rhythm. Paul’s vocals are soft and listless. They reach an angelic tone that resonates deeply over the explosion of noise. Both songs display intimacy, honesty, and sheer talent. When the rest of the album is released, I highly recommend you give it a listen.

-By Nick Hartman, Photo by Black Belt Eagle Scout


Mini Blinds EP Release

Mini Blinds has a new EP coming out, and the release show is this Saturday, September 1st. The EP, titled Dust, is the band’s first album since their well-received Air Signs, which came out in 2016. Dust is only 4 songs long, but if every song is as well done as the already released “Ashes”, then Mini Blinds should be proud. “Ashes” is slower and less pop-centered than their previous work. Leaning more towards shoegaze and surf, the song is slow and romantic. It’s more mature than what we've seen from the band so far, but still just as dreamy and fun. The accompanying video is strange and playful. It toes the line between indie-pop music video and the sort of aesthetic favored by found footage fanatics. It’s a great indication of where the band is looking to go. 

Mini Blind’s release show is this Saturday, September 1st at The Fixin’ To with Plastic Cactus and the Pool Boys.

By Avril Carrillo, Photo by Erin Holcomb



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