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Battleme celebrates Cult Psychotica tonight

 *photo credit to Emilianos Ap.

Battleme have been keeping quite busy with their driving, energetic blues and psych tinged rock. As if to never really take a break, Battleme, led by main member Matt Drenik, have been churning out releases just about every hear since becoming Drenik's main project back in 2010. Becoming one of TV series Sons of Anarchy's go-to soundtrack artists (and even appearing before the camera) and now, Battleme's acclaim has brought them to yet another release. And it's happening tonight.

In just a few hours, Battleme will be taking to The Know's stage for their only Portland show this tour, supporting their newest album Cult Psychotica. From just the name alone the album promises the same ferocious zest. Playing with them will be Acid Tongue and The Furies, so it'll be a true night of getting loud. Tickets will be available at the door for $8, with music starting at 9pm. 

Mood Music: The Hague - "Globes"

There's been a bit of a resurgence in emo in the last couple of years, but there's one band that's been holding it down the whole time. The Hague have almost a whole decade under their belt of mixing emotive styles with indie and at times, a little alt-folk, and they've released a new 7" showing they've still got Portland emo locked.

"Globes" is the second track on The Hague's 7". The band spent two years writing the tracks on the record, using a series of rough occurrences for the band's members as inspiration. 

“This record is about the inevitability of change,” says drummer Jesse Tranfo. “It’s about knowing that the band won't always be a band, and most friendships won't last, and knowing that that is truth. At the same time, it’s about fighting that, and wanting to believe in the good things currently happening, wanting to hold on to those close to us, and wanting to be more present in what we’re doing."

Listen to "Globes" below. 


Nasalrod makes 'Building Machines' their Mississippi Studios debut

It seems that 2013 was like a blip in history. Back then, people said "YOLO" literally all the time and Vine was gaining app traction, but there was something else about that year that made it special - it was the last time "experimental punk" outfit Nasalrod released an album. Though It's Our Pleasure was definitely a pleasure for fans, their first record in five years is even more of one.

This month Nasalrod dropped their vinyl debut Building Machines, and it's exactly what we need from them now. Nasalrod has always been distant from any strict genre classifications, incorporating everything from noise to rowdy punk to even more dancier grooves to create their chaotic tunes. Building Machines is raucous and raw, with each member contributing integral bits to their aural storm. 

On Sunday 10.22, Nasalrod are playing Mississippi Studios for the first time for Building Machines release, along with psych punk act BOINK and Honey Bucket. Tickets are only $5, such a steal for catching one of the most energetic acts in town.

#52 of The Deli NYC is online: Guerilla Toss + BK Synth Expo! + Electronic Music Issue

New music seekers,

We have a brand new issue of The Deli NYC available online for you - and it's a gooooood one, can read it here

We are super thrilled to have new DFA Records signee Guerilla Toss on the cover (check out their wonderful single "Skull Pop") streaming below.

This is also our yearly electronic issue, linked to the upcoming Brooklyn Synth Expo, and therefore features:

- An article about the state of the electronic scene in NYC,
- Several Q&As with other electronic NYC artists,
- An ample section dedicated to the gear participating in the Synth Expo.

The paper version will be distributed in NYC around October 20th. 


The Folks at The Deli

Prolly Knot brings poppy R&B to Portland

It's always fun to discover new ways in which genres can be mixed and mingled, and that's definitely something Sam Pinkerton has tasked herself with doing. Under the moniker Prolly Knot, Pinkerton recently dropped her candid debut album It's Not Anymore, and it's rife with tracks that will make you feel just as emotionally vulnerable.

The album seems as if to be a series of confessionals from Pinkerton, stirred up by the process of self reflection and moving across the country from her native Nashville home. It's Not Anymore is earnest in its sounds, blending dark pop, R&B and notes of hip-hop to create an accessible, almost brooding bedroom feel that's warmly intimate.

Check out It's Not Anymore below, and be on the lookout for more from Prolly Knot. - Photo credit: Colette Pomerleau


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